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Carbon Fiber Replacement Endpin Assembly for Upright Bass

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Carbon Fiber Upright Bass ENDPIN

Why make an endpin of carbon fiber? CF has a high strength-to-weight ratio, while having a much lower density than steel. So this high-quality endpin assembly weighs only 248-250 grams (about 8.8 oz.) and has the strength and rigidity of a standard steel endpin, which is usually much heavier. It's also well-made, with a smooth and attractive - yet low key - flat black finish. It won't detract from the beauty of your instrument with flashy, shiny fittings; all visible parts are fabricated from a low-reflection flat black material. The full length of the pin is 16 inches, and its maximum extendable length from the BOTTOM OF THE BASS (once installed on the bass) is right around 15 inches.

The threads for the thumbscrew and inner collar - as well as the spike and its threads - are made of steel. The receiver assembly is a light and very strong composite material, while the shaft and some of the other parts are made of carbon fiber. The assembly also has a channel for your tailgut to guide through.

Comparison Shopping?
If you're comparing our carbon fiber endpin to others you can find on the web, look carefully. Does our competitor's endpin use a threaded screw-on endpin cover, or is it just a rubber cap? Is their point made of steel? Does their collar tightener surround the endpin, or use a simple thumbscrew (which can pierce and crush the carbon fibers, eventually causing damaging splits and dents?)

Before you judge on price alone, remember that all endpins are not equal.
The plug (the part which inserts into the bass endblock) is 30mm tapering to 27.9mm over 42.5mm (according to my digital caliper measuring a representative endpin). The shaft itself is 14mm, and the diameter of the spike on the latest endpins is now 10mm, allowing the use of our Super Endpin ball (as shown in the Related Products below) as an option.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The thumbscrew assembly in this device exerts pressure around the endpin shaft, rather than against it. It is not recommended to use the carbon fiber shaft with your existing endpin receiver (instead of installing the one that comes with the shaft); the simple thumbscrew assembly of most endpin receivers will pierce the fibers and split them, which will damage the shaft with regular use.

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Some of our customers have told us what they think about this product.
Check out what they had to say!
To whom it may concern; I have just installed the carbon fiber endpin in my 1948 C-1 model Kay bass. The oversize of the taper was perfect to restore the hole. The Kay logo looks much better than the touch-up job I did on the badly worn original logo. First rate products and service. thanks...
Carter H (November 2010)
Dear Mark and Bob, I just came back from my luthier after installing a CF endpin and an ebony tailpiece I bought from your store. My luthier said these items are very good quality, and this is from an old school master luthier... I just wish to thank you again, my bass sounds amazing and I love the endpin very much. You guys are top notch from order to luthier. Thank you very very much.
Gidon T (January 2012)