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Pickups for Upright BassPickup/Preamp Packages

K&K Sound Bass Master Pro Upright Bass Pickup System

         Manufactured by: K&K Sound

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The Bass Master Pro Combo combines the K&K Bass Max and Double Big Twin pickups, allowing you to mix them using a tiny two-channel preamplifier.

Bass Master Pro Combo, installed, preamp shownYou can draw a comparison to a two pickup electric bass' neck and bridge pickups -- the complementary blend of the two units is very nice, and easy to quickly balance the volumes to achieve a different sound character depending on the type of music or selection. The placement and different characters of each pickup system provide a wider sound palette from which to choose. As a result, if you require a range different tonal flavors during a performance for pizz or arco, or want different voices for different gigs, the Bass Master Pro should be your choice.

The photo shows the two pickup components of the system mounted on my Juzek bass. A group of four transducers (the same as are used by the Double Big Twin) are placed beneath the four strings of the bass, and a Bass Max is inserted into the E or G side wing of your bridge. It terminates to a stereo (3 conductor) jack; a high quality stereo cable is included, to plug into the companion, dual channel preamplifier.

The preamp included with the Bass Master Pro has separate, three-band EQ controls for each pickup set so you can custom-tailor the tone of each pickup, then blend them in the ratio that works for you. The preamp ALSO offers the option to send each pickup to a separate amplifier (or separate channel on your multi-channel amp or mixing board) for separate amplification or external mixing. The extra "smart jack" output, when used, automatically routes one pickup to each output.
(Note that the photo to the left shows an earlier version of the preamp, without that extra jack.)

I should also note, that in my case, I mounted the bridge string transducers on the bottom of my bridge; K&K's original images show it on the top, but my Juzek's adjustable bridge is too curved to accommodate them. The Juzek's prior guest, the Double Big Twin, was also mounted on the bottom. I think it is less obtrusive and noticeable that way, too, but shouldn't matter one way or the other to the ultimate sound.

Bass Master Pro on JuzekThe preamp that comes with the system has a belt clip, for easy availability and balancing on the job, and measures a mere 3.5 x 2.9 x 1.3 inches. The two volume controls are at the top. Individual treble, bass, and master volume controls are inside the unit, which is powered by a 9 volt battery. A tiny screwdriver is attached by velcro on the inside, for adjustments to the internal controls.

As you can see, while the close-up above looks a little cluttered, it's quite unobtrusive when seen in perspective. This is the same installation on my Juzek 3/4 size bass.

Product Options:

The Bass Master Pro Pickup System includes the Bass Max and Double Big Twin transducer sets wired to a stereo string-mount jack, a six-foot stereo (TRS) cable, and the K&K two channel preamplifier with volume, overall gain, tone controls for each channel, and choice of a mixed output, or separate outputs for each pickup. List price is $380.

The Transducer Network includes only the pickups, wired to a single TRS string-mount jack; if you already have a Dual Channel Pro ST preamp, or another preamp (like the DTAR Solstice, or Raven Labs preamp) you can purchase the transducer set without having to buy an "extra" preamp. Use the second drop down menu (above) to order the transducer only version of this item.

The Five String Version is identical to the "regular" Bass Master Pro, except that it includes a fifth tranducer for the top area of the bridge. It is a special order item.

You can also "upgrade" the preamplifier that comes with the Bass Master Pro:
  • The Radial Engineering PZ-Pre is a powerful and flexible acoustic preamplifier, built into a heavy-duty floor pedal unit. Featuring a parametric EQ, notch filter, high-pass filter, phase revers, mute switch, effects loop and more! Multiple outputs make it a flexible performer, and it is built like a tank.

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   CABLES: Mono and Stereo (TRS)
   PICKUPS and MICROPHONES: Should I get a Pickup or a Mic?

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Some of our customers have told us what they think about this product.
Check out what they had to say!
I have to say, once again your products and service have surpassed all my expectations. My bass master pro pickup system arrived two days after I placed the order, and after a quick installation it performed amazingly well. As you know, I've been using the bass max pickup for about the past two years and have loved it, but this new system is even better...a lot better. Since purchasing the bass max pickup, I've been asked many times by my fellow musicians in town how it is that I'm able to get such a warm rich tone from my bass at stage volumes. Wait until they hear the bass master pro!

I appreciate what you do for all of us low end lovers out here. You're a good man, Bob.
Nathan R
I just wanted to write to let you know that we received the K&K Bass Master Pro early last week and have had installed it already. Needless to say this thing has just exceeded all my expectations, I knew it would work well but this is something else.

After adjusting the preamp's EQ and Gain controls to find a balance between both pickups, that suited my Son's taste (and my own), it has been non stop playing electrified URB. Surprisingly, the sound coming from my rig, which includes a 1x15' and 4x10' cabinet, did not sound so great. However this could be due to my tone preferences on the amp which suits my Music Man and Jazz Bass, but once we plugged it into a Kustom 2x10' 600 watt combo, flat EQ'd, the URB just sang.

Just to refresh your memory this URB is only a half size and the K&K's have turned it into something else. I'm thinking of using it myself for some cocktail lounge gigs just to play the thing...if my Son let's me.

Thank you for all your assistance it has been invaluable and I am looking forward to placing another order with you.

By the way, please thank Mark for me as well, as I probably would not have received my order had he not been in touch.
Peter K
I have received the order and am very happy with the Bass master pro. Im amazed at the volume level, and sound quality. Its definitely the best system I have ever tried. I also would like to thank you for the clear instructions on installation. You have definitely earned another customer.
Ryan V
Hi Mark,

I purchased a Bass Master Pro upgrade kit and added it to my Bass Max. It tightened up the sound and gave me all the 'edge' I would ever need (exactly what I wanted). The enclosed comprehensive information really helped. It is great buying gear from guys that use it themselves in the field.

Dennis Pinhorn
Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for the speedy service on my latest order. I placed the order Wednesday, and had my Bass Master Pro package in my hands on Friday. The K&K pickup set, with the included preamp, sounds absolutely terrific on my bass (a dramatic improvement over my old BP-100). Your installation instructions were crystal clear and saved time and trouble, and helped my get the system set up and sounding great in no time at all. Thanks again for making this a great experience all round!
Peter R (September 2011)