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Bows, Rosin, and Bow AccessoriesRosin

Super-Sensitive Clarity Synthetic Rosin for Upright Bass

         Manufactured by: Super-Sensitive

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Rosin is key in getting a good bowed sound, so don't cheap out on this key ingredient to success, it can last a long time. Many players carry more than one flavor of rosin, especially those who perform in varied climates. When the humidity is high, the more powdery rosin is usually best, and during very dry periods some stickier stuff may be needed. My current favorite is the Carlsson Swedish rosin... but like anything else, it's up to you, the player, to find out what works best for you. Some bassists carry two or three different cakes just in case the environment makes another consistency better for that particular situation, but it's not necessarily a requirement. New players: I include my personal notes on care and usage of rosin.

Clarity Rosin (Summer and Winter formulations available)
Recently introduced! Since it's a synthetic, the manufacturer says that it is Hypoallergenic. They say "made from a synthetic hydrocarbon resin compound that substantially improves the properties of the rosin producing a clear string response. The hydrophobic material resists absorption of moisture making it unaffected by humidity, keeping its tack or effectiveness over time. Non-corrosive to instrument varnish."

I haven't spent any time with either so I can't say anything from personal experience, but I've heard good comments about it, and if you have allergy problems with rosin, it's something to check out.

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