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3/4 Upright Bass Adjustable Bridge with aluminum threaded inset

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Product News:
These bridges were originally obtained as a substitute for our "regular" 3/4 size adjustables. They are of similar quality, but have a few minor differences:

• They have slightly wider feet (center to center is 1/8" wider).
• The top arch of the bridge is a little bit narrower, since the regular bridge "flares out" at the top - but this will likely not matter at all, since most of that part of the bridge will be cut off when fitted.
• Aluminum adjusters are threaded into aluminum inserts that are embedded into the body of the bridge (threads-up). This is an upgraded feature, which is why these bridges are a bit more expensive than our regular adjustable bridge.

An adjustable bridge can be a godsend for your Upright Bass. It gives you the ability to vary the action for different styles, lower for jazz styles, where fingerboard buzz is a welcome seasoning, in the middle for general play where you want more note bloom or boom, and higher for bluegrass or rockabilly slap. Of course, adjustable height bridges are also often a necessity to compensate for seasonal changes on some carved instruments.

I have adjustable bridges my bass -- I like the ability to fine tune action, as well as raise it for an acoustic bluegrass jam so I can get maximum volume from string bloom room, or lower it for more fingerboard interaction when playing an amplified jazz gig.

The bridges are crafted of fine maple. Like our "regular" bridges, the adjusters used in these bridges are 1/4"x20, so the bridge is a perfect fit for the Fishman Full Circle pickup of that size. We can sell combination deals with bridge plus pickup - just contact us and ask!

Bridge Measurements (approx.)
Size: Bridge feet
center to center
Bridge Height
Arch width
(measured in arc) / (measured straight across)
Hey, is this bridge any good?

Yes, as a matter of fact, it is. It's made of very good hard maple, the adjusters are well-crafted, and they're tapped well. These are a very similar bridge to those we've been selling for almost two decades, and they're the bridges that come as upgraded bridges on our Estle Louis basses. We're confident that you'll like them!
3/4 size: 4 1/8 inches 7 1/2 inches 4 3/4 inches / 4 1/4 inches

These brand new high quality maple bridges have excellent quality, lightweight aluminum adjusters that were precision installed at the bridge maker's shop. These bridges are tapped to be used "threads up," meaning that the threads go into the body of the bridge. Additionally, UNlike our regular bridge, this model has an aluminum threaded insert set into the wood, so the threads are not threaded into the wood and operate very smoothly. This is an upgraded feature, but we're offering it for the same price as our regular bridges while our regular bridges are unavailable.

Instructions are included:
I will be happy to include the two pages of instructions for installing a double bass bridge that I've written and will speak with you via email or on the phone if you have any questions. Installing a bridge isn't brain surgery, but does require careful planning and execution, which my instructions outline. Do you already have an adjustable or regular bridge that needs to be installed, or do you want to get an idea of the process?? Let me know and I'll send you the instructions via email, no obligation.

The photo on the right shows an uncut bridge alongside the one Bob cut down for his Juzek in 2008.

3/4 size Adjustable Bridge on my '41 3/4 size Kay
This Bridge is TOO BIG???
That's to be expected! Double basses have different neck angles, which results in the need for different sized bridges -- you can't buy a bridge "off the shelf" to immediately fit your bass. All bridges require fitting. I include instructions to advise you how to trim the top and feet of the bridge to fit your instrument.

The photo shows a similiarly sized bridge cut a bridge down to just 6" tall to fit a 3/4 size Kay; this specific photo is of the adjustable bridge I formerly sold. All 3/4 size bridges come with black adjusters as shown in the photo above.

How can I be sure I have the right size bridge?
If you look or feel inside through the E string f-hole, you will find the Bass Bar; it runs parallel to and below the E string. If you measure from the middle of the bar to the mid-point of the bass and double the measurement, you now know the proper measurement of the bridge's feet when measured from center to center. Choose a replacement bridge in that range (most basses are 3/4 size, approximately four inches from the center point of each foot ) with a height larger than your current bridge.

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