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Strings for Double BassSpecial Order String Sets

D'Addario Helicore Orchestra 1/8 and 1/10 Scale Upright Bass Strings

         Manufactured by: D'Addario

Special Order Item

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Special Order ItemThis string set is a "special order item," which means that it is normally a non-stock item. This means that, if you purchase these strings, we will need to acquire the set from the manufacturer or a distributor, which may take anywhere from a couple days (normally) to a couple of weeks (rare, but we'll let you know). It also means that we are unable to provide overnight or two-day options for these strings.

We offer this set as a non-stock item because customers have asked for them, and they're not always easy to find at retailers. Due to their non-stock status, we only sell complete sets -- no "singles" can be purchased for this set. Also be aware that as a special-order item, the strings are not returnable.
Helicore Orchestral bass stringsD'Addario Helicore ORCHESTRA Fractional Sets

The Orchestra strings are specifically designed for - you guessed it - orchestra players. They are, of course, very bowable, and use a winding and material that creates less sustain. This is done on purpose, of course - orchestral players are not looking for the same level of sustain that a jazz pizzicato performer would want. However, they've still got great thump power and enough sustain for many players that play a variety of styles. They have less "presence" and sound somewhat "darker" than the Hybrid Helicores, and definitely more so than the Pizzicato Helicores.

They are available in 1/8 and 1/10 very small fractional sizes. For the more common regular sized (3/4) as well as the 1/2 and 1/4 sized sets, which are standard stock items, see the related items, below.

  • nice warm tone from steel strings
  • Orchestral: bowable, smooth sound with thumpier pizz
  • Hybrid: more sustain and a little growl for pizz, still bowable, the compromise string
  • smooth feel
  • average tension

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D'Addario Helicore ORCHESTRAL and SOLO Upright Bass Strings

This item is made in USA!With extra damping materials, this version of D'Addario's Helicore string set -- the "Orchestral" -- is designed for the player who primarily plays arco (with a bow). Played pizzicato (plucked), they have a warm and dark fundamental tone with a shorter sustain and quicker decay than the other Helicore Strings. The SOLO strings are similar to the Orchestra strings, but gauged specifically for tuning one whole step up from "standard" tuning; this is specifically for those playing solo pieces, to take advantage of the slightly higher range (and fingerings).
    Extended and Alternate Tuning Strings Available: SOLO Gauge Strings Available for this stringLow B String Available for this stringLow E String for extensions (to low C) Available for this string
Sets AND Single Strings are available (click through to order)

From $133.00

D'Addario Prelude 1/8 scale Upright Bass Strings
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