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Here are ten examples of our Unsolicited Customer Feedback, randomly pulled from our archives:

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

I'm enjoying the NS Design Tripod Stand I bought from you a couple of weeks ago. Not only did you have them in stock when nobody else did, but you had it to me in a few days. I really enjoy your website and your service.
Jason S (April 2011)

Love the site...Your site is my single source for all my bass needs. I like having everything in one place, and more often than not something that I order has free shipping. Thats cool!

Hello, Just wanted to express my satisfaction with my recent EUB purchase from your store. Incredibly prompt delivery and bass shipped perfectly. It's incredibly hard to find EUBs in Australia, so I very much appreciated your shipping policy and professional service. I'm very happy with my bass. Thanks again!
name withheld by request (Dec 2010)

I like your site a lot. The hands-on product knowledge and details you provide are refreshing in this world of carbon copied manufacturer's product descriptions.

I just wanted to let you know that the package arrive today. (The EA Doubler) is a beautiful piece of equipment and sounds great through my new speaker. I got pretty loud in my apartment and the sound was beautiful. It was very clear and without any color whatsoever. It’s almost eerie to hear things that cleanly and purely.

Thank you again for all of your help. I will highly recommend you to anyone who requires services such as the ones that you provide.
Michael C (October 2017)

BTW, I want to let you know I'm still extremely pleased with the AI Coda-R (sIII) and Contra EX I purchased from you. They have exceeded all expectations in both electric and acoustic applications. Other players that have shared a platform with me seem perplexed that my little AI rig sounds bigger than their 4x10 cabs! The omnidirectional output is almost mysterious--the bass is present everywhere, but not too loud anywhere!!! I can stand right next to my rig without earplugs.

I haven't had any difficulties re acoustics associated with the down-firing woofer. In fact, though the speaker response starts rolling off a little in the low 40s, the cab has much better, more solid response on the a low B string than my slave rig, which consists of a Crest Audio power amp and high quality reference quality speakers that are rated 5 db stronger at 31 HZ! Perhaps this is attributable to documented low frequency response improovements associated with the downfiring woofer configuration. The sound is also very well defined, never mushy. It seems this might be attributable to the sealed cab providing superior damping (???).

Anyway, tastes and preferences vary and other gear may be better for other people As for me, I am extremely grateful that after twenty years of buying and selling gear--always feeling a bit discouraged about the sound--I've finally found a rig that works in electric and acoustic applications, including slap bass. I'm also using it with mandolin, guitar and violin with good results. Please make sure to tell Rick that he's got some real fans out there!

As for you and your dad, bass players are lucky to have you guys! Thanks very much.
Steve L

Hi Bob and Mark,

This past week I received from you the Bass Max Pick Up and the Pure Preamp. I have been playing electric bass for quite some time, and from time to time I would jokingly say I really should get a 'real instrument'. So I did! About six weeks ago I found a used R Paesold with a carved top with a price that my wife was able to deal with. I have a few electric basses, and my favorite is a Warwick Thumb Bass with a warm fat tone that I love. (I use Tomastik flat wounds) I did find myself slightly disappointed with the depth of the tone from the Paesold, and I also realized I need amplification.

So...I found your web site and talked with you briefly because I was looking for the best pickup to hope to find a fat sound. You suggested Bass Max with Pure Preamp. The whole deal fit perfect w/o adjustments. I must say I was hopeful but willing to accept marginal performance. Man it sounds great! No joke that preamp is hot. I run it thru a GK 700RB amp. Now I just have to learn to play the thing, it's a whole different animal.

Thanks fellers
J T Droegkamp

Dear Mark and Bob, I just came back from my luthier after installing a CF endpin and an ebony tailpiece I bought from your store. My luthier said these items are very good quality, and this is from an old school master luthier... I just wish to thank you again, my bass sounds amazing and I love the endpin very much. You guys are top notch from order to luthier. Thank you very very much.
Gidon T (January 2012)

You email or call, you get an answer, you get no B.S. They're serious bass guys, not some high school stoner wannabe holding down a counter at the local guitar shop. I do well as a jazz/blue URB player because I have great gear, and I have great gear because of Bob and Mark. Peace.
Frank M (April 2013)

I want to compliment your outfit for the fine job you're doing. I've been looking for a bag for quite a while and the one I just got is really great. The price is very reasonable and the product is of excellent quality. I'm glad I waited and got one from you folks. I've been ordering strings from you for a while now. I'm relatively new to the acoustic bass and Bob's comments on the strings you sell were very helpful in my choice. I tried a wide variety before settling on the Corelli strings and Bob's thoughts and pointers were very valuable. You have a great website. Keep up the good work. You can use these comments for promo if you want. I'll be ordering more stuff down the road.
David A

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