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Here are ten examples of our Unsolicited Customer Feedback, randomly pulled from our archives:

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

I just want to let you folks know that the Bass Buggie arrived safely, and that I am tremendously pleased with it!! I’ve used it already several times and it has made moving the instrument so much easier. I can actually move it safely with one hand, leaving the other hand free for carrying other things. Great design!
Alexander S. (December 2017)

Took delivery of my new Fishman preamp a couple of weeks ago and can report that it has more than exceeded my expectations - it's seen action on several recotding sessions - used in conjunction with an AKG 414 microphone - and the results were fantastic - both the revording engoneer and the artist I was working for were delighted with the sound quality. Just finished a short tour with Phil Coulter and again the preamp excelled getting my sound out to the front- of-house engineer. If you're in the markey for a replacement preamp for your upright thus unit ticks all the boxes.
Nick S (December 2014)

Mark/ Bob,

Just dropping you a line to express my complete satisfaction with the NS Design WAV 4 bass - and your superb service. The treatment I got from you guys puts all those mega-huge etailers to shame. Great, timely responses on my emailed questions, and once I finally placed my order you got it out to me at lightning speed.
Dan B

Hello! Just wanted to thank you personally! Got the bow i ordered and its amazing!
Alex P (December 2015)

The awesome reputation is backed up in fact. Received my bag this morning and it is beautiful. The wheels make travelling by public bus thru Pittsburgh MUCH easier.
Tony D

Just wanted to offer some feedback/gratitude, the brazilwood bow package is rocking my world! All I've known for years was a fiberglass bow and an ancient cake of Pop's rosin, I didn't realize how much extra effort I was putting in to get a good sound. Now it's so much easier, the new bow + Carlssons feels effortless, particularly noticeable in the higher registers. Thanks for doing what y'all do!
Tim (December 2018)

As an amateur bass player (bluegrass mostly, I really appreciated the informative article and recommendation for a pickup. I have purchased a Bass Max pick-up and your BASS bass bag and am very satisfied.
Paul J

I've had the Estle Louis for a few weeks now, and it is a very good bass. This thing sounds excellent, much better than most all I've played or heard, so overall, I'm real happy with my purchase... [after putting on some new strings and getting the setup tweaked] this will be a truly awesome bass.
S.D. (November 2010)

I want to commend your site on the fastest and most convenient online transaction I've ever had--I still can't believe my bass stand shipped so quickly. Also, your product descriptions are truly helpful, including whether it is even necessary to buy a product (i.e. DampIt). I definitely plan on ordering from your site again.
D.G. (January 2012)

I recently purchased the new Acoustic Image Contra for use with my Kydd Bass. Mark took my order personally over the phone and shipped it right away. This amp is incredible! Together, they sound completely authentic, just like the copy says. And with power that keeps up with any group I play with. Thank you so much!
Kent M (September 2013)

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