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Pickups for Upright BassPickups

David Gage Realist SoundClip Upright Bass Pickup

         Manufactured by: David Gage

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David Gage Realist SoundClipTM Pickup
Upright Bass Pickup

David Gage SoundClip Upright Bass PickupThis new (Spring 2010) pickup brings the Realist's quality sound to more basses and to more positions on your instrument. The Realist SoundClip is an extremely well-engineered, self-contained transducer unit that offers a great deal of flexibility.

How does it sound?

There have been many comments on the online bass player forums; while the various players' impressions are interesting, the wide range of perceptions only reinforces that it really depends on the bass and amp you're using. For instance, a poster on TalkBass said that, to him, it sounds very similar to the original Realist -- but that was definitely not my experience, on a bass which had both pickups installed.

My results in the shop peg it as being quite different from the original Realist (it being so influenced by the position against the body.) I rather like the SoundClip's more versatile response when compared to the original Realist. On our basses (and through our amps) we find the pickup to have a more detailed tone, which can sometimes provide more "cut" (without necessarily needing more volume) in an ensemble situation. Yet the SoundClip has a more linear response, you can hear more frequencies and much more string detail. Also, so far I have only played it on basses with adjustable bridges; perhaps those without adjusters have a deeper tone.

7-Day Audition Period
Most of our pickups cannot be returned once installed, because they show evidence of use and cannot be re-sold as new. However, we are happy to offer a 7-day "audition period" on this pickup, so that you may try the pickup on your own bass and be certain that it will work for you. As long as you handle the pickup and all of its packaging and materials carefully, you may contact us for a return authorization within seven days of delivery if it's not everything you'd hoped it would be.

Note that we will make the following small deductions from any refund or credit:
• Outgoing "free shipping" costs
• A $10 deduction to cover our processing costs

These deductions merely cover our costs for running your credit card (they are not refunded, even if the charge is) as well as our shipping costs if you're not keeping the pickup.
Some recent reviews on the web also suggest some "outside the box" thinking; for instance, mounting the pickup with the "C" of the clamp part on the inside part of the bridge (between the legs) allows for a less conspicuous installation, as well as seemed to change the tone a bit -- perhaps the way it "loads" the bridge in a more balanced way changes things? Another suggestion was to put a small bit of thin rubber between the pickup element and the bridge - a user of the Soundclip found that this simple addition makes the tone fuller, warmer, and more realistic. One player even says that mounting the pickup on a diagonal rather than perfectly straight seemed to alter the tone. So there are lots of variables, especially once you start mucking about with the loading weights, mounting location, and tightness of the clamp.

The jury is still out (for me) until I have more varied experiences with it, but I can say that I do like the addition of detail to the sound.

Using the Pickup:

It is very easy to use. Its flexibility (positioning, tightness, removable weights) and portability (no tools needed, self-contained) make it an ideal pickup for those who want to switch between basses (or who travel and need a pickup to get a consistent sound on rental basses).

The Bullet Points:
  • Transportability
    • move your Realist SoundClip from one instrument to another instrument with ease
    • bring your SoundClip for use on rental instruments while on the road
    • remove the pickup from your bass when not playing amplified

  • No Bass Modification Necessary since the SoundClip simply clamps onto any conventional bridge there is no filing, cutting, or custom fitting. Just open the jaws and adjust the tension wheel.

  • Bridge Location is not fixed, so you can locate the pickup low on the bridge, for more body warmth, or move it higher up on the leg to bring in some more string detail to your sound... to achieve your desired sound on almost any bass.

  • Two Adjustable/Removable Weights for adjusting the character of the sound

  • Volume Control is built into the pickup so adjustments are very convenient

  • Durable, Solid Brass Construction -- this thing is solid!

  • Convenient Carry Case is included for travel

Also available for cello!

This item is made in USA! Click for more

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Some of our customers have told us what they think about this product.
Check out what they had to say!
I just received my Realist Soundclip. The combination of convenience and quality is amazing! It is far better than I expected. The tone and flexibility is great for a pickup and its streamlined design is unbeatable. It will be perfect for my live application. The flawless service from Gollihur Music was icing on the cake. Thanks! Alex
Alexander Kaye 2/9/12