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Pickups for Upright BassPickups

KNA DB-1 Wood-Encased Upright Bass Pickup for Bridge Wing

         Manufactured by: KNA Pickups

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The COVID-19 pandemic has people understandably highly concerned. With abundant cautionary procedures, the bassists at Gollihur Music are still maintaining our normal (online) business hours and shipping out orders every weekday.

Since we are not a "bricks and mortar" store, we are not affected by mandatory retail closures. There are just two of us here at the shop, and we have temporarily put a halt to in-person appointments to limit any chance of exposure. We are taking appropriate measures to protect ourselves and our customers from any possible infection. We're confident that we can continue to provide you with your bass needs through this complex time.

Do note that some of our suppliers have been suspending or limiting operations, though, so some products may be a little less available. But we are well stocked with the bass-ics!

Double Bass Pickup

Like many other upright bass pickups, the DB-1 is a compact unit designed to be wedged into the wing in the side of your bridge. Most of those pickups require that you custom-fit the pickup into the slot, using sanding/filing to open up that slot for optimal fitment. There's nothing inherently wrong with that approach; there's no effect on the bass tone or volume, etc. There are also pickups that are made of a material that allows you to instead shape the pickup to fit, which is also a good alternative.

But if you're really concerned about making destructive changes of any kind, this new (May 2016) pickup option from KNA is going to make you smile.

The vibration-sensing transducer is encased in a tonewood housing that is very thin (.085 in thick) -- and the pickup includes several tonewood shims which you can use to provide just the right level of pressure on the element. This flexible mounting option allows you to experiment with various levels of pressure and placement - non-destructively - as well as switch the pickup between several basses as often as you wish.

Now, granted - bridges are not uniform, and some may require slight alterations to accommodate any pickup properly. Flat, even contact is key to get the best sound, and if your bridge wing is particularly "curvy" you may still wish to provide a flatter surface. I use a file or piece of sandpaper wrapped around a slim slice of wood to fit pickups to the wing. But on most bridges, this very well may not be necessary.

The DB-1 is crafted in the European Union by KNA, and the pickup was created with the help of my own input and insight; I tested several prototypes for them and made lots of suggestions while it was being developed. You'll find that it even includes a jack mount arrangement almost identical to the way we mount the jacks for Ehrlund and David Gage pickups we sell.

The manufacturer suggests mounting in the "G" string side of the bridge, but I certainly encourage you to try in both sides to see what you prefer; every bass is different! keywords Revolution Solo RS1 RS2 Kremona Bulgarian carved bass

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Some of our customers have told us what they think about this product.
Check out what they had to say!
This is only an initial review, but because I'll be playing overseas on an upcoming tour/clinic trip and will be offered basses with no pickups, I ordered one of (The Kremona DB-1 Pickups) from Mark at Gollihur. I put it on and the results are very promising! On my main bass it sounds really good and compares much better to the Full Circle than I ever imagined. It is clean and clear across all 4 strings, pretty feedback resistant (not quite as much as the FC that I can tell, but still very good), and gets a good natural sound once some high mids are rolled back (the FC requires less EQ to get that nice dark-yet-still-articulate tone, and is still a bit punchier on the E string).

I have to say I am very impressed with the ease of installation! The pickup is encased in wood and includes 4 wooden shims. Installing it was a breeze because there's no sanding or filing required: just add shims until it fits... Brilliant! The shims are also made of wood, so they grip well against the pickup surface and the bridge. The tailpiece mount is also a nice design, easy to install quickly without any tools; the main shaft screw of the mount is thoughtfully notched so that finger tightening is easy, and the included washers make a nice snug fit. More details after the trip when I’ve had a chance to put it through its paces... but a cursory experience with the pickup in my music room with my very nice and very familiar bass told me enough to write (this). For now, though, this looks like the perfect backup to keep in the bag.... or even on the bass, since it's so low profile and discreet.
Chris F. (August 2016)
Hey, Just wanted to thank you for the pickup that I purchased earlier this year. The Kremona is my favorite pickup that I have had for my upright bass. I previously had other pickups from other manufacturers. One sounded good, but was more complicated to work with. The other one's tone was super thin and not easy to get a good sound. I just plug the Kremona to my bass amp and the sound just works. So easy, hardly find myself tweaking during the gig, which is rare for me. Thanks for working with them to develop an excellent and affordable product. Has to the be the best musical purchase that I have made in the past few years. Thanks!!!!
Kevin P (August 2017)
I got the KNA pickup today. I am VERY careful about installing stuff like this; I am a total newbie. The box arrived, and it took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to install it. Just pick the correct shim(s); one of the thinner ones did it for me. The ¼ inch jack took me a few minutes to mount, the hardest part was tightening the nylon screw really tight. Once I did that, I fired it up and it sounds great. Low end is great.
Pete R. (August 2018)
Mark - want you to know that the kna DB-1 string bass pickup worked flawlessly during our Jazz Nativity shows at church. the sound was impeccable and I received many compliments regarding such. Thanks for the recommendation of this pick up for my bass. Have a Merry Christmas and a HNY!
Ed K. (December 2018)
Hi Mark I got the Zyex Lights about a week ago and finally got up the nerve to install them on my Engelhardt ES 9 yesterday and I love them! You mentioned in a post on your site that they sound good on Kays and Engelhartds and you were right on. I tried them again early this AM and they are pretty bright and "zingy" but they sound and feel very good. I also tried some Arco and even with my dodgy technique they sounded good. I know they will mellow as they get played in but I am very happy with them and they are LOUD, at least compared to the old strings that they replaced. They are also much more even from string to string and up the fingerboard. Your advice was right on and your instruction sheet was helpful as usual and I would certainly recommend these strings for a bass like mine. They sound good unamplified and even better with the KNA pickup that I got from you a few months ago. Thanks again for your advice and great service! All the best in 2019!
Bob B (December 2018)
KNA DB-1 pickup I purchased is great! Greetings. I don't post on social media of any sort but want to thank you for this product. I'm an old bass guitarist who's been playing upright with a start-up community swing band, using an old beater-bass which has long lived, unused, in the back of the band room. It's been a challenge to my hands to get heard through the mix. It took me all of 5 minutes to easily install this pickup and get wonderful results. And no pre-amp needed, using old Peavey amp in the band room. It sounds great, easily eq'd with fundamental amp tone controls. THANK YOU very much!
Rob U. (November 2019)
Just wanted to report on 100% satisfactory results with the installation of the KNA DB-1 on my Juzek today.

As described by you, mounting the pickup and jack was a 1,2,3 stress-less process for the uninitiated. Simple utilization of the shims worked as advertised.

The A/B immediate difference in tone as compared with the (still installed) old-school F****** B*-*** is strikingly positive. Whether played directly through my new Acoustic Image amp or with my Fishman Platinum Pro EQ in the line, it produces the increased 'voice' of the instrument I'd been lacking. MUCH fuller E string response (KNA mounted on the G string side as suggested) which had previously been lacking.

Needless to say I am chuffed with the results of my investment. Thank you very much for your development involvement and advisement recommending this pickup.
Mike B (February 2020)
Got the KNA DB-1 pick today. Tore into the package and tried it out!
In the following ways... I have a couple of double basses... I have what I call my good orchestra bass (Shen). The KNA sounds great! All of the scratchiness is gone in the arco AND the Pizz sounds great as well. As I mentioned in my current gig I am playing in a pit orchestra for a musical where the book switches back and forth between electric and acoustic....I am running them both through the same amp. I was having to adjust the eq with every switch back and forth... as no matter how dark I was setting to compensate for the bad sound on the acoustic....it was then too dark for the electric..
Anyway..... now I can leave the amp set.... and just adjust the controls on the electric...... much easier AND.....
I keep an old beater upright... (Hamburg student model) that I use for some blue grass and acoustic band gigs often in some... shady places where the beer gets spilled the the basses get kicked....mostly by my band mates. I threw the KNA on that bass and it sounds WAY BETTER THAN IT SHOULD! Wow!
So anyway....there are few times in my life where I seek an answer and get such a good result. Thank you so much for answering my email and recommending this pick up.
You have a customer for life...
Thomas M. (February 2020)