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Here are ten examples of our Unsolicited Customer Feedback, randomly pulled from our archives:

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

I ordered a new set of string and they came 3 days later. I was amazed and my bass sounds great so I decided whenever I need Bass gear, this is the site for me.

Hi Bob G, i thought this bit of information would be of interest to you. I recently purchased a K&K Sound Pure Pickup for Acoustic Bass Guitar from your online store...well today i can report that this pickup was fitted to my all acoustic model Tacoma Thunderchief in about 3 minutes and the special tool required? My 7 year old daughter! I'm delighted with the sound quality and the simpleness of the fitting, i was looking at adding a bit of extra volume without colouring the sound quality of my Tacoma ABG and the K&K Sound Pure Pickup for ABG does exactly that. This information may be of value to others out their who also own Tacoma ABG's.
Andrew Kerensky (10/2009)

Wow guys, I'm not sure who I talked to the other day, but I called about amplification for rockabilly bass, and was having trouble getting a good click with my wing pickup. I called kind of hoping you would talk me into getting the K&K upgrade package with the preamp and clicky transducer, which you did. It was on my doorstep 2 days later and I'm in LOVE! It's exactly what I needed. It took me maybe a half hour to open the package, find and install a battery, test and eq my wing pickup. I had to cut all the treble and a little mid, but soon had a great pizz sound. Went to work on the clicky and in what couldn't have been a total of 45 minutes, I was in slap bass heaven. Thanks so much. I was scared to pull the trigger on something I'd never tried in person, but it was totally worth it.
Gordon F (December 2012)

Hi Bob, Just wanted to say thank you AGAIN for another brilliant transaction. I got one of your bags (at last) and i'm more than impressed with the quality of it. I can't express enough how impressed I am with your customer service. I wasn't expecting a whole pile of helps and tips with my shipment (that were targeted to the products i've just purchased). And as an international purchaser I couldn't be happier. Order in real confidence! It's left unsaid that i'll be shopping again. Thank you again.
John F

Dear Bob & Mark: I bought a Fishman Platinum preamp from you for my EBass and it's the best bass-related investment I've made in years. Thanks!
Dave G

Thank you so much for your "tip" to use notebook clips to replace the chrome/felt clips that come with the Fishman pickups. I teach middle school and despite telling kids (over and over) to make sure their clips are in place before putting their bass away, every year we lose at least 4 clips. Your tip works great and the school has a ready supply of the paper clips! No drain on my music budget!! Your website is a great resource for me! Thanks again.
Mary Z (May 2012)

Bob, the Ingles bass stand does indeed fit the Ampeg Baby Bass. The best stand I've ever owned. Always ready and very secure. Thanks.
Eddie M

Mark, We recently talked on the phone and you recommended the Jargar strings for my Christopher laminated bass. I played my first gig with the bass last night and am very pleased with the tone and feel of the strings. (This) bass was very bright and harsh sounding with Spirocores and the Jargar strings are a good match on this bass. One of the players on the gig remarked that the bass had a nice Milt Hinton vibe to it with the new strings. Just wanted to thank you for your help, Mark.
Chuck M. (January 2014)

I live in the Chicago area and this morning driving to work, I saw what must have been a very good customer of yours as on his back windshield, he had not one, not two, but THREE of your bass stickers each one above the other all in a straight row, on his back window. I was hoping to catch him at a light so I could talk to him and find out who he was but I never got the chance.

BTW: Having used your professional bass case for several months now (including some good "mileage" on the weels!) I can report that it is absolutely excellent value for money, and showing no signs of wear and tear. Cases of this quality go for twice the price (or more) in this part of the world. I've shown the case to a couple of bass teachers I know, and I think there will be more customers coming your way from Switzerland.
Colin S

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