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Grace Design BiX - One Channel Mini Preamp

         Manufactured by: Grace Design

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Grace Design BiX

Grace Design BiX Preamp

And Baby Makes Three!

The popular FELiX and ALiX preamps from Grace Design have become a new standard in high-quality preamplification for live bassists (and other acoustic instrumentalists as well - but we talk mostly to bassists, so...)

The FELiX is a two-channel model with a phantom-powered XLR for mics, blending, and so on. The ALiX takes most of the great features of the FELiX's pickup channel and creates a single-channel model with all the bells and whistles. Both feature transparent sound, dead-quiet performance, and really useful tools for sound-shaping.

Some of us don't need all of that, though. And maybe, just maybe... might just like to keep an extra $300 or so in our pocket - while still having studio-grade sound, onstage. That's why now there's BiX.

BiX is the newest, smallest, most affordable option in the lineup. A one-channel, scaled back (but still very capable) preamp that provides the high-impedance input to get the most uncompromised sound out of your piezo-electric pickup (like the various Realists, the K&K's, the Ehrlund, the Fishman pickups, and many more) no matter what amp you're using. It features a 1/4" output for your stage amp, as well as a top-shelf DI to send to the house. A built-in effects loop allows you to add additional tone or EQ options, and a boost control with footswitch allows for two different volume levels (great for soloing, or for pizz and arco.) There's also a mute footswitch - for breaks or tuning.

And don't underestimate the two-band EQ; it has selectable roll-off points so you can tailor it to your needs.

Runs on standard 9vDC, and has the smallest footprint yet. And, as always, made in the USA of high-quality components. All this, with a 5-year warranty!

Available in brushed silver finish only.

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Some of our customers have told us what they think about this product.
Check out what they had to say!
After hearing stellar reviews about the Grace Design FeliX for use as an upright bass preamp but not being able to afford its hefty price tag, I was excited when they released the BiX.

My first impressions after a couple days of toying with it are that it is quite impressive even if it lacks some features of other piezo preamps in its price range. The sound quality is absolutely amazing.

My first concern was the lack of a mid frequency contour, but the selectable shelving EQ is intuitive and you can easily get the scooped mid sound that helps upright basses sound more natural by selecting the frequency rolloff points and boosting the bass & treble. It sounds complicated, but it's actually pretty intuitive. It definitely has a "my bass only louder" vibe to it.

When compared to my FDeck series III (which I always thought sounded transparent), it actually sounds MORE transparent which I found surprising. The FDeck actually appears to muffle some highs comparatively. This became really obvious with some arco. It did however sound warmer than my Rane AP-13, yet more musical.

The DI is noiseless and crystal clear. The mute function is noiseless during switching with no audible pop when turning the unit back on. The boost feature is nice, but not necessary for my purposes. Maybe it'd be useful for solos.

There's no HPF, phase switch, or notch filter like on its big brothers. The ground lift is a tiny dipswitch and not easily accessible if you want to remove ground hum in a hurry. You can't blend two signals with this unit either. The BiX does have a nice effects loop though, but there is no bypass switch for it. It's not small enough to mount behind your tailpiece either.

Overal though, it's a fantastic little unit if your preamp needs are minimal but you want to get your feet wet with that pristine Grace Design sound with one of the best DI's out there. It really does SOUND amazing.

If your instrument requires a little more tone shaping, blending, or features to help minimize feedback, IMHO I'd recommend saving your money for the Grace Design FeliX or (single channel) AliX.
Jason H (August 2017)