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Power Supply: K&K Preamp AC Adaptor for Compact Preamps

         Manufactured by: K&K Sound


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We've had many requests for AC adaptors for the 9 volt battery K&K preamps, and are very happy to announce that K&K Sound has begun producing one. Using an off-the-shelf AC adaptor can be problematic as few have sufficient noise filtering, so you can end up introducing 60hz hum and other noises into the signal.

This new unit delivers 10.5-12 volts, which can enhance the headroom, clarity, and noise levels according to K&K Sound Systems. The photo and the actual adaptor body may differ slightly.

Previously, two models were available - to remedy confusion, K&K has now combined the features into one power adapter that is suitable for all of their 9v-powered compact preamps.

This power supply has a battery clip connected to a thin and extra-rigid 3/32" cable, allowing it to exit from the in/output jack side of the preamp, between lid and rear panel. The photo shows a notch in the preamp case, a feature that will eventually make its way to all dual channel preamps; however, the notch is not necessary and any K&K preamp can accommodate the cable. This thin cable extends for the first 5 feet in order to provide a comfortable weight and feel.

Technical Information

  • Input voltage: 100 -240 volt
  • Input plug type: USA
  • Output voltage: 10.5 volt DC /100 mA
  • Output connector: 9 volt battery clip
  • Dimesions: 3.3/4" L x 2 3/8" W x 1 1/4" H
  • Cable length: 10 feet (5 feet 1/4" plus 5 feet 3/32")
  • Type: Fully filtered DC voltage supply - noise and hum free

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