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Stick-on Fingerboard Markers (Temporary Inlays, side dots)

         Manufactured by: Gollihur Music

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Wait, what?

Okay, I'm joking... maybe you might want to. I often get asked about putting inlays on the side of fingerboards, as a visual aid to mark where the notes are. Just know that some teachers recommend against them, as they feel that using a visual crutch like side markers can actually delay your progress on the bass. The idea is to NOT use your eyes, but rather your ears - and develop your muscle memory, so your hands simply go to the right place without help from your eyes. This leaves your eyes free to read the music, connect with your bandmates, or flirt with the hottie at the table by the door.

Regardless, I do understand that sometimes folks feel more confident and comfortable with a little help nailing down the positions on the fingerboard, especially those making the transition from a smaller scale bass guitar - which usually does have handy dots on the fretboard. You also might play in a loud stage situation, or have to make large jumps up the fingerboard, and want the confidence to know that you'll land in the right place. No judgment from me, folks.

And of course, these would be useful - even for a seasoned player - if you're playing in a "room from hell" where you can't hear yourself well enough to judge your intonation; the visual reinforcement would certainly be helpful in that case!

Regardless, I always recommend NOT doing something permanent, like real inlays. For one thing, it could hurt your bass' resale value... and you eventually will develop your ear, at which point you won't want the markers anymore. But if they're permanent... Oops!

Anyway, here's the alternative, which is wonderfully temporary. You get a total of 18 white or maple-colored vinyl stick-on "fake inlays" - 12 "dots" and 6 "lines" (see photo) You can use either one, mix and match, or use them on a couple different basses if you want. Whatever makes you happy!

And when you've grown tired of them, simply peel them off. No harm, no foul.

"Bright White" (right) is a high-visibility set, which - especially against a dark ebony fingerboard, would be the most visible on a dark stage or in an orchestra pit. The "Warm Maple" (left) is a bit more subtle; as you can see, it looks similar in color to the maple neck of the bass, and looks almost like a wood inlay - better if you still want the visual markers, but don't want them to be as noticeable to others.

Photo in each inset is the sticker sheet you get - 12 dots, 6 lines.

Photos show vinyl dots and lines alternated in a couple of different patterns on our Estle Louis laminated basses. They are just possible arrangements; you can also go "all dots," "all lines," or any of a huge number of other variations. You have 18 stickers to draw from - be creative!

NEW: We've upgraded both the packaging and the number of markers you get; now coming in a nice reclosable bag with an insert card with instructions, and including 12 dots (you used to get 6) and 6 rounded lines. This should be enough to do 2-3 basses!

Installation Tips:

  • They're simple stickers. Peel and stick! Try not to contact the sticky side with your fingers, the oils in your skin will make them less sticky.
  • The easiest way to place them accurately is by using an electronic tuner; make sure the open string is in tune, then finger the notes you wish to mark. Adjust your finger until you have the note perfectly in tune, then apply the sticker there.
  • There are also sites which host "fretboard calculators" which you can also use to measure out where the markers go - but you'll need to measure your scale length to use them - and the tuner method, above, is easier.
  • I recommend placing only on the side of the fingerboard (as shown) - putting them on the face of the fingerboard, bass-guitar-style, will get you funny looks from other bassists and musicians.
  • Stickers peel off with little or no residue; if they leave anything behind, a little lemon oil should remove it (and not damage your fingerboard.)

Suitable for use on upright basses of all sizes (3/4, 4/4, 1/2, 1/4, etc.) as well as all electric upright basses.

Dimensions: Dots are approximately 3/16" in diameter, lines are approximately 3/16" tall by 3/8" long.

Shipped in a first class letter envelope if purchased alone.

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