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Acoustic Image CONTRA Combo Bass Amplifier - Series 4PLUS

         Manufactured by: Acoustic Image

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The Contra is Even Better than Before!
The long-running Contra is always evolving; this newest version is, as before, a "scaled-back to the essentials" version of the 4-Plus Coda. However, the Contra now features a new 4-band EQ and the new "family grille" (a classy new look that now more closely matches the higher-priced models).

Acoustic Image CONTRAAcoustic Image CONTRA

Acoustic Image was first on my personal Bass Radar in the late 90's, when I first saw some buzz about this revolutionary new down-firing bass amp. My first Contra arrived in 1999, and I took it to the NAMM 2000 show in Los Angeles, to demonstrate K&K Sound upright bass pickups in their booth. At one point, Dieter of K&K borrowed it, to see how his acoustic guitar pickups sounded through it.

Acoustic Image CONTRAIt took me six hours to wrestle it back from him. The Contra was that good. And now, along with its many siblings, it's even better, thanks to its many updates and improvements over the last dozen years.  -- Bob

Acoustic Image CONTRAThese combo amps were a real breakthrough when first developed by Dr. Rick Jones, who is himself a bass player, as well as Founder and President of Acoustic Image. They continue to get even better with each generation.

The design and performance of the Acoustic Image Contra was -- and still is -- quite revolutionary. The lowest bass frequencies are omnidirectional, and we all know our acoustic instruments do not radiate only in one direction — their sound moves about the room. The ten inch down-firing woofer in an Acoustic Image combo spreads that sound around naturally, as our ears might expect. But there is still plenty of definition, and it's not as "directional" as so many other amps.

With a "room filling" nature to the sound, people don't marvel at how great your amp sounds -- they just assume that your bass is loud enough to be filling the room on its own. And that's a KILLER impression to make.

And that's only one of the differences between it and other amps. This combo has a specially matched set of drivers that results in a full range speaker cabinet. In addition to the woofer, you'll find a five inch cone mid/high driver. It's not "just" a bass amp! Plug your MP3 player in and be amazed at the result! Nice tight bass, real, uncolored sound. We sell Acoustic Image amps to plenty of bass players -- but they're also commonly used for acoustic and jazz guitar, mandolin, violin, cello... the list goes on.

The other key ingredient in Acoustic Image gear is the electronics. They feature dead-quiet operation: the noise ratings on these amps make their competitors red in the face. The amps are designed to deliver the natural sound of your instrument, with no additives, no artificial flavorings or colors. Why is that good? Please answer this question... do you want to hear your instrument or the amp??

More Power!! (please insert your own Tim Allen Home Improvement TV show grunts). 300 watts of constant (RMS) power is quite good, but keep in mind that the Contra is not a "rock-n-roll" amp — it's not going to replace your 4x10 for duty in a Led Zeppelin cover band. Yes, it can get quite loud, but the wattage is there to ensure smooth, clean response. Bass frequencies take a great deal more energy to produce than high frequencies, and the somewhat percussive nature of upright bass can be very demanding. The wattage is there so the energy is available to cleanly handle those peaks and percussive plucks, rather than that "squashed" sort of attack many bass amps often deliver when they hit the wall.

Features have been designed into the newest Contra model to add flexibility for various playing situations. These include a parallel effects loop, a selectable high pass filter for feedback or “boominess” elimination (see explanation in features list below), and a balanced direct out with ground lift to allow connection to a mixing board for PA augmentation or recording. A built-in "kickstand" mechanism allows the cabinet to be tilted to better direct sound to the player’s listening position. For larger venues, the Coda EX extension cabinet is an ideal match, adding a second identical speaker array for better coverage.

Included with the amp is a lightweight "dust cover" with shoulder strap and accessory pocket. Made of lightweight vinyl, it covers the top and sides of the cabinet, with openings to allow access to the amplifier's integrated handles. It also comes with a carry strap which loops through the openings and the amp handles, allowing you to "shoulder" the amp. The cover is handy - it even has a small pocket for cables, tuners, and other small gigging accessories. But don't expect it to substitute for a case, as it offers only minimal "protection" from slight bumps and other minor hazards. If your gigging needs require something a little more protective, we have other options available separately. Check out the optional padded Mooradian case in the Related Products, below.

The photo at left shows it with the cover on and carry strap ready for transporting. A zippered pouch is provided to carry the power cable and other small items, shown in the photo to the right (without the carry strap). This light-duty cover will not shield the unit from rain, and it does not cover the bottom of the cabinet.
  • Two-way Sealed Speaker System
    • 10" Long-throw Low-frequency Woofer
    • 5" Mid/High-frequency Driver
  • 300-Watt (at 4 ohms) "Digital" Power Amplifier
    • Internal speakers are 8ohm - output power is 200w at 8ohms
  • Input and Master Level Controls
  • Mute Switch
  • Four Band EQ:
    • Bass Control: Shelving type, ±12 dB @ 30 Hz
    • Lo Mid Control: ±12 dB @ 250 kHz
    • Hi Mid Control: ±12 dB @ 1200 kHz
    • Treble Control: Shelving type, ±15 dB @ 10 kHz
  • Low Cut Filter: -12 dB/oct sweepable from 30 to 180 Hz
    • Maximum SPL (sound pressure level) >112 db at 1 meter
    • Signal to Noise Ratio >110 dB at direct out
    • Frequency Response 30 Hz - 20 kHz (40 - 16 kHz ±3 dB)
  • HI Z and LO Z inputs; input impedances are 1 megohm or 10 megohm, based on jack chosen
  • Effects Loop via 1/4" phone jacks
  • Balanced XLR Line Output with Ground Lift and 10db pad
  • PRE- or POST-effects switch XLR output
  • AC Power On/Off switch with LED Indicator
  • External Speaker Output (Neutrik Speakon), internal speaker is wired directly to the amplifier
  • Detachable AC Input Connector with Built-in Fuse
  • Dual voltage operation (100v to 240v, 50/60 Hz) AUTOMATIC DETECTION, no need to flip a switch! (comes with USA Cable; to use in other countries, you can source an IEC-C13 AC Cable, also commonly used for computer power supplies.)
    • Lightweight- 22 lbs! with newest Durable Molded Enclosure
    • Size: only 12" H x 15" W x 13" D
    • Molded Carry Handles
    • Dust cover with cable pocket and shoulder strap included

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    Check Out the FAQ Resources That Apply to This Product:
       ACOUSTIC IMAGE COMBOS/SPEAKERS: What's the difference between the Contra, Coda, Corus and TEN²?

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    Some of our customers have told us what they think about this product.
    Check out what they had to say!
    Just finished my first gig with the Acoustic Image Contra. I am amazed and very pleased. Got a lot of compliments about the sound of my upright. Thank you Mark and Bob.
    Gregory G (August 2015)
    Hi Mark,
    I wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know I received the contra yesterday and for the first time since I've been playing the upright bass I am happy with my tone while amplified. It is exactly what I wanted it to be.
    I also want to say how grateful I am for the way you bent over backwards to work with me to help me get the amp.... you guys are the best!
    Thank you!
    Jay C (September 2015)
    Thank you for your help and info on David Gage Realist LifeLine Upright Bass Pickup and Acoustic Image CONTRA Combo Bass Amplifier - Series 4PLUS. Played my first gig with them and everyone thought I had bought a new bass the sound was amazing. I was using a cheap pick up and amp, good equipment makes a huge sound difference.
    Janine M
    Mark - the Contra arrived today. Can't believe how fantastic it sounds direct from the upright without (my) preamp! Totally worth the investment for this sound quality. Got your yellow sheet with extra tips on dialing in the sound. Thanks again! You guys are the best...
    Colette J (February 2017)