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H-Clamp Acoustic Guitar and Studio Microphone Mounts

         Manufactured by: ExplorAUDIO

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H-ClampIt obviously depends on the music and the venue -- but nothing sounds more real, when amplifying or recording guitar, than a microphone. Acoustic pickups are, essentially, a compromise - developed for situations when a microphone isn't practical due to feedback and bleed-through issues. In the studio, particularly, microphones are the way to go - but it's so hard to keep the guitar still so that the mic stays in the "sweet spot" and gives you a consistent sound.

The H-Clamp is a very sophisticated adjustable instrument microphone mounting device, with models available for Guitar, Upright Bass, and Cello, all of which may be suitable for other, similarly sized acoustic instruments (review size specifications here or elsewhere on the site to compare to your instrument).

This clever, well-made unit uses a clamp that echoes the design of the traditional luthier's edge clamp (cramp). This anchors the microphone firmly in place using the edge of the instrument as the contact point, to avoid dampening the instrument's natural vibrations. You can use just about any mic (while lighter is better, the manual offers suggestions for safely using larger/heavier mics) be it large or small diaphragm, condenser or dynamic -- the H-Clamp is compatible with any standard mic clip or suspension mount. The maneuverability of both the clamp and arm allows virtually any preferred placement, as well as the ability to locate it so as not to interfere with the player's motions.

H-ClampThe "space age" construction materials result in an extremely light yet secure mount. The "Spirit" model uses aerospace-grade aluminum throughout. The top-of-the-line "Black" model uses an aerospace polymer, a high tech material developed to be machined instead of moulded, for the clamp discs -- it's as strong as aluminium but lighter and essentially inert acoustically. The shaft, boom and screws are all aerospace grade aluminium. Silicone and other material inserts and sleeves are used for all the contact points to avoid damage to your instrument, and, presumably, to minimize vibration.

A very thorough Manual is included. It offers instrument-specific, detailed recommendations as well as general information.

The models we offer are as follows:

H-Clamp BLACK Multi 'Pro Studio' Mic Holder (includes four shafts) - This is the "DELUXE" unit, which includes FOUR different sized shafts, which -- by mixing and matching -- allow you incredibly flexible width of space between the clamps. Various combinations of the shafts allow you to use this model for almost any mic-able instrument: Regular Sized Upright Basses, OVERsized Upright Basses, Cellos, Standard-depth, "Baby" and Oversized Acoustic Guitars, Mandolins, Ukuleles, Small Combo Amps, and just about everything else in-between.

This top-of-the-line model features the ultra-lightweight composite disc components, and it is fully anodized in a matte black finish for a subtle appearance. This special product (the "Pro Studio" designation is ours, not ExplorAudio's) is perfect for a musician with a home studio, or for the gig-bag of a live soundman for mic-ing just about anyone on the stage.

The LiveMount Standard Muti-instrument H-clamp model has a seamless adjustment range of 43mm to 278mm. This model therefore covers all the applications for which the H-clamp was designed.


Mark uses one of the "Pro Studio" clamps himself, in his home studio. Check out his post about his H-Clamp on his "Digital Din" music blog!

H-ClampThe photo to the right shows the H-Clamp off the guitar (more photos coming soon) so that you can get an idea of the construction and design of the unit; note that some of the images on the page may show microphones and shock mount holders, but they are shown for display purposes only. The product offered is the H-Clamp only, no microphone or shock-mount is included.

The mic mounting shaft has a standard 3/8" BSW thread, and a screw-on adaptor (shown in the photo array below) for the common 5/8 BSW mic stand thread is included. You may use most any common mic holder, as needed.

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Some of our customers have told us what they think about this product.
Check out what they had to say!
By the way, the microphone holder that you recently sold me works very well. I used it with a Crown mic I have at a gig this weekend in a small folk club and it really sounded nice, with no worries about moving the bass out mic range. It is a practical and well thought out piece of gear.
Alrick H
I just received the bass H-Clamp microphone holder today from you. I must say, I believe that this is exactly what I have been searching for. I never have been happy with the sound that I have been getting using a pick-up and pre-amp, so I have been experimenting with using a mike, and I am firmly convinced that using a mike is the way I want to go. I practiced tonight using the H-Clamp and a good mike, and I am really pleased with this product. Now I can concentrate on what I am playing instead of thinking about where the mike is. Thanks for a great product. Well worth the money!
William C
Hi Bob & Mark, Just received the H-Clamp bass microphone holder (as always, VERY fast shipping). The clamp is made of the highest quality materials and functions perfectly. The price may appear a little high, but it is a first-rate product. I can now use the microphone of my choice and position it for the best possible sound. Thanks for another great online buying experience.
Tim P.
Folks, I have been using the H-Clamp for almost a year now and I really believe it is the best money I have ever spent on sound gear for a bass. I end up using several different basses for gigs and I just swap out the clamp and I am ready for the stage. Thanks for another great product.
Craig B (July 2011)
Hello, I did a remote recording last week. Small crowded stage, very noisy room. 16 live mics. The bassist brought his H clamp and it probably saved the recording. I've always had to isolate the bass in order to get a usable sound. Never again. Every recording studio, live sound company, night club, theatre and bassist should own one. Thank you very much.
PJ Newman (May 2013)
Immediate shipping, super high quality item (H-Clamp) that I absolutely haven't encountered anywhere else. I had no idea my pre-war Kay could sound so good. Thank you. Pleasure dealing with you guys
Mike K (October 2013)
I have ordered from Gollihur before, and your products, pricing, service, and free advice have been top notch. I want to sing the praises of the 2 products I just ordered:
  • K&M 141 Folding Upright Bass Stand: This was not the cheapest bass stand I could have bought, but it is fantastic. Easy to set up, compact, MUCH stronger and more stable than any picture would let on. Just a GREAT product. This thing is DEFINITELY worth the extra few bucks compared to the competition.
  • H-Clamp Microphone Holder. Expensive, but incredibly well designed and built. When I clamped it on, I was thinking "this must be scratching my bass" but it did not EVER. Holds the mic as advertised, and allows me to experiment with every mic I have. When I was using a stand, I was constantly trying to position myself at the sweet spot. With this mount it just stays where you put it. Very nice.

V.F. (February 2014)
I ordered 2 of the LiveBass Plus Light models... (You) were great, very helpful and responsive to all my questions.

I am very pleased with the packaging and documentation... Excellent and very thorough info and photos.

My first opportunity to try the clamp with INV-1 was a few weeks ago when the Seattle Symphony did a series of Pops Concerts with the music from Pixar animated movies (Toy Story, The Incredibles, Monsters, Inc, Finding Nemo, etc). On the first day of rehearsals, I approached our principal bassist with my request to attach the clamp to his instrument. As I feared, he flat out turned me down. He said that his instrument was more valuable than his life, and he wouldn’t allow it.

The next day, I told him that the basses REALLY needed to be brought out in the mix. I showed him the clamp and described the small silicone sleeves that would prevent any metal from actually touching the wood of the instrument. He held the clamp, noted how light it was, and allowed me to give it a try. He watched me like a hawk as I attached the clamp and adjusted the boom arm with my Audio-Technica ATM-35 with the Rycote mount so that the mic was just above the bridge, under the strings. He gave me a worried smile and said, “OK, let’s try it.”

I couldn’t have been happier with the sound of the bass, but I was more worried about his reaction to having the clamp on his instrument? Would it get in his way? Would if affect his tone, the resonance of the instrument? I rushed down to the stage at the end of the rehearsal to ask him, and he have me a big smile and said it was great. He could hear himself a little in the PA, and he even liked THAT, which was truly surprising!

So I have a big hit on my hands with these clamps, and now I can’t wait to try one with our principal cellist, as well...

Thanks again for a great product and for... (your) help with the purchase.
Ira S (August 2014)