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Here are ten examples of our Unsolicited Customer Feedback, randomly pulled from our archives:

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

Bob- The Schaller magnetic pickup for upright bass has changed my life! The blues band I play with has a tendency to get LOUD, and I wanted to have more volume and punch with less feedback, and the Schaller delivers. I have been playing with your Rockabilly pickup system for years and have enjoyed it greatly. I am still using the preamp blender and the Bass Max transducer from that system, but have soldered up a patch cable that allows me to substitute the signal from the Schaller for the fingerboard transducer. This way I can dial in some warm acoustic sound via the Bass Max to compliment the magnetic pickup. It is simply awesome! It is the perfect pickup system for my '51 Kay C-1 and my playing style. I just placed an order for a second Schaller to use on my other bass. Thanks for being such a great resource for all things upright bass!
Conrad Cooper (10/2009)

I received my new bass bag Tuesday, and took it to its gig first yesterday. I'm very pleased. The bag fits my bass like a glove, and looks great.

I've had trouble finding the perfect bag for my instrument, which is larger than most 3/4 size basses (the upper bout is 22"). I've had to send one bag back to the store, and ruined the zipper on another. But not this one.

Great product and great service!-- five stars for both! I especially appreciate you providing the bag's inside measurements on your website. That helped me order with more confidence. Thanks.
David G

Being a newbie to upright, I was advised by everyone to order exclusively from you guys. Now I understand why.
Michael B. (January 2016)

Hey guys! Just wanted you to know that I'm very happy with my recent purchase of Innovation RAB strings. This was the first time changing strings on my upright and the info you sent was very helpful. The strings are easy on my hands and I'm pleased with their sustain! Thanks!
Shawn Nemechek 12/2010

The awesome reputation is backed up in fact. Received my bag this morning and it is beautiful. The wheels make travelling by public bus thru Pittsburgh MUCH easier.
Tony D

Bob & Mark-- Got my Wheel last night. Can't wait to use on gigs this weekend. I want to thank you guys for your great service. Prompt and pleasant as usual. Thanks again.
John M

This Krivo pick up has changed my world. It is the best thing that I have purchased for my Upright in years. No more fighting feedback. I finally get a big round, well balanced tone. The poles were easy to adjust to get even loudness across the strings. Even tho it sounds a bit more electric, it sounds way better. I was having to dial out all the tones I wanted with my other piezo pick ups and my bass just sounded thin. And I play with a four piece and a drummer. I can easily hang in the mix now. And I can take my bass, cables, volume pedal, and amp to the gig and that is all I need. soo much easier. This pick up is just awesome! Thank you again for recommendation and the service as always. Cheers!
Jeremy H (March 2018)

Bob & Mark: So glad we discovered you! Your prices, shipping rates, and policies are right on, and we truly appreciate the personal service and attention. I've been ordering for my partner, who has already referred a student to your website (who bought an Acoustic image amp). Thanks for everything, and keep up the excellent work! peace,
Bett B

The Metropolitan Bow arrived safely. With 27 years of professional playing experience, I have to say this bow is the best one I've ever played. Clear singing tone, quick string response and great balance. Everything classical players are looking for! I love my Metropolitan Bow. Greetings from switzerland!
Reinhard O. (01/2010)

I bought Fishman full circle, trinity upgrade system, AI Contra and right now K&K DBT pickup from You. Am I addicted?;) Everything works just as You wrote and I know that I can rely on your product description.

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