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Strings for Double BassStrings for 3/4 and 4/4 size Basses

String Set: Synthesis Double Bass BSN900 Synthetic and Chrome

         Manufactured by: Gallistrings

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Gallistrings may be a newcomer to our shores, but they've been established as a string-maker since 1890. Based in Italy, they were long known for natural gut strings. They now offer three string sets of varying construction; a traditional rope-core (steel) string, a synthetic core with a chromesteel outer winding, and a full synthetic option.

Gallistrings BSN900 string setThe BSN900 strings use a synthetic core, for a more gut-like timbre, but with a chromesteel winding, which provides a sustain characteristic more akin to steel strings. So it's sort of a "modern" take on a gut vibe.

The feel of these strings is pleasantly flexible, without feeling floppy. They are a bit "pingy" when first installed, but that twang goes away after an hour or so of play. I also don't suggest putting these on the same day you have a gig, as they also take a day or so to stabilize and stay in pitch. But that's quite common for a synthetic string - the synthetic blend has to "stretch" to reach its optimum tension holding.

The strings have a punchy pizz tone, with a clear pitch to the attack, and they bow surprisingly well, with a rich sound and very easy playability.

Note: Because the strings are ordered directly from Italy and can take a while to fulfill, we currently only sell these strings in full sets.

String Diameters/Tension
  • G String: .060/63.40 lbs (1.52mm/28.76 KG)
  • D String: .073/65.98 lbs (1.86mm/29.93 KG)
  • A String: .088/65.14 lbs (2.24mm/29.61 KG)
  • E String: .117/63.51 lbs (2.97mm/28.84 KG)
(Measurements/tensions were supplied by the manufacturer)

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