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Cool Bass Items You May Not Have Known Existed!
Believe it or not, there are still lots of neat new innovations being created for upright bassists. Despite the fact that we play an instrument that's hundreds of years old, clever manufacturers are still making neat new items that can improve your bass-playing experience.

Here is a list of a few cool products that may be new, unique, or just something you never thought of before. Click the links in the title for more extensive information, photos, and order information.

The Hipshot FreeRange Extender

This nifty, easy-to-install device allows you to quickly switch the tuning of any string on your bass to another pitch. It's commonly used on the Low E-string to detune to D or C, but is tuneable to most any interval within a 4th. You could even put three of them on your bass to quickly tune from standard "4ths" tuning to cello-style "5ths" tuning in a snap! For a casual orchestral bassist, it's far less expensive than a C-Extension - and doesn't involve any modification to your valuable instrument.
The Radial Engineering H-Amp In-Ear Monitoring Headphone PACKAGE

Who knew it was this easy to add in-ear monitoring to your bass rig? No need for expensive wireless, very few of us bassists are moving around very much on stage! This passive (no power adapter!) device simply "taps" into your bass amp's speaker output to provide a clear, controllable output to an earbud, pair of headphones, or custom-fit in-ear monitor. We even throw in the speaker cable and a mono earbud for you so you can get started right away!
The PAM5A Personal Powered Monitor Speaker

Another useful method for hearing yourself better onstage (like the headphone system above), this one frees you of using headphones if you're not a fan of in-ear monitoring. It's simply a small, lightweight powered speaker that you can optionally mount on a mic stand, which you simply plug into a "line out" on your amp. Viola - it's "More Me!" Gives you the confidence that comes with hearing yourself on stage - no worries about your sound or intonation.
The Kolstein Deluxe Adjustable Ebony Upright Bass Tailpiece

Now, you might ask, "why would you want to adjust the saddles on the tailpiece - that doesn't affect the playable length of the string?" Good question! The short answer is this: Having more control over the "afterlength" (the non-playable range of the string between the saddle of the tailpiece and the bridge) can actually have a notable impact on tonal quality; its own vibration, audible or not, can work for or against the overall sound of the string and the total instrument. Who knew? Well, you do, now!
The H-Clamp Light Upright Bass Microphone Mount

Ever tried to play your bass into a microphone on a stand? It's not easy; there's a real "sweet spot" on the bass, and for the mic to stay aimed at it, you've got to stand very still - no swaying or turning, or your sweet bass tone goes "bye-bye!" But who can play like that? With the H-Clamp, you don't have to - it's a specially designed lightweight mic holder that clamps onto your bass, moving with you (but keeping the mic steady). You can use it with most any reasonably compact mic - and you're finally free to move with the music again!
The Upright Bass Buggie Bass Transporter

Let's face it - moving your bass around is a chore. It's big and bulky, and hard to manage. I've often lamented that "I should've played flute." (Of course, I'm happy to be a bassist - but where's my roadie?) In any case, the Bass Buggie is an alternative to a regular bass wheel (or bass case with wheels) that allows you to roll your bass around with an ease similar to that of pushing a hand truck. Beautifully made, easy to "drive", and well-designed, this makes moving the bass almost fun! (Almost.)
The Ehrlund EAP Linear Microphone

Most of us, if we had a choice, would prefer to use a microphone for live performances. They take the actual sound waves out of the air, for the most accurate and nuanced amplified sound. But mics can be impractical. They pick up the snare drum and ride cymbal, they can be prone to feedback issues, they require very delicate placement... it's aggravating. And that's why pickups were invented! They solve (or at least minimize) most of those problems, but they tend to sound less, well... mic-like. The Ehrlund EAP offers the convenience of a pickup, with a sound that is virtually indistinguishable from a mic (on most basses.) And no modifications to your instrument.
The U-Bass Electric-Acoustic Bass Ukelele

Hey, I thought this was a BASS site! Why are you showing me a ukelele? Well, here's the thing: This tiny little bass instrument sounds immense through an amp. Its special synthetic strings create a warm, organic sound that's chock full of gooey bass goodness. Is it a substitute for your upright? Not really, but it's a great alternative bass for pit work, singer-songwriter stuff, and jams - and it's a heckuva lot easier to tote around!
Hipshot FreeRange Xtender - Upright Bass String Drop-tuner
Hipshot FreeRange Xtender - Upright Bass String Drop-tuner
This item is made in USA!Hipshot is at it again - this clever device allows you to drop-tune your bass to a variety of pitches, at the flick of a lever. Even get three of them for instant back-and-forth tuning from bass to cello (5ths) tuning...
Kolstein Deluxe Adjustable Ebony Upright Bass Tailpiece (3/4 size)
Kolstein Deluxe Adjustable Ebony Upright Bass Tailpiece (3/4 size)
This item is made in USA!The Kolstein TP-2 is an "Adjustable harmonic" seasoned ebony tailpiece. Allows you to adjust each string for precise intonation...
H-Clamp Light Upright Bass and Cello Microphone Mounts
H-Clamp Light Upright Bass and Cello Microphone Mounts
The H-Clamp is a very sophisticated adjustable instrument microphone mount, with models for Upright Bass, Cello, and Guitar. It places your favorite mic exactly where you want, for use both live and in the studio...
Choices starting at $139.00
Upright Bass Buggie Bass Transporter (Bass Buggy)
Upright Bass Buggie Bass Transporter (Bass Buggy)
This item is made in USA!The popular Bass Buggie allows you to transport your bass with the ease of wheeling a hand truck - with dual ball-bearing wheels and easy, no-tools adjustment and installation...
Choices starting at $120.00
Ehrlund Acoustic Pickup (EAP) Linear Microphone (for Upright Bass)
Ehrlund Acoustic Pickup (EAP) Linear Microphone (for Upright Bass)
The EAP (Ehrlund Acoustic Pickup) is a specially designed "linear microphone" which attaches to your bass top, and produces an incredibly realistic, mic-like sound - but with the convenience (and feedback resistance) of a pickup. It truly is one of those things that you think is "too good to be true" -- until you try it. It's a complete system that includes a small battery-powered preamp. BONUS: We INCLUDE a free Gollihur "Jack Replacement Kit" to modify the output plug to a jack configuration.
Choices starting at $549.00