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Here are ten examples of our Unsolicited Customer Feedback, randomly pulled from our archives:

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

For years, I have been a fan of Acoustic Image, using a Series III Clarus with both Epifani UL-110 cabs as well as an Acoustic Image Contra-Ex Cab. My Rob Allen basses have always sounded perfect with the AI gear. Recently, I decided to upgrade to an AI Series 4 Plus Coda because to have it all in one unit. Plus I wanted to upgrade to the newer features (e.g., 4-band eq, on-board effects, headphone output).

Last week I received my Coda from Gollihur Music, and it is everything I hoped for and more. It sounds great with my Rob Allen's. It really captures the natural, organic Rob Allen sound and just makes it louder.

It also sounds very good with my Lull P4. It does not claim to be a full-on rock combo, but it sounds very good to me and works perfect for the light jazz stuff that I love to do. The Presence switch on the speaker is very functional with the P4. I have a few other pre-amps and will be selling one or two because they AI sounds like it will meet most of my needs.

The four-band eq sounds very nice and the on-board reverb effect is handy and sounds very good to my ears. The Coda has a lot of capability and I love how it fits in such a small and easy-to-carry package. It takes up very little space in my practice room. Plus, my cat can't claw it to death because it is not covered in scratch-able material.

I admire the Acoustic Image well-earned reputation for design, quality, and customer service. And, this being my second purchase via Gollihur Music, they deserve a thumbs up for providing accurate information and great customer service as well.

"tedw" (August 2014)

Mark, many thanks for your help in the purchase of my NXT5. It arrived ahead of schedule and the last part arrived today. I am very pleased with the varity of sounds I am able to get out of the bass. Thanks again for your great customer service.
Mike R (Nov 2010)

Thanks for your prompt attention to my questions and for a great deal on the Mama Bear preamp. I look forward to putting it into my show ASAP.

I just wanted to let you know that I love the Bass Buggy. I have used it going on 2 years and it has saved my back! I play a lot of outdoor festivals where there is a lot of walking over different terrains. It wheels over everything. Thank you!
Debi J (February 2018)

Hi Guys,
My first experiences with your firm has been great! Thank you for guiding me to the upright bass pick up (K&K Sound Double Big Twin URB) that I put on my Palitino VE 500. It took an entry level bass and made it into the real deal. I am running it through a Ampeg SVT-4 w/ an SWR Goliath 4x10 and it will sound good enough to turn heads. Tuesday I am taking it to the Studio, and have three shows yet this week. I can't wait.
Charlie B (July 2011)

Many thanks, gentlemen, for fast shipout on the K&K 4 string ABG pickup. Removed the existing Baggs-type undersaddle piezo in a Takamine all ply single-cut ABG, put in the K&K and ran it into the existing Tak onboard preamp, added a wooden saddle and nut and shop-made soundhole cover, strung up with T-I flats, and it sounds a million times better. Unplugged, the bass is not special and not loud, but plugged in, it's great. Which is what I was after. Many thanks.
Will Young

Hi Mark, You'll be happy to know this is a very positive contact regarding the gig bag I purchased from Gollihur. (in fact, you took my order on the telephone). I've searched your site for a location to comment about my very favorable experience with my purchase, in order to enlighten other shopper prospects but have no luck finding such a commentary space. Here for you I can affirm my high satisfaction with its design and likely durability. As it replaced a 70+ year old, threadbare but functional cover, needless to say I am thrilled by the added protection and functionality of your bag. The handle design makes for easy schlepping of my 40s Juzek in and out of a Volkswagen Golf hatchback. Thanks, Mark!!
Mike B (April 2018)

Just to let you know that the Ehrlund pickup has arrived and it is MAGIC. I spent 1/2 an hour with my guitar player moving it around while I played. The sweet spot jumped out at us. With the volume knob at 1/2 on the pre amp and the gain on the Genz Benz shuttle 10 at 2 oclock. I velcroed the pre amp behind the tailpiece and coiled the cord and velcroed it as well. I have a R********* S*** on the bass and I tried a R******. the Ehrlund is going to put all these other guys under. Thanks for your great service and information.
Bill K. (August 2012)

Dear Bob, I recently received my K&K bass pickup and it sounds fantastic. After reading your directions, it was very easy to install. I especially liked the accompanying Tips sheet you sent with it. Being fairly new to playing an upright, it saved me a lot of time and effort from having to "reinvent the wheel." Thank you again for the great service...
Alan M. (June 2011)

I just debuted the Krivo Upright Bass Pickup and Jazz gig last night. Easy to install. So how did it do? Same band, same songs, through the same amp that always play. The tone was rich and punchy, still-woody but not woolly, more like a fretless bass sound but with dark expressive distinctly-double bass tones and sustain. My drummer and piano player, who didn’t know i got the pickup, both remarked that the bass sounded so clear and expressive. I used to use a David Gage Realist much to my frustration and suffer feedback at low levels, missing notes in the high registers, and a vague washed-out tone. No more. I'm a Krivo believer. One other benefit was that I didn't have to work as hard on the bass to get my point across so now 3 hours gigs are way easier. One minor criticism: When I used my bow practically no sound came out of my amplifier.
Ken K/ (October 2016)

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