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Bows, Rosin, and Bow AccessoriesBows
Bows, Rosin, and Bow AccessoriesBow Accessories

Brazilwood Bass Bow PACKAGE (with rosin and quiver)

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  • our popular Brazilwood Bass Bow (French or German, your choice)
  • Lined Leather Bow Quiver (Choose Black or Brown)
  • Carlsson Swedish Rosin (Bob's Favorite!)

Brazilwood Bows, German/Butler and French
German/Butler Style (top) and
French Style (bottom) bows available

Brazilwood French bow frogOur best-selling bows have octagonal Brazilwood sticks with a fully lined ebony frog. The French weighs in at around 135g (on average), the German around 136g, and the balance consistently feels very good. The photo is just slightly outdated, as I requested they use something more durable than the silver wire wrap; they now come with a b/w striped plastic, like my personal bow-- and that has held up since 1964, so it's a good thing!

Yes, there are much cheaper as well as much more expensive "Brazilwood Bows" out there - as with most anything, it's not just the base materials, but quality. I could easily get bows to sell for a cheaper price, but I would rather offer a better bow at a reasonable price. The excellent reviews for these bows over the last three years speak for themselves.

This all-leather quiver is ideal for placing your bow in a safe and accessible position during performances. It measures 17.5 inches tall, and is made from nicely stiff, heavy gauge black (shown) or chocolate brown leather that holds its shape and makes bow insertion and removal easy, unlike the floppy cheapies. Extra-long leather ties let you secure it to your tailpiece. The lined interior is smooth and snag-free.

Rosin is key in getting a good bowed sound, so don't cheap out on this key ingredient to success, it can last a long time. Many players carry more than one flavor of rosin, especially those who perform in varied climates. When the humidity is high, the more powdery rosin is usually best, and during very dry periods some stickier stuff may be needed. My current favorite is the Carlsson Swedish rosin... but like anything else, it's up to you, the player, to find out what works best for you.

Some bassists carry two or three different cakes just in case the environment makes another consistency better for that particular situation, but it's not necessarily a requirement. New players: I include my personal notes on care and usage of rosin.

Carlsson Swedish Bass Rosin

Premium Swedish bass rosin in easy to use foil cup, has a relatively neutral consistency. We now provide a airtight plastic storage cup with the purchase of Carlsson's Rosin. This is my favorite rosin!

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Check Out the FAQ Resources That Apply to This Product:
   BOWS: French and German Grip
   ROSIN: Choices and use

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Some of our customers have told us what they think about this product.
Check out what they had to say!
Dear Bob, I just received my bow, quiver, and rosin and as usual I'm more than just satified. Since I discovered your web site (about three years ago), I have been able to put together a double bass which was on it's way to the junk yard. The parts and accessories have all been perfect for my restoration, and believe me it sounds great. Here in France it would have cost me the price of two basses, so thanks from my German double bass and thanks from me. Keep up the good work and your honesty is greatly appreciated.
Pablo V
I still use the $150 bow from your store and every bassist i come across hardly believes me when i tell em the Price!
Well, You guys outdid yourselves again! I received my Brazilwood Bass Bow in only a couple of days, and I am extremely pleased with the product.

Instructions were very helpful, as I have never used a bow before. Couldn't help but sing Charlie Daniel's song when I began to "Resin up my bow".

I have your site on my facebook list and tell everyone about your excellent company and customer service. Actually, I have quit looking for alternative sources...you guys have it all!

Barry W.
I recently bought a Brazilwood Bass Bow and rosin which was all recommended on TalkBass. I am impressed. I had played for years on the bow I bought in high school, thinking a bow is a bow. The bow made a big improvement in the response from my bass. Thanks for offering such a nice product.
Mitch A
G'day Bob & Mark, Received the bow the other day and it is better than we expected. Even my Son's Bass tutor is impressed with the bow. Once again thank you very much and it is always a pleasure to deal with you. By the way the next major purchase will be a 3/4 Upright, so don't be surprised if we come knocking on your door. Until the next time, take care.
Peter and Lisa K
I wanted to say I am -very- pleased with the Brazilwood bass bow package I received. The first couple of days that I had it I was worried because it was "stiff" and didn't hold rosin very well, but by second or third day it played great. Grabs the string well and gives a wonderful arco sound even on hybrid strings. Other musicians who didn't know that I had gotten a new bow commented on how much better my arco sound is.

I've been playing some of the Bach 1st cello suite in G at pitch and the bow immediately fixed some of my bow-oriented problems, it was as close to magic as it gets! Thanks a lot for providing this great bow at a great price.
Jeff C (July 2010)
I purchased a brazilwood bow from you guys 2 months ago, along with a few other items, and I have to tell you that this bow plays and has better tone quality than alot of way more expensive pernambuco bows I've played in the past. (Classical bassist for 25 years.) I love it!! Will be buying another one for backup in the near future. Oh and shipping was freaking blazing fast!!!!
Tom C (September 2011)
Hello! Just wanted to thank you personally! Got the bow i ordered and its amazing!
Alex P (December 2015)
I received the German Brazilwood bow on Saturday. I was busy all weekend (honey-do list), and wasn't able to try it until tonight after work. It's everything I expected it to be. Very well-made bow. Thanks again for the great product and service. Your reputation is well-deserved.
Paul S (February 2016)
Hey guys, The brazilwood bow I just received a few days ago is really fantastic! Great balance, clear sound and great response! Thanks again!
Esat E (October 2016)
Mark, I just wanted to let you know I love the (Brazilwood) bow and the (Carlsson) rosin that I received. A great value. I tried a few other bows that cost twice as much and this one plays just as well. I also really love that your store also educates your clients about the products. Thanks again!
Denise S (November 2016)
Just wanted to offer some feedback/gratitude, the brazilwood bow package is rocking my world! All I've known for years was a fiberglass bow and an ancient cake of Pop's rosin, I didn't realize how much extra effort I was putting in to get a good sound. Now it's so much easier, the new bow + Carlssons feels effortless, particularly noticeable in the higher registers. Thanks for doing what y'all do!
Tim (December 2018)