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Upright Basses & EUB'sElectric Upright Basses

Eminence Electric Upright Bass

         Manufactured by: Eminence

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Eminence Bass
Eminence Electric Upright Bass

I first fell in love with the Eminence electric upright bass (EUB) at the January 1999 NAMM show. After I started to play it, I didn't want to stop. As a bassist who started on double bass, I still gravitate to an instrument that feels familiar to my hands and ears, and the Eminence bass really fit the bill. And it is a gorgeous instrument with an obvious vibe that connects it to its larger brethren.

What's the difference between it and others?? First, you can see that this is an actual acoustic instrument, complete with sound post and bass bar, just like a full size bass. This is not an instrument that needs to be plugged in for practice.

I bought an Eminence RN4 model for my own gigging pleasure, I don't just sell these, I gig mine. Please let me know if you have any specific questions about them, I can answer your inquiries from experience; that's my personal Eminence bass in the photo one the right and in some of the photos below.

The Eminence bass is available in two forms, the standard fixed-neck instrument, and the one with a removable neck that allows you to transport the bass in a shorter container. Here are some details that apply to both:

  • Fully acoustic body delivers real acoustic sound.
  • Small body size allows the Eminence bass to fit into any conventional car, and the removable neck model can really make it into tight quarters.
  • Standard-size D neck and scale length for familiar feel and playing ease.
  • Fully adjustable bridge height allows personalized action adjustments.
  • Removable Waist Extension simulates typical double bass contact.
  • Special design padded gig bag included with purchase; both basses come with a full size heavily padded bag with the usual pockets and handles. The removable neck model also includes a neck bag, so when you take it apart there are two bags that will cushion it within whatever hard case or other transport item you use.


Neck: Rock Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony
Vibrating String Length: 41-1/4 inches
Top: Arched, Laminated Spruce
Back: Arched, Laminated Curly Maple
Air Chamber Depth: 3 inches
Body Size: 10½ x 31½ inches
Bass bar: Solid Spruce
Sound post: Solid Spruce
Bridge: Maple, Fully Adjustable
Strings: D’Addario Helicore Hybrid Strings
Pickup: Realist, specifically modified for this instrument
Tailplate: Solid Brass
Endpin: Fully Adjustable with Steady-foot™ Anti-rotational Endpin Foot (see photo below)
Total Length: 63 inches
Weight: Fixed Neck - 13 lbs., Removable Neck - 14 lbs.
Warranty: Two-year limited warranty
LEFT HANDED- Only Removable neck 4 string basses available

I've had some inquiries about neck sizes, and offer the following approximate measurements I've taken of the four and five string basses:
Measurement Point: 4 string 5 string
Neck/string spread width fingerboard below nut measurement 1 5/8 inches 1 13/16 inches
fingerboard width at the end 3 3/8 inches 3 3/4 inches
string spread at bridge measured beneath string curve, G to bottom string 3 3/16 inches 3 1/2 inches


4 string Fixed Neck List:$3550.00 Sale: $2840.00
4 string Removable Neck List:$4039.00 Sale: $3231.00
4 string Removable Neck - left-handed List:$4241.00 Sale: $3393.00
5 string Fixed Neck List:$3898.00 Sale: $3118.00
5 string Removable Neck List:$4386.00 Sale: $3509.00
Contact us for accessories and shipping information

The Eminence RN Portable Upright Bass with its detachable neck may fit in some airplane overheads or in baggage check without incurring oversize charges. The bass with flight case (too large for overheads IMHO) weighs only 37 pounds! The steel dovetail neck joint is guaranteed forever. Because the strings attach at the tailplate, it takes only 10 minutes to set up and 5 minutes to break down. Here's a video of the process:

Padded soft case, waist extension, Realist pickup, Steady-foot™ Anti-rotational Endpin Foot included
Optional Side Markers

Options include:

I'm also available to answer your specific questions about the bass or accessories - I don't just sell the Eminence basses, I play one too (that's my own gigging RN4 model in the photo above!)

Click on any of these shots to view it full-size:

Full shot of bass on stand

Looking down the front

Shot of back on optional stand

Back of neck/pegbox

Closeup of bridge/pickup

Eminence removable neck joint
I've gotten questions about the stability of the neck joint of the removable neck bass models. I took mine apart and took this photo. Yes, that's a metal dovetail joint.

Five String Portable Bass available
back of Eminence showing removable body brace
Removable Body Brace can be adjusted to taste; this photo is a bit bright due to the flash
Swivel Foot
The special endpin foot lets the bass comfortably move with you
from side to side, but keeps the bass stable.

The Eminence Bass Stand is available separately for current Eminence owners. It is identical to the standard Hamilton Bass Stand, but it has a special receiver at the base designed to accept the unique T-shaped Eminence endpin. The stand is shown in the photos above. The Ingles Stand will also handle the Eminence EUB, but the custom Eminence stand is far more compact, though not as secure.

I have gotten the question, "do you need to use a preamp with the Eminence?" I usually gig my Acoustic Image Contra with my Eminence RN4. However, I will use a preamp and possibly another amp with it under different circumstances. If volumes are relatively low I go direct to the Contra, as the controls are easily reachable at my feet and the input impedance of the Contra is an appropriate match. If I expect to have a bit more competition, which means I need to move my amp away from the bass, I'll use a K&K Pure Preamp clipped to the stand or my belt. That gives me a convenient volume control, as well as tone controls, so I can make adjustments without dragging the bass to the amp. The little K&K seems to add focus and clarity even when the tone controls are flat. If things are more competitive I may use a Fishman ProEQ Platinum Bass DI as it offers more feedback control tools and tighter EQ, possibly with my Euphonic Audio rig if volumes require.

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   BASS GUITAR TO UPRIGHT BASS: The Top Ten mistakes migrating players make...

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Some of our customers have told us what they think about this product.
Check out what they had to say!
I ordered the AI Contra sight unseen, and based my buying decision on word of mouth. It knocked my socks off, much better sound than I expected with my Eminence. And the shipping to Edmonton, Canada was FAST. Seemed like I just pressed the "buy" button and the doorbell was ringing. When I need equipment for my basses, Bob's got first crack at my business. Can't wait to see the bass case I just ordered. I 'spose I could of found one locally, but that didn't even cross my mind. Bob's the guy!
Dear Bob,

Whoopee! The Eminence upright electric amplifiable bass is absolutely wonderful! I am having a ball. My husband laughs a lot, especially at the baby violin bow....but it is a start for the experience.

Thank you for all of your help and guidance. You are right. It is wonderful.

Again, many, many thanks. Prompt service, helpful advice, splendid instrument! Use any of this for a testimonial that you may wish.

Nancy M
I owe you a longer letter but I wanted to tell you ASAP that the Eminence Bass I recently purchased has been even more wonderful than my expectations. It has given this "old" (74 years) bass player (after a 40 year layoff) a renewed excitement and pleasure from playing. I almost never take my old acoustic uporight bass and, in many cases, play the Eminence without amplification. I will write more but needed to say, "Thank you." The storyt is longer but5 the conclusion is the same. A grat bass from a great distributor.
Gerry R
I received the Eminence bass last Thursday and have not been able to put it down since. I even find myself looking at pictures of it at the office. Both you and Mr. Bartig were awesome to deal with. We hired a new music director at our church and he seems to really like the idea of incorporating the upright into the church service. The portability of the Eminence will make this a much less frightening proposition. Thanks again, you guys have been incredible.
Jericho U.
The Eminence Bass we ordered through you several weeks ago arrived and totally lives up to the hype! We have used it on several gigs so far, and the other members of the band keep pointing out that it "sounds just like a real bass!" It is going to work very well!
John S (Mar 2010)
I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I love the bass. I honestly believe the old one was holding me back. This thing plays so easy, and sounds so good!!! I find it very easy to use, and at the end of a gig my left hand is not achy and sore like my old bass was.

Feel free to quote me on your web site. This bass is great!

Thanks again, and while I remember, I do appreciate your getting it here by christmas. We had a wonderful family jam on christmas day....
Wally G (Jan 2011)
The Eminence sounds great. Very acoustic. Honest sound. Great color. Lots of bloom.

So far I've just been running it straight into my rig, experimenting with settings... I've also broke out the old Fishman pre-amp, just to see if it worked and would give me a little control away from the amp. Frankly, it sounds great with everything and is very responsive to tweaks.

I had a chance to play with friends over the weekend and no one wanted to go home because everything sounded so good. Finally had to throw them out about 3 am. Can't wait to play the "skinny lady" in a full band setting.

I want you to know that your correspondence was very helpful in making the decision to buy. As I said, I hate buying an instrument without playing it first. But the Eminence has been exactly as promised.

Anyway, thanks for all your help and the prompt attention. It's hard buying an instrument without putting your hands on it first. But this has been great and I'm very happy with my new bass.

Feel free (to use my comments). I can't wait to play it and I hate to put it down. Isn't that the highest praise you can give any instrument?
Mark W, February 2012
Folks at Gollihur- I've had my five string eminence for a few weeks now, and am very happy with it. It is perfect for practice unplugged (the cats are not into it), and the Realist pickup is better than I could have imagined. Sounds great with the acoustic/electric band I am in. Thanks again for a great bass.
Gregory G (December 2012)
Hi Mark,

The Eminence came just before Christmas -- thank you! I surprised my 15-year-old son with it as a Christmas present (after we had him do a treasure hunt to find it -- as it was his only real present, we had to draw out the action!) Then I held my breath, as I had no idea if it would sound good, or even feel good to play. When we took it out and put it together, it was so beautiful that we treated it with the utmost care and respect. But all of our concerns vanished when he started to play. We didn't have an amp, as we were on vacation (I had it shipped to our vacation spot), but it sounded just like his real acoustic upright! What a success -- THANK YOU!!

Also, it was sort of a present for mom and dad too, as now when we drive our son to his gigs where he's allowed to use it, we will be relieved of all the "bass schlepping" hassles we've had to endure (can't put him in a carpool, have to take the station wagon, can't take other kids, etc..).

Also, it's so elegant and handy that I've noticed he prefers to play it over his upright these days, and there doesn't seem to be any "transition" issues between the two instruments due to the Eminence's genuinely replicated playing feel. So all in all, a great success!!!

Again, thank you!!
Amy H (January 2014)
Hi Bob This is simply a message to say how much I enjoy playing my Eminence bass. I put it through a Headway preamp and a Genz Benz shuttle 3 combo and it sounds wonderful. The comments on the the sound from other bass players have been SO complimentary. That's all. Just the best bass I have ever played. Thanks again...
Al H. (UK) (August 2015)
Mark, I just returned from playing on a cruise to Europe... (using) the Eminence... I wrote you before I left with concerns because I sit when I play and "embrace" my bass. I LOVED the Eminence... By the second day I was comfortable playing and after a week got my body position comfortable. That's when I fell in love with it! Played it through a Gallen Krueger head and Hartke speaker. It was better without the body extension and better when I stood to play which I haven't done in probably 40 years. I could use vibrato and really make the bass sing. Your encouragement before I left was a lift and playing it for 3 weeks made me a true believer. And it wasn't difficult to transition back to my old bass as I feared it might be because the Eminence is so easy to play.
Alan G (June 2016)
Mark, I got an Eminence bass and Traynor small block 106 from you couple weeks ago. I had my first chance using it at a jam last night....spectacular !!.... My other bass is a full size, but this Eminence just kicked butt...for the first time in a jam I could actually hear what I was playing all the time against an octave mandolin and two flatpicked guitars. The Traynor gives a nice growlly, distinct bass sound. Amazing. This set just begs you to solo because it sounds as punchy as the guitars and mandolin. No more mumbling, just nice crisp bass notes. ...sweet!
G.P. (March 2018)