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Here are ten examples of our Unsolicited Customer Feedback, randomly pulled from our archives:

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

I bought an englehardt ES 1 from you all and ended up with a BEAUTIFUL model and i don't think i ever properly thanked you for that, so THANKS!!! and just so you know HOW indebted i am to you, i wanted you to know that clyde davis, the fellow you all drop shipped to who does great work settng up/repairing basses in greensboro (pleasant garden) north carolina, is mad at me cause his wife saw my Gollihur bass case and ordered one from you all! AND i was talking to dr. larry arnold while i was at UNC Pembroke last weekend teaching some film scoring seminars and YOUR name came up as we stood in the parking lot of the local outback restaurant and noticed your bumper sticker on our cars!!! anyway, if your ears were burning last saturday night it was cause two musicians stood around singing your praises for about a half an hour, forty five minutes to any and all in ear shot!
John S

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I got my K&K RAB and Solstice today! They sound great together... strong fundamentals with nice transparent clicks. I put the clicky about an inch from the hollowed out part of the fingerboard (about 2 inches from where I slap) and its "THAT" sound! Love it! love it! In love with it!
Jeff Falbo

After buying a Swingmaster a year and a half ago and having a great buying experience, Bob was only place I needed to look to find materials to build a new bass. I want to keep Blondie for things a little more dignifed than playing psychobilly shows. I was not disappointed, I found everything I needed. Thanks again!

Played a show with my new "Ed" bass. Love the sound, feel, pickup, strings..everything about it! Had great compliments from people too, not only on it's looks but also it's sound! Thanks for the great service Gollihur and great gear!
Eddie S (December 2016)

Bob, Mark, Well, the new Ten2 is Killer. Indoors-outdoors, wine cellars-honky-tonks this amp is great and fills all the gaps. Vocals, acoustic-guitars, BASS... Fantastic. I play in four different bands and everyone wants a Ten2. One of the drummers that I work with wants one and he doesn't even use an amp. Thanks for the great service...
Marc Prave (Luthier/Musician)

I've had my 5-string Fully Carved Bulgarian bass for about 4 or 5 months now (high C). It has completely blown me away. I have a 1940's Juzek that doesn't come close in tone and playability. I still have the stock strings on it (helicore orchestral) which I don't like too much for jazz, but I ordered some Evah Pirrazi's that will hopefully feel better and have a deeper punch.

The tone is very loud and dark. I play gigs every night in versatile situations. On my acoustic gigs, this bass surprises everyone. In a good room I am easily heard over the drummer without an amp.

Bottom line for me is this bass is beautiful (the pics on Gollihur's website do it no justice), loud, and easy to play!
Nathan L (November 2011)

I meant to write back sooner... I'm not in the habit of sending these types of messages, but your service was exceptional and I wanted to say "thanks!" I placed my order after lunch on a Thursday and received an immediate email confirmation. Within the hour another email arrived saying my new bass bag had shipped! It arrived the following Tuesday. And all of this with free shipping...

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this cover. I think it will last much longer than any other I've owned - it's sturdy and well padded. I ordered the green thinking that it would be like no other in my neck of the woods. This may not hold true for long because the first time I carried it out two players I know copied down the web address to order one of their own! I highly recommend you folks!
Robert S (June 2010)

I received the bag yesterday, 48 hours following my order! Wow! What a fast and efficient service! Also, the bag is great! It fits my brand new Slap King from King Double bass like a glove!

Thank you very for supporting the upright bass players community!
Bernard B (Canada)

The Realist pickup arrived yesterday (Wednesday), and I had some time to install it today. It is as advertised and endorsed. Very nice! Just the sound of my bass but a bit louder. There were some reviews I read which mentioned that the pickup had some feedback issues and I did notice some feedback if the volume was increased dramatically. We have to keep in mind of course that when you turn an instrument as large as a double bass into a giant microphone, some feedback should be expected if the instrument is close to the speakers.

As my instrument has a somewhat "soft" sound rather than a "mid-range" tone, the Realist will be ideal. It sounds great on pizz as well as bowed without adjusting the amp and that's great!

Thanks for your great communication (now where should I put that BASS sticker, hmmm) ...
Johan W (August 2012)

I just got my first order in the mail from you guys, and I just wanted to say how awesome you guys are. I was recommended to you by my bass professor, and I'm very impressed with how quickly I got my parts, and the extra steps you took (sending all the tips and documentation). I know where to go next time I need parts!
Cole T (March 2017)

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