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Performer 3/4 size Upright Bass Bag

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Product News:
Performer bags are BACK! These bags are IN STOCK for immediate shipment. Order now!

We carried the "Professional Bass Bag" for several years now with lots of success; it was a heavy-duty bag with backpack straps, rolling wheels, and thicker protective padding than our Gollihur Bass Bag -- but was not nearly as heavy or bulky as our new Deluxe Professional Bass Bag (see related items for the Gollihur Bag and Deluxe Pro Bag). Unfortunately, our manuafacturer of that bag has decided not to make it anymore, and we've had to look for alternatives.

And we've found a real winner with this new "Performer Grade" bass bag. With smart features, sturdy construction, and thick padding - but light enough to be carried and stowed away by people who take their bass out of the house often - this case is a real winner for actual PERFORMERS... hence, the name. Having dealt with cases in the past that had handles that could be a little unreliable, on this bag I'm thrilled that ALL handles have rivets AND sewn reinforcement tabs, and those handles are all thick and easy-to-grab. The big, sturdy zippers all have thick pulls and durable teeth, and the D-rings for the padded shoulder strap are also held on by a riveted, heavy-duty patch. A bag can't protect your bass if it won't stay in one piece, and the people who make this bag clearly get it.

I also love that it has smart storage compartments; it features dual bow pockets (something people have asked me for), and the pockets can hold some bow cases (our single case slides into it, but you cannot zipper the pocket closed; our "bow pocket" case fits, but zippering is a tight fit. There's also a huge accessory pocket on the front, and a large flat music pocket on the back.

The bag, as previously mentioned, includes a padded shoulder strap - and it uses sturdy metal (not plastic) hardware. And the bag also has stowable backpack straps, a very popular feature, especially for folks playing in urban environments. Zipped into the nicely padded (!) back panel are a pair of straps that connect to receivers on the bottom; these backpack straps, with a connector strap that goes across your chest for security (like hiking packs), can be used for walking around with the bass on your back! Just remember to watch out for doorways, it's real easy to forget how tall the bass is when it's on your back!

Now, note that there are no wheels on this bag. Personally, I'm actually not a big fan of wheeled bags; they're only useful (or safe) for very smooth surfaces, and are not recommended for even mildly bumpy terrain. A bass wheel or Bass Buggie (see related items) is a much better choice. And to mount wheels on a soft bag, you have to create a sizable solid "base" surface to mount them on so that they are stable. This adds considerable weight, and also makes the bottom part of the bag rigid, and unable to be bundled up as easily (important when you're rolling up the bag and looking for a place to stow it during the gig.)

The bag has really thick padding throughout. Check out that photo - it's at least 1.5 inches thick, all around. The outer fabric is a tear-resistant very high density nylon-type fabric, similar to that on our other bags, but with a smoother finish because it's a higher "denier" (threads per inch). The zippers are lined, so they won't scratch your bass, and the dual zippers allow you to zip right up to the endpin, leaving it outside the bass so you can put it down without roughing up the bag. And there are seriously heavy-duty rubber (not pleather) skid pads on the side you put on the ground when you put the bass down, for further protection for both the bag and the bass.

Now, with that increased performance and durability comes a bit more weight and size, of course - the bag comes in at a little under 11 lbs, and has a bit more bulk than our Gollihur bag, for instance. But this is a bag for a true performer, and that's why we call it the "Performer" Bass Bag. If you're playing 2-3 times a week, taking that bass out a lot, this is the kind of bag you need; one that you know you can depend on, night after night.

Performer Bass Case Features:

  • 1½ inches of firm, lined padding to protect your bass - extends over zippers to protect your instrument's finish
  • Six heavily stitched and riveted, padded and/or thick-wrapped handles, for easy carrying and loading
  • Large sized, smooth luggage-grade zippers on both sides of endpin (designed to leave endpin extended)
  • All pockets also feature heavy-duty quality zippers and internal padding
  • Large padded accessory pocket also acts as bridge protector
  • Padded, adjustable backpack straps INCLUDED (stowable)
  • Two Large bows pockets with padded front panel
  • Large flat music pocket (intended for relatively flat items)
  • Lots of rubber bumpers/skid patches on sides
  • Padded Shoulder Strap with metal hardware included
  • Heavy-gauge, reinforced D-rings on shoulders
  • Rich lining with finished seams
  • Durable heavy duty nylon-type outer shell, very high denier for smooth, rip-free performance

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