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Preamps and ProcessorsPreamplifiers (1 Channel)

Grace Design ALiX - One Channel Preamp

         Manufactured by: Grace Design

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Grace Design ALiX

Grace Design ALiX Preamp

The FELiX 2-channel preamp was released by Grace Design to great acclaim. Now get many of the same pro features in a single-channel model! The ALiX is the little brother of the FELiX; a "studio quality, acoustic instrument and mic preamp, designed for working musicians, engineers, sound companies or venues looking for the highest quality solution for amplifying stringed instruments."

With all the useful features that we usually recommend -- high pass filter, parametric EQ controls, notch filter, quality EQ, high-impedance input for piezoelectric pickups -- it's got the goods. The 1/4" instrument input features optional 12v phantom power for use with a small mic, and also has a three-position impedance switch for maximum compatibility (and best tone) from various pickups.

What's that mean? One of the big reasons to get a preamp when you have piezo pickups (pretty much meaning most upright bass pickups) is to create a "buffer" for the very high impedance that those pickups present. ALiX's input is switchable between three very useful impedance levels: 1 MegOhm, 10 MegOhm, and 332 kOhm. Adjusting these input impedances to properly buffer the output of your specific pickup will help you get the best, most natural sound out of your bass.

The DI output has flexible output options, with a variable level setting for best results, and there's a separate dedicated amplifier output on a 1/4" jack that is level-controlled for a stage amplifier.

The boost switch activates a 10db variable boost, so you can set a separate volume level that you can jump back and forth from. This is particularly handy if you play both pizz and arco, as the sustained attack of the bow normally means that arco gets amplified a good bit louder. In this case, just click the footswitch when you pick up the bow to "click down" to the lower output, and you won't blow out anyone's eardrums.

ALiX also has a dedicated tuner output. A TRS insert jack is also included for injecting effects, if so desired.

All this, with a 5-year warranty!

(Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • 1-channel studio-grade preamp
  • 1/4" instrument with selectable impedance and 12v phantom
  • Effects Insert with jumper-adjustable gain
  • Notch Filter/Low Cut Filter (selectable)
  • Phase Reverse (per channel)
  • Dedicated Tuner Output
  • Dedicated Amplifier Output with level control
  • DI output on balanced XLR
  • 3-Band EQ with parametric Midrange (adjustable Q). Can also alter "Low Corner Frequency" per-channel settings with internal jumper
  • Footswitch operation

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