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We are an authorized retailer for everything we sell - we do not use unathorized or "shady" sources.

How To Make a Purchase
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    Use the Secure Shopping Cart system to buy using Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express or PayPal, or to mail a check or money order.

    Simply click on the Add To Cart button adjacent to the item(s) you wish to order. You can then continue to shop, adding additional items you need. When you've added everything you wish to purchase, click on the Shopping Cart text at the top of the page, click Proceed to Checkout, and follow the easy instructions to enter the requested billing, shipping, and payment information.

    A User Profile will be automatically created during your first order. Enter a secure password, and you'll be able to sign in and check the status of your order 24/7.

    Visa, Mastercard, Discover AcceptedCredit and Debit cards issued by Visa, MasterCard American Express and Discover are accepted. Our system is on a secure server and your credit card information is fully encrypted. We require that you supply your valid, current billing address, or we cannot charge your card. This is for your protection.

    Our system does not charge your card automatically - each order is individually reviewed by us before the charge is processed.
    We can usually accept credit cards from issuers and cardholders worldwide! On rare occasions, we may be unable to accept non-US based cards for certain purchases; but go ahead and place your order, we'll let you know if there are any issues.
    More info on paying from and shipping to non-US countries...

    We can accept PayPal if we are shipping to a PayPal Confirmed Address.
    An address is "confirmed" if the billing address for your registered credit card matches your shipping address. PayPal provides this level of confirmation for their users in the US and Canada, as well as the UK - and they are adding new countries to the list all the time.

    Sorry, payments shipping to an unconfirmed address will be refunded, and we will ask for an alternate payment. Visit this information page or PayPal.com for information on how to confirm your address.

    To use PayPal as a payment type, simply shop using the on-line Secure Shopping Cart and choose PayPal as your payment; a link will appear on the confirmation page to take you directly to the PayPal site when you finalize your order. If shipping costs are not automatically calculated, we will generate an updated/additional invoice for the shipping costs for you to approve and pay.

    You can choose the CHECK option when you use the Secure Shopping Cart - and mail a check or money order to Gollihur Music LLC, 503 Fislerville Road, Mullica Hill NJ 08062, USA. Write your order number in the memo field on your check or money order. If shipping costs are not automatically calculated, we will generate an invoice, including shipping, to the email address you provided for you to approve and pay.
    We do not do "checks by phone."

    NON-U.S. CHECK OR MONEY ORDER PAYMENTS: Checks or Money Orders must be in US Dollars and payable at a US bank.

    Purchase Orders are accepted from schools and universities that are based in the United States. We also may accept purchase orders from certain U.S. Military organizations. You may easily get costs and shipping rates by entering the items into a shopping cart (add items to the cart to compute a total using combined shipping costs), or, alternately you can email us with a list to confirm the items and shipping costs.

    You may mail the completed purchase order, or fax it to us at . We cannot accept PO numbers over the phone or by email, we need an official, confirmable, authorized school purchase order. We do not need tax exemption paperwork unless your school is in the state of New Jersey. We confirm shipments with tracking numbers by email. When we bill your accounts payable, we will furnish an invoice, as well as a completed W9 form. Also note that, due to the extra costs and paperwork involved, we do not accept a PO for orders under $100.00.

    We are required by law to collect sales tax from orders originating from and/or shipping to the state of New Jersey. This means that even if we're shipping to another state, if your billing address is in New Jersey, we must assess tax. (And yes, we need your correct billing address to charge your credit card. The current tax rate is 6.625% and applies to every item we sell, as well as any applicable shipping charges.

    We are not authorized to collect sales tax for other states or countries. No taxes of any kind will be added to your order total if you do not have a billing or shipping address in New Jersey. However, if you are outside the USA, please see important notes about other taxes, VAT, and customs fees that may be assessed by other entities at or before delivery.

    WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH -- neither mailed, nor in person (if you happen to visit our shop by appointment).

    We are not a traditional "bricks and mortar" store, and do not maintain cash (or cash registers) on the premises. If you are coming for a visit to check something out by appointment, please bring a bank check or credit card.

    Please also be aware that purchases made in person are subject to 6.625% New Jersey sales tax, regardless of what state you happen to live in.

If you don't want to order online (our most convenient option), then what?

Call us at 856-292-3194 9am-7pm Eastern Time and talk to Mark or Christopher, and we'll take your credit card order over the phone. Do you want to talk about your choice, or specific amplification challenges? We'll be glad to chat with you and try to help. You don't have to buy anything to just call and chat about bass stuff! Please consider any time differences, and limit calls to 9am-7pm New York City time (Eastern Time Zone).

We're not officially in the office on weekends or holidays, but we're often around, and will answer the phone if we can!

What if I want to try something before I buy? Can I visit Gollihur Music?

We're not set up for "walk-in" traffic; we're just a small office and warehouse. There isn't much to see, unless you're really into cardboard boxes! (And maybe you ought to see someone about that.)

However, if you are in our neck of the woods, and wish to visit -- to either pick something up in person, or to examine something that we sell first-hand -- limited appointments are available if you schedule them ahead of time. Please, try to limit "tire kicking" - we are a small staff, and do need to spend our time processing and shipping orders for our customers.

Also note: if you plan on purchasing something when you visit, please bring a check or a credit card - we cannot accept cash for purchases (we have no cash register, or cash, on premises). Please also know that purchases made in person are subject to 6.625% New Jersey sales tax, regardless of what state you live in.

How Much Is Shipping?
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Our online shopping cart will add shipping costs to your order automatically, once you enter your address. We consolidate shipments and discount the shipping for orders that have multiple items wherever we can, so on rare occasions the shipping cost may be different from the calculated figure. If it must be increased for any reason*, we'll contact you for confirmation before processing the order.

* Sometimes the very involved logical mind for multiple cart items can be boggled. If the cart calculation is incorrect we'll get your approval before we increase the charge.

Almost all items have shipping costs available before you purchase. If you create a User Profile with your address and log in, shipping costs are shown directly on the product page.

If you don't have a user profile, temporarily add items to your shopping cart and select your country or US state in the shopping cart to automatically calculate your shipping costs. You can easily remove items from the cart if you don't want to purchase them now.

More info:
  1. The system automatically displays basic USA shipping costs on each item page, but the displayed shipping rate can be customized to your specific country or US state. If you create a free user profile - including a shipping address - the system will show the shipping cost to your address on most products if you are signed in to that profile. BONUS: We combine shipments and discount the shipping for multiple items whenever we can, so the combined shipping cost of two items will usually be LESS than the two items' individual shipping costs added together. And, for large orders, the computed amount may actually be reduced even further before your order is processed. The total shipping cost will be displayed on the last page, before you click the button to finalize the order. If shipping charges are higher than computed for some reason, we'll contact you for authorization before processing the order.

  2. Even if you don't create a profile and sign in, just add an item to the shopping cart (you can always remove it later). When you see the "Your Shopping Cart" page, select the country OR US State from the drop-down box and the shipping cost will be displayed.

  3. Note that there are some items which cannot be calculated to non-US addresses due to unusual dimensions or weight; if the system is unable to confirm shipping charges, you can go ahead and place your order - we will contact you for confirmation before charging your card or shipping the item(s) to you.

When Will My Order Arrive?
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    Over 95% of orders placed by 3PM are shipped the same day! (This isn't a made-up statistic - we actually charted an average month and did the math). We keep deep stock of most all of the items on the site and get regular quick shipments, and we ship every business day. We will email you if there is any delay in availability, and we will also email you (with tracking) when we ship your order, so please check your email account. Smaller items will usually be shipped by the US Postal Service via Priority Mail or First Class. Larger items are most often shipped by UPS, unless alternate arrangements are made. Basses ship by Freight Truck. Remittance by credit card or money order will also help to speed your order; personal checks are held for a clearance period of one week.

    UPS Guaranteed Next Day and Second Day can also be arranged for credit card orders in the USA. For smaller items like pickups, strings, and other things that fit into padded envelopes, the US Postal Service offers Express Mail service with 1-2 day delivery times for around $20 bucks - ask about it! You have the opportunity during checkout to specify your arrival needs, or you can telephone your order so we may provide immediate pricing. Keep in mind I'm on the east coast and need to hear from you before 3pm East Coast Time in order to ship your order today.

Our Delivery Services
    Tracking? Tracking information is added to your order history as soon as possible, and will - in most cases - be included in your shipment confirmation email. If it isn't, check back about a day after your order is shipped. You may also receive a separate email with tracking from UPS if they are the ones handling your package(s).

    Will you have to sign for your package? With UPS, we do not explicitly require a signature for delivery. The policy of UPS is to leave the decision to require a signature "at the driver's discretion" based upon risk and package value. The value of your order may fall into that category, depending on what you ordered. If you cannot be at the shipping location to take delivery, you may wish to contact UPS with the tracking number and ask them to hold it for you at their location for pickup. We cannot specify that a signature is NOT required, as this leaves us open to liability if the package is taken off your porch before you get home. If you need us to explicitly require a signature at delivery, we can easily do this - a small (around $2-3) charge covers this service.

Important Information for Non-USA Customers
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    WHAT WE CAN SHIP, and WHERE: We ship almost every item we carry to most countries all over the world. Notable products that cannot be shipped outside the country are Engelhardt basses (US and Canada only) and Gollihur Music Estle Louis Basses (US and Canada only). We may not be able to ship other oversized items to other countries due to package size or value requirements; these can vary by country. Bulgarian carved basses can usually be shipped to any country directly from Bulgaria. Other oversized items (Electric Upright Basses, Professional Bass Bags, certain amplifiers) may exceed shipment size restrictions for certain countries; we will contact you to let you know if this is the case before processing your payment. Foreign orders exceeding $2500 require special customs handling, at additional expense and effort, so you may wish to inquire by email or phone before ordering.

    We cannot ship to countries that are prohibited due to trade restrictions; we also reserve the right to refuse to ship orders to some countries due to our past experience with fraud or other delivery problems.

    DEALER RESTRICTIONS: Some of our manufacturers have specific requirements for shipments outside the USA. For instance, we are only authorized to sell the 120v (USA/Canada) versions of the Radial Engineering products. If you plan to use your Radial device in a country outside the USA or Canada, you will have to source an alternate power adapter from an authorized dealer in that country.

    SHIPPING CHARGES: If you want to see the costs for shipping an item to your country, you can simply add an item to your cart (temporarily) and select your country name in the shopping cart. Rarely, shipping costs to certain countries may need to be increased due to higher costs for insurance and alternate shipping methods that are required due to our experiences. If there is any change we will email you for authorization before processing your order.

    PAYMENT: You can pay by Visa or Mastercard but only if the item is being shipped to the same address at which you receive your Visa or Mastercard statement (your BILLING ADDRESS and SHIPPING ADDRESS must be the same). We can also accept a bank cheque or money order, but it must be in US Dollars ($), payable at a US bank. I prefer not to accept Bank Wire Transfers due to many problems with extra, unforeseen fees charged against the amounts of wire transfers by intermediary banks, which significantly reduces the amount I receive, complicates the order, and unnecessarily increases your costs and causes delays. If you must wire funds you must instruct your bank to cover both outgoing and incoming bank fees. For certain orders, we may require a guaranteed payment (International Money Order) - we will contact you with details if this is the case.

    SHIPPING METHOD: Large items are usually sent by USPS Express (EMS) or Priority Mail International (or sometimes UPS Standard in the case of Canada) for the pricing ranges quoted. Some country's shipping costs are higher due to higher costs for insurance and alternate shipping methods that are required due to experience. Faster UPS Express or Expedited service is available at a premium; please ask for a quote. Pickups, strings, bridges and other smaller items are usually shipped by the US Postal Service.

    TAXES: Additional local taxes, VATs or customs processing charges may apply to non-US shipments as some countries, couriers, and other local authorities may assess levies, taxes (VAT), processing fees, etc., that we cannot predict. No U.S. taxes are applied to your order. You may wish to contact your government authorities to know what to expect; we do not know what fees your government might assess. These fees are not included in your charges from Gollihur Music; we have no control over local import, VAT, etc., taxes. If items are refused and returned for any reason you are liable for the shipping cost; it will not be refunded.

    MARKING AS GIFTS, DECLARED SHIPMENT VALUES: As a business, we cannot understate the value of a shipment or declare it as a gift, please do not ask us to violate your country's laws. Besides, falsifying customs forms can sometimes lead to seizure of your package, delivery delays, or the charging of additional taxes and tariffs at customs checkpoints. So, sorry - we can't do it, no matter how nicely you ask.

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