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Lightweight Folding Performance Chair / Stool for Upright Bass

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The COVID-19 pandemic has people understandably highly concerned. With abundant cautionary procedures, the bassists at Gollihur Music are still maintaining our normal (online) business hours and shipping out orders every weekday.

Since we are not a "bricks and mortar" store, we are not affected by mandatory retail closures. There are just two of us here at the shop, and we have temporarily put a halt to in-person appointments to limit any chance of exposure. We are taking appropriate measures to protect ourselves and our customers from any possible infection. We're confident that we can continue to provide you with your bass needs through this complex time.

Do note that some of our suppliers have been suspending or limiting operations, though, so some products may be a little less available. But we are well stocked with the bass-ics!

We've been looking for some time for a rehearsal/performance chair that is adjustable for bassists - but not too heavy, bulky, or complicated. Both Mark and Bob have used this chair on several occasions, and we feel that it offers great value as an ultra-portable seat.

When rehearsals go long and legs get tired (and old - Bob), it's wonderful to have something to enable you to sit while playing. There are many different seats, and as players ourselves we kinda classify them in two groups. There are those designed for permanent use in a performance or rehearsal space; while comfy, they are too heavy and/or big, since they're not really designed to be "portable." Then come the ones that are more easily transportable. This adjustable chair is deep in the latter group — it's extremely compact and light - yet sturdy enough for most players.

The Facts:

  • weight is just 10.8 lbs
  • when folded is only 45 inches high, 14 inches wide, and 4 1/4 inches deep
  • rated for up to 250 lbs.
  • seat size 13x10 inches
  • seat height adjusts from 18 to 32 inches
The seat of this folding stool is lightly padded to save weight, and it's infinitely adjustable from approximately 18 to 32 inches for just the right play height for most players. It uses a clever sliding mechanism to lock the seat into your preferred height by using eight strong rubber stoppers that "grip" the tubing in four places. There's also a built-in footrest ten inches above the floor so you can get adopt a comfortable position that works for you.

The chair's low-profile frame is made of powder-coated steel, so it doesn't "stand out" on stage - but has a classy, understated look. It also has a small 13x20 inch footprint - which makes it less likely someone will trip over the legs trying to scuttle by on a crowded stage!

Just a tip: If you've never used a stool or played seated, you may find that you adopt a position with your bass at a lower angle as shown in the photo to the left. Depending on several factors, including the floor, the tip on your endpin, etc., the bass may have a tendency to try to slide away from you. Constantly fighting that slide may cause you to tense up your left hand, particularly - and that's not good!

We mention this just so you are aware of the possibility, and to show you a related product — the Xeros Upright Bass Endpin Anchor. Now you know what it's for! It has a "cup" that holds the endpin in place, and its adjustable strap has a loop which goes around the chair's foot. It holds the bass securely so you can concentrate on playing, rather than foiling a bass escape attempt! Of course, a looped piece of rope or other material can do the same thing, though it's not as elegant. You can even take off your belt if it's an emergency... as long as it doesn't create another one! ;-)

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Some of our customers have told us what they think about this product.
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Just want you to know I received the bass chair today and it's WONDERFUL!!!!!!! This is absolutely the only stool/chair I've ever tried that truly was just what I needed so money very well spent. Got so tired of trying stools and standing on coke boxes to reach the bass and now this is a perfect fit. I personally recommend this to anyone and you have my permission to do so. Thanks for your prompt handling and quality products. Am proudly sporting the BASS stickers on both vehicles, also. Thanks again.
Carol Ellis (11/2009)
Have to tell you the stool I ordered from you arrived in two days and it is awesome! I am a harp player and it is a perfect fit. I spent many hours researching musician stools and adjustable height chairs and benches, and this is perfect. Thanks for the great job and your accurate description - I really appreciate the quality and portability for my gigs.
K.R. (February 2015)