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David Gage Metropolitan Carbon Fiber Double Bass Bow

         Manufactured by: David Gage

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Gage/CodaBow Metropolitan Bass Bow
Woven Carbon Fiber

Co-designed by David Gage Stringed Instruments and CodaBow

This amazing carbon fiber bow has a specially designed core, which gives it the ability to resonate with a broader tone. Thus, the resonance is improved -- even over the earliest Metropolitan bows! They’ve also made minor improvements in its aesthetics. The photo to the right is of the current and newest Gage bow; the older model has some differences in appearance.

We carry both German and French with white horsehair. Black haired bows have been discontinued by David Gage due to rising costs/reduced availability of the hair they prefer to use.

After speaking with David Gage and others at his shop about his new bow, making it available at Gollihur Music was a no-brainer... their standard for excellence is well known among bass players all over the world.

German/Butler Style (top) and French Style (bottom) bows available

Metropolitan bow owners are permitted a FIVE day audition period; preauthorized returns are accepted for a full refund less our outgoing shipping costs and a $25 restocking fee. You must contact us prior to returning the bow to obtain a Return Authorization, and return shipping is at your cost. The Bow must be returned in perfect condition to be eligible. Any "bonus" items (case) must be returned with the bow.
It was their approach that was most impressive. They knew that simply copying a wooden bow in standard carbon fiber was not the way to go. The methodology was to work interactively with prototypes in order to reach their goal: to create a bow with the feel and performance of pernambuco, but without dead spots - and to retain the responsiveness of wood without objectionable stiffness. These beautiful woven carbon fiber bows are available in a tuxedo-black finish with exposed carbon-fiber grain. I spoke to a couple customers who had already purchased a Metropolitan bow, and their enthusiasm sealed the deal.

From their Press Release:

As part of his continuing effort to provide top quality, affordable products to double bass players of all levels, David Gage announces the release of The MetropolitanTM Carbon Fiber double bass bow. Based on the design characteristics of classic models, The MetropolitanTM represents the fruit of an exhaustive quest to isolate the distinctive qualities of the finest string-bass bows and to then combine those traits into a single amalgam. David Gage was able to use carbon fiber to achieve this end through his partnership with CodaBow of Winona, Minnesota. CodaBow, a firm revered for its high-quality cello, violin, and viola bows, introduced the craftsmen at David Gage’s shop to the practically infinite possibilities of working with carbon fiber. Taking advantage of advances in "woven fiber" technology, David Gage and CodaBow created a bow that responds with tone and agility akin to the work of the great master bowmakers.

Further information from the manufacturer:

Limited Lifetime Warranty
All CodaBows are designed and crafted to last a lifetime under normal playing conditions. The CodaBow Workshop will warranty the shaft of your CodaBow for life against defects in workmanship or materials, under normal playing conditions. This promise is not transferable; it is made only to the CodaBow registrant, specifically for the registered bow. Because this promise does not cover abuse, misuse, or accidental damage to the bow, we expect players will treat their CodaBows with the same care and respect that all fine instruments deserve.
Will it ever warp, break or fatigue?
That depends upon what you plan to do with the bow! We have seen the CodaBow survive some pretty remarkable situations. Normal playing and handling will not break the bow. As for warping and fatiguing, the CodaBow has a permanent camber; because it is happiest in its cambered shape, the CodaBow, with normal use, will never wander from that shape; thus never have to be recambered.

Why is graphite fiber the composite of choice for bows?
As the name implies, Graphite fiber composites utilize fibers made of graphite (carbon). These fibers are extremely thin, long, oriented chains of carbon atoms. Carbon atoms are also the basic building blocks of the cellulose fibers which distinguish fine pernambuco wood. In a broad sense, pernambuco wood is a natural composite material comprised of carbon-based fibers (visible in part as its grain) immersed in a resin (the pulp.) Because of the similarity, a graphite fiber composite, properly-engineered is a worthy substitute for the finest pernambuco.

What is a composite material?
A composite material is generally any material comprised of fibers and resin that draws benefits from each. Fibers, most commonly fiberglass or graphite (carbon), run through a composite material like grains through wood. The resin of a composite material surrounds these fibers and holds them in place. Without the resins, a composite would become a limp bundle of fibers, without the fibers the composite would lose its stiffness and strength properties. We are surrounded by examples of composites improving our performance and our lives—sailboats, tennis rackets, skis, golf clubs, flyrods—just to name a few examples of products that were vastly improved through the use of composite materials.

What about other repairs? Because CodaBows preserve the refined tradition of fine wood bows, a professional violin shop can perform traditional repairs to the frog, button screw, windings, hair, and grip. The CodaBow’s graphite-fiber shaft resists most hazards threatening traditional wooden bows and should require minimal attention under normal use. If something accidental and damaging happens to the shaft, we will gladly make the necessary repairs at the CodaBow Workshop for a nominal fee.

The most discerning players have already embraced The MetropolitanTM. Tim Cobb, Principle Bassist at the Metropolitan Opera and double-bass professor at Manhattan School of Music and Julliard, says “These bows capture the exquisite playing characteristics of the old masters.”

I would love to describe the feel of these bows further, but I frankly don't do a lot of arco these days, and I don't feel I qualified to do justice to these bows. They exceed my current needs, but may be exactly what you better players are seeking... a great bow with permanence and durability as well as consistency.

FYI, our scale weighed samples of the French at 146g and German 138g in May 2011.

According to Gage: "Because it is used by more professional bassists than any other carbon-fiber bow, The Metropolitan is the standard-bearer in carbon-fiber bass bows."

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Some of our customers have told us what they think about this product.
Check out what they had to say!
The Metropolitan Bow arrived safely. With 27 years of professional playing experience, I have to say this bow is the best one I've ever played. Clear singing tone, quick string response and great balance. Everything classical players are looking for! I love my Metropolitan Bow. Greetings from switzerland!
Reinhard O. (01/2010)