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Eurosonic White Tapewound Upright Bass Strings
Eurosonic White Tapewound Upright Bass Strings
Eurosonics have a somewhat unique combination; a steel core, with silk damping layers and a flatwound, polymer outer winding. This gives them a gut-like vibe, with a thickness in both their feel and their sound. It also makes them easy on the hands. Very popular with players of bluegrass and rockabilly, with medium, light -- and even ultra-light (a slapper's dream) -- gauges for you to choose from.
Sets AND Single Strings are available (click through to order)
Choices starting at $142.50
Eurosonic Black (Tungsten) Tapewound Upright Bass Strings
Eurosonic Black (Tungsten) Tapewound Upright Bass Strings
We've long had the white Eurosonic strings, which are a favorite for pizzicato styles where a durable string with a gut-like vibe was needed. This black tapewound variant has a smaller diameter (the white tape strings are known to be a bit on the chubby side), with a dark sound and nice punchy tone. Currently available only in full sets, "light" gauge only.
Choices starting at $167.00