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Fishman Platinum Pro-EQ Analog Preamplifier with Tuner, Boost

         Manufactured by: Fishman

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Fishman Platinum PRO-EQ Preamplifier, Instrument preamplifier with Graphic EQ, DI, etc.For many years, Fishman's Pro-EQ Platinum Preamps have been very solid, feature-laden performers for upright bassists and other acoustic instrumentalists. Bob himself has used (and often recommended!) a Pro-EQ Platinum Bass for quite some time. And the Pro-EQ Platinum "regular" model has been great for folks playing guitar, mandolin, and other "thinner-stringed" instruments.

But it was time for a facelift. With other, high-quality preamps coming on the scene, Fishman decided that now was the time to strike. And strike hard they did.

Here you see the new Platinum Pro-EQ Analog Preamp. No longer split into two different models, it's now ONE model that allows you to SWITCH THE EQ MODE, depending on whether you're playing a bass instrument or a more "treble-some" one. Frodo would say, "One Preamp to Rule Them All."

How does it sound? This new model sounds even better than the last one did, to our ears. It has a 10 megohm input impedance, which should provide more than adequate buffering for most any piezo pickup. It's easy to add a bit of "heft" in its low mids that can give the bass tone some extra thickness, like the "signature sound" of the old Platinum Bass preamp -- but if you run the controls "flat," what you get is flat response. Regardless, if you liked the old Pro-EQ Platinum Bass model, you'll probably LOVE this one.

The new model also combines all of the cool features that you might previously only find on one or the other - for instance, the old bass model had an optical compressor (but the "regular" model did not) and the regular model had a phase switch (but the bass model did not.) BOTH features are incorporated into the new preamp.

But wait, there's more!

The unit also has these great NEW features:

  • Foot-Switchable BOOST with adjustable level (+12dB)
  • Input Level/Gain Control
  • Low Cut Filter
  • Sweepable Notch Filter
  • Effects Loop
  • Built-In Electronic Chromatic Tuner
  • Attractive New Cosmetics with Brushed Metal Face and Small Footprint
In addition, some of the great features from the previous models are still there:
  • High-Quality DI with Ground Lift and Pre/Post Switch
  • Separate ΒΌ" Output for Stage Amp
  • Optical Soft-Knee Compressor
  • Four-Band EQ with Sweepable Midrange Control
  • Battery or Optional AC Power
Fishman Platinum PRO-EQ Preamplifier, Instrument preamplifier with Graphic EQ, DI, etc. You can see to the right how they packed all these great features into this small (6.2” x 5.6” x 2.2” or 158mm x 143mm x 54mm) chassis, which would fit easily onto most any pedalboard. An optional 110v power adaptor is available and can be purchased separately (below) or at a discount when ordered with the preamp; use the -Please Choose- box above. Fishman does not offer a 220v mains adaptor.

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Some of our customers have told us what they think about this product.
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Guys I have been gigging every weekend for a few months now with the new Fishman Platinum Pro EQ and I could not be happier! Since receiving it I have played a variety acoustically challenging venues. Everything from outside shows to high ceiling hardwood floor ballrooms to hole in the wall bar caves. So far at every gig I have been able to dial in the tone at volume that I wanted. Mark your description of the improvements over the previous model(which I had been using for several years) was perfect. I would recommend this Preamp to anyone playing amplified double bass. Thank you again!
Dean F (January 2015)
I got the Fishman Platinum Pro preamp last week and holy mother of ****, that thing is awesome. The tone is just night and day from what I was getting before or through the EQ pedal. Just played a show with it last night and it was great.
Tim M. (May 2016)