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Here are ten examples of our Unsolicited Customer Feedback, randomly pulled from our archives:

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

I just wanted to let you know that the package arrive today. (The EA Doubler) is a beautiful piece of equipment and sounds great through my new speaker. I got pretty loud in my apartment and the sound was beautiful. It was very clear and without any color whatsoever. It’s almost eerie to hear things that cleanly and purely.

Thank you again for all of your help. I will highly recommend you to anyone who requires services such as the ones that you provide.
Michael C (October 2017)

After your very quick response regarding my inquiry and info on the David Gage Realist Mandolin pickup, I contacted the David Gage website to confrim it would suit my 1942 Gibson type A. I ordered the pickup from you and it arrived very quickly considering I live in Canada.

This pickup is fantastic!! It gives the true tone of the instrument and I have had numerous comments on the sound it is producing (I am going through a Bose L1 Model 2 system) and its flexibility in that it can be easily removed. I thank you for your advice and for carrying such a fine product. I am now considering the Realist pickup for violin as well.
Donald H (May 2012)

Mark, I got an Eminence bass and Traynor small block 106 from you couple weeks ago. I had my first chance using it at a jam last night....spectacular !!.... My other bass is a full size, but this Eminence just kicked butt...for the first time in a jam I could actually hear what I was playing all the time against an octave mandolin and two flatpicked guitars. The Traynor gives a nice growlly, distinct bass sound. Amazing. This set just begs you to solo because it sounds as punchy as the guitars and mandolin. No more mumbling, just nice crisp bass notes. ...sweet!
G.P. (March 2018)

Dear Bob, I recently received my K&K bass pickup and it sounds fantastic. After reading your directions, it was very easy to install. I especially liked the accompanying Tips sheet you sent with it. Being fairly new to playing an upright, it saved me a lot of time and effort from having to "reinvent the wheel." Thank you again for the great service...
Alan M. (June 2011)

Thanks for such a wonderful web resource. I have purchased my K&K Bass Max pickup, and the acoustic image amp with extension cab from you, strings etc. I appreciate the fast shipping and will highly recommend your site to students and friends.

Thank you for the prompt service. My wife just called that the pickup was delivered this morning.

Long live free enterprise and people like you who know how to run a business.
"Jim the happy customer." (April 2011)

Bob If I didnt know better I would think you had a shop here in my home town. I ordered a set of strings on Friday last week with regular shipping, and on Monday they were in my Mail box. I wasnt expecting them until later this week. You and you people are wonderful. thanks!
Bruce M

Thanks Bob for the prompt delivery of the Coda III amp. Just as you said it was going to be. Have not stopped using it from day it arrived. All the new features are just great. I can not believe what a good P A system It has become. I really like using the extra speaker and Coda III at the same time, really moves the air. Oh, my back likes it too!!! Thanks again for all your help over the years.

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I just received the Corelli bass strings an hour ago and I love them. Actually, I might be in love with them. I'm already researching TN state laws to see if I can legally marry them. They are installed on a '41 Kay M1 that I use for Bluegrass. Perfect strings for that purpose. Clear, distinct, quick attack, punch and I can play as hard as I want without distortion. I don't slap often, but they are even good for that due to their lesser tension. I replaced a set of LaBella Rope Core and those have been my choice for fifteen years. You really should try and market the Corellis to the Bluegrass market. They are unheard of there, and are perfect for that type music. And thanks for the fast shipping and easy buying experience.
Jonathan W.

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