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Here are ten examples of our Unsolicited Customer Feedback, randomly pulled from our archives:

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

Just got the bass bag for 1/2 size. fits great, excellent quality and price, very fast shipping. my wife loves it. says " it must have been designed by a woman..." the ultimate compliment. great buy. thanks.
Steve L. (April 2015)

Dear Bob, on Oct 22nd, 2007 I ordered an NS WAV4 Bass from your website. I was thrilled when 2 days later I was learning my way around my new instrument. What a great experience - my compliments to you and your operation. The information you included with the bass was very insightful and helpful. Thank you.
Ben L

Hi Bob!

I've ordered a few things from you over the past 4 years and have always been very pleased with all aspects of ordering from you. Thank you for your service to the bass community!

I wanted to let you know I got my new end pin in the mail today. I couldn't believe it was here already! I just ordered it Wednesday night and here it is only Saturday and it's already here.!!! I can't wait to get it installed. Thank you very your fantastic service!!!!!! God bless.
Ron P.

Mark/ Bob,

Just dropping you a line to express my complete satisfaction with the NS Design WAV 4 bass - and your superb service. The treatment I got from you guys puts all those mega-huge etailers to shame. Great, timely responses on my emailed questions, and once I finally placed my order you got it out to me at lightning speed.
Dan B

Guys although I received this order almost two months ago I wanted to pop back over and complement you and tell you what a great experience it was shopping with you. The item arrived from NJ within 3 working days to OR, I was blown away! Every step of the way the auto generated emails were on the mark and informative. I wish every one I purchased gear for my studio from was as reliable and professional as your company is. I'm not a stand up bass player but anything you have in stock that I need forthwith I will purchase from you. I wish their was a place online I could leave feedback! Great Job Bob and Mark!
Dino R

Bob & Mark,

Wow! I am always amazed at how quickly I receive orders placed with your company. My Wav 4 arrived today. I am thrilled. I changed out the strings to Obligatos, and raised the bridge. This thing is great! While it doesn't sound exactly like my Englehardt, I love the sound of it. I've really come to trust your recommendations and it is a joy to deal with both of you.
Thanks again!
Alan T

Took delivery of my new Fishman preamp a couple of weeks ago and can report that it has more than exceeded my expectations - it's seen action on several recotding sessions - used in conjunction with an AKG 414 microphone - and the results were fantastic - both the revording engoneer and the artist I was working for were delighted with the sound quality. Just finished a short tour with Phil Coulter and again the preamp excelled getting my sound out to the front- of-house engineer. If you're in the markey for a replacement preamp for your upright thus unit ticks all the boxes.
Nick S (December 2014)

My Wizzy 110 arrived today from Bob Gollihur. Fast shipping, spectacular communication ... Bob and Mark deserve all the praise they get! Tried the Wizzy (at my home so far) with my trusty old GK 800RB Head. (Waiting for my micro 300 to ship). Played my Double bass with Wilson p/u, and a Fender '62 Vintage Re-issue P-Bass. All I can say is "Holy Sh*t"! How does that tiny, lightweight cab make all of that big sound. Freak of nature. Got a Jazz trio gig on upright this Sat night. Can't wait to see how it does. I'll be entirely thrilled If the micro 300 lives up to expectations. Thanks to you all for your reviews and shared experiences.

Hey Guys! Thanks for the the quick shipping; I received the Ehrlund today-even with a shipping method change via email over the weekend. And more significantly, your knowledge and experience with the products you sell from the bottom up (the way it should be..lol!)
C.R.M. (November 2018)

Thanks Guys. The pickup/ preamp package arrived safe and well yesterday (Wednesday our time) and is now on the bass. Bob's comments are as usual accurate about performance & installation. If you live in Australia the best place to shop for double bass is Gollihur Music.
Peter D

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