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Here are ten examples of our Unsolicited Customer Feedback, randomly pulled from our archives:

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

Thank you for your awesome customer service! The pickup is working beautifully and the issue actually turned out to be be amp related (which the great folks at Acoustic Image are fixing for free even after owning my Focus for a decade)!

Great to see an awesome bass shop selling incredible gear that is backed up by the store and manufacturer... Bravo! I will only buy gear through Gollihur from this point on and will definitely continue to amplify with Acoustic Image.

Many thanks for delivering crucial gear to me in less than two days during a major hurricane... Outstanding Customer Service!
Matt M (September 2018)

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to say thanks for getting the cable to me. The timing was perfect: It arrived yesterday, just in time to "go to work" in the first string class session.

It seems that I'm the only bass guy to sign up for this class. As if that didn't make me stick out enough, the NS bass *really* drew lots of attention. The conductor, violin instructor, and one of the cellists were keenly interested in looking it over. The NS sounded fantastic (of course), and really filled up the room with its sound.

The Meisel tuner drew the eye of that same cellist, who'd been fumbling with an iphone app to tune up. (Yes, really.) I demonstrated the tuner, mentioned your shop by name, and suggested he seek you out to get one for himself.

Last but not least, I also rocked the official Gollihur Bass Mug! I only wish it came in a larger size. A 90-minute class is long, and I was thirsty! (Or, maybe I should get a couple more...) ;D

All in all, it was a great time, and thanks to your shop, I walked in completely geared up, and ready to go. This should be a fun season!
C.C. (September 2011)

Hey Mark, thanks so much for your write up on the bass buggie! The one page write up was VERY helpful and a really nice thing to do. With all your good karma you should be retired in the Cayman Islands with a great gig manned by stupifyingly talented musicians every night!
Tom L (May 2011)

I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the prompt service, and product selection. I also like the fact that when I call I can talk to a real bass player. Thanks John
john wynn

Mark and Bob,

Just wanted to email you, to let you know what I think about your products and service...


Got the eurosonic strings that my gf bought me, and at first I was not sold...I like the tension of the RB strings better, but the tone seemed good...

Called Mark the day after thanksgiving and ordered a Fishman Full Circle. I have to let you know that this pickup changed my life. It sounds amazing! I had a bassmax that I bought from you but never really worked with my bass (although now it is on my 1/2 ccb and it sounds really good)...I purchased a used *** and it sounded horrible. I was worried that the synthetic Eurosonics would produce too much squeak and buzz for a piezo. My amplified bass output to this point has been anemic and muffled.

Now, with the FC, my bass sounds amazing! The eurosonics sound amazing too! I love these strings...This pickup has made a world of difference, and I wanted to say thank you!

Jason (December 2012)

Bob and Mark, I knew you guys were efficient but this is ridiculous. I ordered a bow at 2:20 today. I recieved a shipping acknowledgement and tracking number at 2:40 !!!! LOL it is now 2:55. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Best Regards...
Mike Burk (11/2009)

Hi Bob, Just dropping a line to tell you that I receive my Wav 4 Amberburst I ordered from you today. I absolutely love it. I am planning on using to further my proficiency on the acoustic since I now have a "silent Upright". When I have more funds available, I am going to follow the advice sheet you enclosed with it about the strings and set-up. Thanks again for a great a great shopping experience.
C.J. Ruth

Thank you my friend. You have helped me a great deal in my decision making. I believe you will hear from me soon when I submit my order.

It is good to know there are some out there who still believe in mentoring and customer service.

Thanks again
Bill H

Your service, professionalism and help is to be commended. Oct. 4th 2006 after talking with you I ordered a beautiful fully carved Bulgarian 4 string bass, a French Bass Fiberglass bow,a Gollihur Bass Bag, a Ingles stand, Essential Elements Bass Books DVD/CD set, plus a couple other small items Everything arrived by Oct. 18th in fine shape! In Dec '06 I ordered a Bass Max bass pickup and it was delivered within 6 days of my calling in the order!

Thanks to you and your son for fielding all my questions and delivering wonderful products at great prices. !!
Dan B.

Wow. To say that I'm impressed with your service would be an understatement. I was amazed at the efficiency of your online ordering and shipping. Monday morning I placed an order and within an hour, I had a tracking number showing that it would be here Wednesday afternoon. And it was. And it is a wonderful bass case, as advertised.

Thanks so much for the great products, information and service. Hope you have continued success with your website & shop.
Dean M

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