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Neck for upright bass, 3/4 size - maple w/wood volutes

         Manufactured by: Engelhardt

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These 3/4 size hard maple necks are made by Engelhardt for installation on their basses. It has real wood -- not plastic -- volutes (the curly-q's on the headstock). It will fit Kays and Engelhardts -- read the next paragraph for further details on this -- or may be modified for other instruments or projects. The approximate distances between the tuner holes, starting from the hole nearest the scroll, is 1 7/8", 2", and 1 13/16" - they are a perfect, drop-in fit for the Rubner plated/Tyrolian tuners we also sell, as those are the tuners that Engelhardt uses on all of their 3/4 size basses. Holding a protractor along the bottom edge yields a neck angle measurement of 76°. Other measurements are provided in the photo, which you can click on to see a larger version.

Note that the shape and size of the dovetail has changed over the many years that Engelhardt (and Kay before them) have been making basses. As such, depending on the year your bass project was made, the dovetail will likely not be a direct match, and you should expect that you'll need to do a good bit of fine tuning and/or shimming for a proper fit. This will particularly be the case with Kay basses, especially older ones. But this neck will be the closest you'll find to a "direct fit." It also still has the characteristic "slim" necks that most every Kay and Engelhardt has always had.

Also note that the dovetails, particularly at the far end, will appear to be roughly cut "by hand." Additionally, these necks are not "finish-ready" - their surfaces often exhibit saw and sanding marks, and minor irregularities. As has been the custom with Engelhardt (and Kay before them), they also have flat-sided pegbox with glue-on volutes (which we also sell separately.) But they're far more affordable than the fancier, more finished necks -- and those fancier necks will require much more customization to fit the Kays and Engelhardts.

The neck is also available without the predrilled tuner holes and with no precut dovetail. The undrilled neck is a special order item, and is usually subject to a waiting period as Engelhardt does not always have these necks available for immediate fulfillment.

NOTE AGAIN: The dovetails on these necks are cut by machine, but the innermost part of the dovetails (close to where the fingerboard attaches, the last part to contact the block when you slide it in) are hand-chiseled, to allow for a tapered profile. They are usually done pretty roughly; as such, the inner portion of the dovetail doesn't really look so pretty (obviously, once it's installed, this part doesn't show). We assume this is because each one needs to be more finely fitted to each endblock, and for a hidden part like this, they're more interested in function than form. But we want to make sure you're aware that it definitely looks a little rough in there. This is normal and expected.

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