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Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music

Hi Mark and Bob, Thanks once again for another great experience. I have received, installed, and tested my new Krivo Humbucking Magnetic Upright Bass Pickup (in front of an audience). I love it. No worries about feed back. I, personally find the tone exceptional. I was not concerned about sounding more electric than acoustic. In fact I don't think it is a concern at all. I find the sound of a magnetic pickup more natural than any piezo (which can sound too compressed and/or "quacky" for my liking0. Plus, I don't have to buy batteries anymore. That alone is a huge factor for me. I am using Pirastro Jazzers with my Krivo and they work great...
Tony M. (April 2015)

Good morning, I wanted to write and thank-you for such great service. Please add this to your testimonials section. My order was completed and heading for shipping in two hours. I received it in two days and it came with a hand-written thank-you on the invoice. I also loved the comment during the online payment section, something to the effect of "Please be advise your payment is not yet complete. It will actually be reviewed by a human being". Great company. It felt like shopping at a neighborhood store where the workers know all the customers by name.
Kevin M. (December 2012)

For someone like myself who is a total novice to the world of the bass (but has played drums for more than forty years),your website is a goldmine of information and clarity. Thanks!

The bass came today right on time. It shipped very well and nothing was damaged. The wife and I think it is prettier and the tone is no comparison. It just resonates forever. The finger board is perfect as well as the string height is great. You were right, these strings are fine. The bag is by far an upgrade from the previous one. Well padded. Overall I am quite pleased and can't wait for Stan (teacher) to see it too. I appreciate all that you have done to make this sale a success. Because of the way you have been so honest with me is exactly why I keep coming back. I will gladly tell other musicians where it came from. Please thank each person that had anything to do with my bass. Thanks again and God Bless.
Billy B (February 2016)

Mark, Thanks for a speedy and positive response to a minor issue I contacted you about that needed attention regarding a recent purchase. I received your package today and it was above and beyond what I expected. This was my first experience with Gollihur Music but certainly not my last. Best prices, best service, speedy shipping, great customer service. I'll certainly spread the word!
Chuck N

Let me say first that I needed my pickup in a hurry and I got it in a hurry. You guys are really on the ball. I ordered the K&K Bass Max. Let me say that this thing is killer - out of the box. Easy to install and even without a preamp it kicks. I would recommend this pickup to anybody. I previously had a realist on my bass, not anymore. You can not go wrong with the K&K Bass Max. I am more than pleased with my experience with Gollihur Music.
Kenny O (Feb 2010)

I like your site a lot. The hands-on product knowledge and details you provide are refreshing in this world of carbon copied manufacturer's product descriptions.

Hi Bob and Mark, Thought I'd send you an update on how I like the stuff I got last week. First of all, the Bow Case for Two Bass Bows is perfect and looks awesome. It's light and very confidence inspiring.

About the French Pernambuco Bass Bow. Wow, money well spent. You know, I had started learning arco with a cheap bow of unknown origin. My back and right shoulder would sometimes hurt after practice. With the new bow I now realize what I have been missing all along. I've made considerable progress in a just a few days. Just letting the gravity and the rosin on the hair pull the sound without effort.
Simon L (Sept 2010)

Hi, thanks for excellent and fast delivery ! Clear product instructions, easy ordering process. Keep up with the excellent service !
Pascal - from Belgium (May 2011)

I ordered a professional bass case B4 Thanksgiving and it arrived perfectly at secondary destination. Have received nothing but compliments on its style, function, ease of use. Shoulder straps make it a pleasure to move "Cricket" to and from. Thank you highly recommended to anyone with a BASS.
Scott C. (Jan 2013)

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