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Hipshot Ultralite Tuning Machines for NXT and WAV4 Electric Upright Bass

         Manufactured by: Hipshot

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Hipshot Ultralite Tuning Machines
For your NS Design WAV4 or NXT Electric Upright Bass

Comparison Shopping? Note that these are the US-MADE Hipshot tuners! They also have a budget set that is made overseas -- so make sure that you're not comparing our price to "Licensed by Hipshot" tuners -- they're not the same thing. The licensed tuners are still very decent machines, but there's a marked difference in overall fit and finish and quality of materials and manufacturing. We've therefore chosen to only sell the top-of-the-line USA-Made tuners, because -- when it comes down to it, you only really want to do this once, right?

Also note, if you're comparing to Hipshot's site -- their listed pricing is for ONE tuner, not a set of four (or five). ;-)

Finally, note that we include a full instruction sheet for installation; on the newer WAV model basses, it's a simple drop-in swap, no drilling or modifications required. Some older basses, and some NXTs, may need a slight widening of the post hole, and it's easy to do - we give you all the info you need to do it yourself.

We've fielded a number of requests for a more robust, accurate tuning machine set for the NXT and WAV4 basses. The basses come with reasonably capable lower-cost tuning machines, but there are those who want to upgrade to a sturdier machine that they know they can trust over the long haul (or to confidently use with particularly tension-heavy strings).

When I first got my WAV4 a couple years ago now, I immediately wanted to change the strings to something a little more "organic" sounding, to counter the somewhat electric "vibe" of the bass' solid body. When detuning, I noticed a distinct difference in the feel of the machines when compared to those on my electric basses - and since many of my other basses have Hipshot Ultralights on them, I decided that swapping out to a set of those would be a nice upgrade to my WAV4.

Here (to the left) is the result - on my own personal WAV4, which is one from the very earliest run of WAV basses. I re-used the original machines' existing mounting holes, which altered the way the tuners stand off the pegbox. I rather like the more modern look of the tuners on a downward-facing angle. Most of the more recent WAV and NXT basses have the same alignment as the Hipshots, though - so the "look" should remain the same as stock when you upgrade. However, if you prefer the angled alignment like my bass has, simply drill a new hole for the tiny alignment screw and you're good to go.

The Hipshots were an easy replacement, and make tuning a lot more accurate and easy - no slippage. And they are much more confidence-inspiring; they have a more solid feel that never makes you feel like the tuner might break or fail, even with the low E string. (Hipshot's Ultralight Bass Tuning Machines are made of durable, precision machined aircraft-quality aluminum!) The larger inner holes on the posts (to insert the ends of the string into, to "lock" them in) are more accommodating than stock, and should fit even most upright bass strings. And the tuners are really lightweight to boot.

We also have a set for the 5-string NXT basses - see the bass owned by Simon Lahaye, one of our customers, to the right - it's also sporting brand new Hipshots. They look great - and work even better, I'm sure.

We've been telling folks about the Hipshots for a while now, and finally decided, "Hey - why not just make them available at Gollihur Music?" So here they are! We are selling these keys as sets (of 4 and 5) only, and only in the black finish, as replacements for the stock tuners on the NXT 4, NXT 5, and WAV4 Electric Upright Basses.

Note that the Hipshots are "ambidextrous" - meaning that any of the tuners can be easily switched from left to right side orientation. We will try to provide them set up as 2 left/2 right if we can, based on availability. But if you get one that faces the wrong direction, it's an easy 1 minute operation with an allen wrench to remove the pin screw, pull out the key, swap it around, and tighten it up again. Very smart design!

Hipshot is one of the last remaining companies that not only designs, but manufactures guitar hardware in the USA.

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Some of our customers have told us what they think about this product.
Check out what they had to say!
My order for the Hipshot electric bass tuners arrived quickly. I did have to switch two of the pegs so that they'd fit on the lower strings, but the process with an Allen wrench was as easy as you said. However, the Hipshots did not slide right into the holes vacated by the original pegs on my WAV4 NS Design electric bass. I had to file each hole out first. The process wound up taking about ten minutes per peg. With that done, though, the Hipshots have turned out to be exactly what I needed.

I'm mainly a violinist/violist, so I have tuned my WAV4 in fifths, with Red Mitchell strings, and the original NSD pegs would not hold the pitch on the C string. The Hipshot pegs haven't slipped in a week. So, thank you for solving the problem!
Richard C. (April 2011)
Mark, I just wanted to follow-up receiving the Hipshot Tuners as well as our phone conversation with a huge, "THANK YOU!!!" They dropped-in pretty much as suggested (I did need to widen the hole EVER so slightly.) But what a difference! And with the more traditional strings I also purchased from y'all, the NXT is soundin' A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! Thanks again!
Kenney H (September 2011)
Hey Mark. Just wanted to say that I received my Hipshot tuners as replacements for the stock tuners on my NS Design NXT 4 string EUB. Got them overnight as promised, with great instructions. Tuners installed easily after reaming stock holes with a 9/16 drill. These tuners are in a totally different league than the stock tuners. I had a tuner shaft break on a gig and I’m sure I won’t have to worry about breakage now. Thanks for the advice. Gollihur Music delivers as always!
Patrick C (September 2017)
I want to thank you for all the advice I’ve received (for my NS Design bass). The NS Traditional strings sound so good, and the Hipshot tuners dropped in easily and feel really solid. Thanks for the expert advice and great customer service!
Jason D. (January 2019)