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Acoustic Image DoubleShot Speaker Cabinet (and combos)

         Manufactured by: Acoustic Image

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Early adopters of the FULL DOUBLESHOT COMBO rigs get $100 off if ordered before September 1, 2019. At checkout, simply enter "$100 OFF" into the comments field on the submit page, and we'll add the coupon for you. (If you're paying by PayPal, don't make the payment until we subtract the discount!)

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It's the DoubleShot cabinet from Acoustic Image!

I'm kind of running out of superlatives for the new, innovative stuff that Acoustic Image keeps coming out with. I thought that the UpShot was an incredible speaker when they dropped that - and it was, and still is - but now they've built even further upon that winning formula with the new DoubleShot.

The DoubleShot is one of those things that you just look at... and shake your head, with a snicker. There's NO WAY that thing can put out enough sound to fill a small area, much less a stage or venue. It's about the size of a small mounted tom drum.

But yet - the sound coming from this diminutive cabinet is, to be totally forthright, ridiculous. Upright bass, and even electric bass guitar, comes through with clarity, deep bass, and a volume that is not only unexpected, it's kind of hard to believe. More black magic and sorcery from the engineers at Acoustic Image, I suppose. Just don't speak any Latin in the immediate vicinity of this thing, you might accidentally unleash a demon.

We've been partners with Acoustic Image since the beginning; we've been carrying their groundbreaking, well-engineered, and giggable products since the first generation of the Contra amp almost 2 decades ago. Their unique cylindrical cabinets, downfiring woofers, and transparent amp designs have become a gold standard for acoustic amplification (and remained as one for quite some time), and we're proud to be associated with such a boutique-level product line. We've even helped with product development ideas and testing of prototypes over the years.

This new speaker from Acoustic Image is the smallest 2x10" cabinet in the world, as far as I know. Outstanding for onstage monitoring for you and your band, it's also great for small to mid-size venue gigs. Yes, it'll carry a room. At 12" in diameter (it's a cylinder that sits on its side) and only 11" wide, it virtually disappears on stage. And it's a high-wattage, full-sized speaker array in there. And yet, it's only 15 lbs! It's a "real" speaker cabinet you can legitimately carry in a backpack!

It's based upon the successful UpShot, but provides much more sound and volume with its second bass driver PLUS the mid-high driver that's mounted on the front.

We put the prototype through its paces here at the shop, and it's crazy impressive. The UpShot is designed to be placed on the floor, close by, so that the player can clearly hear his or her instrument. The omnidirectional nature of the sound resulting from the driver being close to the floor, allows the instrument to be clearly heard on the bandstand and throughout the club.

The DoubleShot works great with an equally tiny Clarus SL or Clarus model, and as a 4ohm cabinet, could also be used together with an AI combo or a head + Upshot rig; put the DoubleShot out front for the audience, and have an upshot or your combo right in front of you as a stage monitor!

• 600w • 4ohms • 12" diameter x 11" wide • 15 lbs.

"Combos" are created by placing the Acoustic Image Clarus SL series heads atop the speaker, where it sits comfortably - and a Speakon speaker cable is included, along with a padded backpack carry bag. A perfect match of tone and amplifier power, Acoustic Image rigs are formidible, eminently portable, and respected worldwide for their transparency and tone. And this one is the new culmination of all of their development and experience over the last two decades.

  • Designed for acoustic and electric instruments including bass, guitar and keyboards
  • Compact, highly portable, cylindrical shape fits in a backpack for transport
  • 12 inches diameter, 11 inches wide, 15 pounds, small enough to fit in airline overhead storage bin or under seat
  • Two 10-inch broad frequency range custom side-firing drivers
  • One 5-inch forward firing midrange driver with level switch
  • Two-way asymmetric crossover
  • Omnidirectional sound fills the bandstand and venue
  • Bumpers allow compact amp head to mount on cabinet
  • Rated at 4 ohms, 600W
Technical Specs
Frequency Response - 40 Hz - 16 kHz
Impedance - 4 ohms
Max Continuous Power - 600W
Max SPL >118 db at 1 m
   2x10 inch side-firing custom
   1x5 inch forward-firing custom w/ level switch
Crossover - Two-way second order asymmetric
Enclosure - 12 inches diameter, 11 inches wide
Weight -15 pounds
Input - Neutrik Speakon wired to pole 1

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