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David Gage Realist Docking Station

         Manufactured by: David Gage

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David Gage Realist Docking Station
UNIVERSAL: Works with Upright Bass Pickups from All Manufacturers!

David Gage Docking Station for Upright BassThis clever jack clip for upright bass pickups is an elegant solution to an issue that has bothered bassists for a long time: where do you mount the jack for your pickup? Many other options have been available for a while, from string-mounted clips, to assorted plastic hardware that mounts through the tailpiece holes. Some pickups use a plastic loop that requires you to remove the string and thread it through - kind of a pain.

Here's a simple option that works! Non-permanent, and requiring no modifications to your instrument, it's a clean and simple way to mount your pickup's output jack to the bass -- finally, there is a pickup jack that doesn't look "hack!"

Featuring a very nicely crafted metal housing, it incorporates a string slot which slips behind (not AROUND) the ball ends of your low strings -- you just need to loosen them, NOT remove them. Once installed, it unobtrusively sits behind and at the side edge of the tailpiece, for easy access and a low-profile appearance. It has an integrated "plug" which you plug into the ¼" output jack of your pickup, and its standard ¼" output jack accepts standard instrument (guitar) cables, just like you've always used.

It's not just a "jack holder," though.
Also incorporated onto the Docking Station: A volume control. For those who don't care (or need) to use an external preamp, it's really nice to have a volume control handy on the bass, so you don't have to drag your bass over to the amp to make an on-the-fly adjustment. It's a passive volume control, so no batteries are needed, and its location makes it very easy to reach down and make a quick volume change - whether it be for taking a solo, switching to arco, or taking a short break between sets or songs without unplugging everything.

So, you've got real options with the new Docking Station. It's an elegant method for mounting your output jack, includes a volume control, and features quality construction - ensuring years of trouble-free service.

Some Important Notes:

This product works with any string-bass pick-up. It is a "Universal Volume Attenuator" and it can be used with products from other manufacturers (as well as with the Realist pickups). Your output jack may need to be modified slightly - for instance, the K&K Pickups have the string mount widgets on the jack, which will need to be removed (this is easily done - check out our FAQ with pictures and everything!).

STRINGS: Your strings MUST have ball or "slug" ends to work with the Docking Station. Strings that have loops (like Velvet strings, or some gut strings) cannot anchor the Docking Station on the tailpiece.

No batteries required, it's a passive device (it is NOT a preamplifier).

MONO Only: This Docking Station will not work with multi-pickup setups like the K&K Bass Master Pro, Bass Master Rockabilly, or Golden Trinity Systems, as they use TRS (Stereo) cables to carry each pickup's signal separately - this will only work with individual mono pickups.

What happened to the Jackpot?

The Docking Station previously featured a special volume control which added a "click-out" feature, taking the pot completely out of the circuit. For parts availability and licensing reasons, the newest and most current models (that's all we have) do not have this feature. They use a high-quality, but standard audio-taper pot for precise volume control.

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Check Out the FAQ Resources That Apply to This Product:
   PICKUPS: Removing the String Mount Bracket on K&K Pickups

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• 15.75"W x 13.75"D x 16.75"H, 27 Lbs • 150w (300 w/added cab) and 1x10 speaker with array

From $1,099.00

Some of our customers have told us what they think about this product.
Check out what they had to say!
Hi Mark, I received the Realist LifeLine and Docking Station in a very timely fashion. Installation went very well due to your tips and the enclosed instructions.

This has to be the best set-up for an upright pickup. The quality and simplicity are just the best. Having the integrated volume pot on the Docking station combined with the Lifeline pickup on the adjuster not only looks good but is just plain genius!

Of course the best part is the sound - natural and pure transparency, exactly what I was looking for. This system is too good to be kept secret.

Thank you for a superb buying experience. Best Regards to the Gollihur Music Family!
Mike S (February 2014)