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Pickups for Upright BassMicrophone/Pickup Combos
Microphones for Upright BassMicrophone/Pickup Combos

Golden Trinity Microphone/Pickup COMBINATION Systems by K&K Sound

         Manufactured by: K&K Sound

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Golden Trinity Systems

These powerful, compact setups combine K&K's excellent Golden Bullet Condenser Mic with one of several different pickup options. Including a small, feature-rich preamplifier to blend the mic with a pickup of your choice, these setups provide the realism and "air" of a microphone capturing the true sound emanating from your bass - along with the fullness and dependability of a pickup.

The Choices

  • The Golden Trinity/Bass Max System: The mic and the popular Bass Max pickup are wired together in a convenient package, which uses a special TRS/Stereo cable (included) to ensure a clean, inconspicuous installation. The Bass Max is a pretty balanced pickup, so it provides good, relatively neutral "backup" to the mic.

  • The Golden Trinity/Double Big Twin System: Similar to the Bass Max system above, this one substitutes the Double Big Twin pickup, whose character is a bit more defined. This added presence and punch works particularly well for jazz bassists. Note that the Double Big Twin is especially suited for pizzicato styles, and it can sound a bit "scratchy" under the bow.

  • The Golden Trinity UPGRADE System: If you already own a pickup, and you wish to add a microphone easily, this system is your answer! Like the two above, it features the Golden Trinity microphone and the two-channel blending preamp - but instead of a pickup, it simply includes a wire to plug right into your existing pickup (or another pickup that you intend to purchase.) Keeping the simple elegance of the single TRS cable, it still makes for a very low-key, easy installation. You don't have to chase down a bunch of components - everything you need is in the box.
K&K's various bass transducers can deliver an exceptionally warm and natural sound -- but there are times when a microphone can add extra warmth and life to your signal, or perhaps be the total true voice of your bass. Choosing and using a microphone can be a real challenge and an expensive proposition, especially when you want to blend it with your current rig. K&K Sound has taken all the hassle out of the process by creating a series of professional systems that can work for you immediately -- right out of the box.

This specialty Double Bass Microphone is available in several different configurations. You can get the mic alone (with its own phantom power/output box - see "related items" below), you can opt for the upgrade system (has a second input to be used with your existing pickup), or -- on this page -- you can get a combination system with the mic and one of K&K's excellent pickups, either the Bass Max or the Double Big Twin.

The Golden Bullet Microphone is a condenser mic chosen specifically for its characteristics and performance with the Double Bass. This is not an "off-the-shelf" microphone, but one designed and custom built by K&K in their shop in Oregon. I was delighted to work with Dieter of K&K to finalize the selection of this specific unit, which combines great sound with excellent feedback resistance. It's unidirectional to help avoid rumble and bleed from other instruments. Amazingly light and small, it is mounted on your bridge using adhesive 3M Dual Lock and positioned using its built-in six-inch gooseneck. And don't worry about the bridge mounting -- I stuck the mic attachment to a mail scale, and the assembly registered about .25 ounces in weight!

Please note: If you have never used a microphone with your bass before, please realize that there are limitations to microphone use - that's why transducers were developed! There is far greater feedback potential, and it will require greater care to position your bass, mic, and speakers, and adjust EQ to avoid feedback or unwanted resonances. This is why each system, excepting the Golden Bullet Mic by itself, includes the ability to combine the mic with a transducer -- so the player has the option to rely on a more feedback-resistant transducer in tight or loud stage situations where a mic alone is not practical.


This compact powerhouse includes a removable belt clip for convenient mounting on your belt or the edge of a music stand. Some players strap it to the back of their bass tailpiece.

  • Tiny!! just 4 3/8 x 3 3/8 x 1.5 inches
  • internal nine (9) volt battery powers both the preamplifier and provides phantom power to the Golden Bullet Microphone. Its life depends on use and the gain required, but battery life is excellent
  • two external volume controls to balance the mic and pickup signals on the fly
  • internal trim pots (small circuit board-mounted controls) that can be adusted using the tiny precision screw driver included and stored inside of the preamp.
    • bass and treble controls (incredible +/- 20 dB!) for the mic channel
    • bass, midrange, and treble controls (incredible +/- 20 dB!) for the pickup channel
    • two overall gain controls that let you balance the two channel's outputs as well as adjust the pre-amplification factor from 1 to 10!!
  • Input: 1/4" stereo jack designed to handle the separate signals from the mic and pickup
  • Output: the 1/4" mono jack on the left provides the mixed signal of the mic and pickup. If the Optional Mic center jack is used as well, the mic signal is removed from the mix and routed separately to the center jack only. This enables the player to send the mic signal to the PA, or apply effects to one channel and not the other... or perform any other type of audio magic the creative mind can conceive.
  • extremely low noise operation.
  • 10K ohm output impedances
  • once you have found the proper EQ for each channel it is best to refrain from further adjustments -- use the EQ at your amplifier or board to accommodate room acoustics variations.

SPECIFICATIONS for the Microphone:
    the tiny Golden Mic
  • Frequency Range: 20 - 17,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 7 mV/PA/1 kHz
  • Maximum SPL: 139 dB
  • Polar Pattern: Hyper-unidirectional
  • Output: XLR active balanced or 1/4" line level (your choice)
  • Mic Power Supply: 9 Volt through Supplied Golden Bullet preamp

Golden Bullet Frequency Response curve
Golden Bullet Frequency Response curve

Golden Bullet unidirectional pickup pattern
Golden Bullet unidirectional pickup pattern

Additional Preamp Options? The Golden Trinity Setups include the Golden Trinity Mic, and either a pre-wired K&K Transducer set or an input cable for your existing pickup, wired to a stereo string-mount jack, a six-foot stereo (TRS) cable, and the K&K two channel preamplifier with volume, overall gain, tone controls for each channel.

If you like, you can also "upgrade" the preamplifier that comes with the System, to use a preamp with more powerful features and input/output options. The DTAR Solstice is compatible with the 9v phantom power and the stereo input cable used by the Golden Trinity Sets.

The DTAR Solstice is a high quality and extremely versatile two channel preamp mixer, brought to you by the collaboration of Rick Turner and Seymour Duncan. Its broad feature set allows you to blend virtually any type of sound source. The low-noise hybrid circuitry and internally adjustable gain from 0 to 24db make it suitable for both live and studio use.

If you are interested in choosing a Golden Trinity set with this upgraded preamp option, please note the yellow box near the top of the page; simply clicking on that box will pop out additional "add to cart" options for those upgraded setups!

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Some of our customers have told us what they think about this product.
Check out what they had to say!
Mark, I got the Trinity upgrade package today, began fiddling around with it, still in the process of tidying up mechanical loose ends. In combination with the Realist Pickup, this thing rocks!! (Using) only the pickup, I've always found that the spiros tended to seem a bit too brittle sounding, and only after EQ adjustments could I be free of that brittleness, especially on this hybrid bass, and in so doing, lose too much of the higher string punch... but with this Trinity mic and Preamp, I'm easily able to get the more smooth tones that the bass produces acoustically, like in a resonant room or a corner, but now coming straight out of the amp. It sounds real to my ears now! ...Thanks so much for making this setup available!
Dennis H (October 2015)