So you want your strings FAST?

Gollihur Music is well-known for our very quick shipments and well-stocked warehouse. Almost everything on the site is always in stock for immediate shipping, unless otherwise noted.

Strings normally ship from our New Jersey (East Coast) location by First Class or Priority Mail. However, if you need up to two full sets of strings FAST for an upcoming gig or session, we can ship them by Express Mail, which has 1-day delivery to almost everywhere* in the continental USA and 2-day delivery to Alaska and Hawaii - and it's only $20!
* Some West Coast locations -- as well as addresses that are a bit more "remote," or not near a major air hub -- may not have 1-day service. Check the USPS Service Commitments page to see whether your zip code has 1- or 2-day service.

Note: We need to receive your order by 3PM Eastern Time (Monday-Friday), and Sundays do not count as delivery days. Adding other items to your order will likely increase your shipping rates.

To ship your strings FAST... Click the "I want my strings fast" button below.
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