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Accessories for Upright BassElectronic Tuners
Accessories for Upright BassMetronomes

Metro-Tuner by Meisel - Electronic Tuner, Metronome & Tone Generator

         Manufactured by: Meisel

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The Metro-Tuner is a handy unit with three useful tools in one:

  • Electronic Tuner - with a built-in microphone and a ¼" input, it can tune a variety of instruments both acoustic and electric
  • Metronome - a visual metronome needle and brightly flashing multi-color LEDs, along with a pulsing beat, provide a consistent tempo for practice
  • Tone Generator - for tuning by ear; the Metro-Tuner can play in-tune pitches over 3 octaves

This great, lightweight tuner and metronome is very portable - it fits into almost any gig bag or case. At just over 1 oz., it sits easily on a music stand during rehearsal, always available for a quick tuning or tempo check. Easy operation and a clear display make it a useful tool for most any musician!

Bright multi-color LEDs flash in rhythm with the metronome display for ease of following the metronome beat, especially with the speaker off - it even includes a headphone jack for private monitoring of the metronome beats and the tone generator.

Comes complete with instructions and two AAA batteries - ready to use right out of the package!

General Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 3.9" x 2.5" x .6"
  • Large built-in speaker
  • Wide Screen LCD, 3 LEDs
  • 2 x AAA (1.5V) batteries (included)
  • Built-in stand
  • Volume control
More detail on the features of the Metro-Tuner
The chromatic tuner has a built-in mic for tuning most any acoustic instrument. It also has a ¼" (guitar cable) input jack for tuning electric instruments like an electric bass guitar or electric upright bass. It features a "needle" style tuning display as well as a bright green LED to indicate "IN TUNE." You can also adjust the tuning frequency from the standard A=440 (from 410-490) if you have specific tuning needs, like tuning to a piano that's unable to be tuned to A=440. Accuracy within 2 cents and a range from A0-a3 make it useful for bassists as well as most other instrumentalists.

A metronome is a great practice tool to ensure that you're playing pieces at the correct tempo and with steady rhythm; this one features tempo adjustments from 30-280 beats per minute (BPM) and provides additional features. The beats are displayed on the "swinging needle" on the display but also accented with brightly flashing LEDs on the case - red for the downbeat, green for the other beats. You can also subdivide; beats can be broken down into 7 different variants, such as triplets, 8th notes, dotted patterns, and more. You can also choose any beat numbers from 0-9 to accommodate standard and unusual time signatures (like 5/4, 9/8, etc.) And it emits an audible tone on each beat and sub-beat. A volume control and headphone jack allow for quiet or private practice.

Tone Generator
The Metro-Tuner can play pitches - through its internal speaker or the onboard 1/8" headphone jack - over a three octave range, for tuning by ear or setting a reference tuning pitch for an ensemble.

Note: You may have heard that Meisel Stringed Instruments, distributor of other electronic tuners and devices, went out of business in August 2008. That is true, but Meisel Accessories LLC has arisen in its place, so production, warranty, and development of new tuners and metronomes has continued without interruption. No worries.

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