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WIRELESS: Going Wireless with Double Bass
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Krivo Magnetic Upright Bass Pickup (2020 model, includes bonus Jack Mount)
Krivo Magnetic Upright Bass Pickup (2020 model, includes bonus Jack Mount)
This item is made in USA!The Krivo pickup is hand-made in Oregon. It's a specially-designed magnetic pickup in a (New for 2020 - Improved mounting system) wooden casing, which has been engineered to provide a more "acoustic-like" sound despite getting its input solely from the strings. For players in high-volume (Rockabilly?) situations, magnetic is the way to go to avoid feedback - and this quiet humbucker is the best option I've found. Its low-key looks and great sound really make magnetic pickups practical!
LaBella Supernil SLAPS Upright Bass Strings (Gollihur Exclusive)
LaBella Supernil SLAPS Upright Bass Strings (Gollihur Exclusive)
This item is made in USA!Gollihur Music has created this unique, specially-sourced set to be an affordable option for rockabilly (and other) players seeking a very light tension nylon set. An alternative to "strings" that might be better off whacking weeds, these strings have a warm, boomy character, which can be a thumper's delight. FULL NYLON, with super-light (bumped) tension makes them eminently slappable.
Acoustic Image DoubleShot Speaker Cabinet (and combos)
Acoustic Image DoubleShot Speaker Cabinet (and combos)
This item is made in USA! Acoustic Image never stops innovating. Building on the massive success of their tiny UpShot speaker cabinet, now we get the DoubleShot. It HAS to be the all-time smallest and lightest 2x10 cabinet (with 5" mid/high front driver!) ever made, at 11" x 12" x 12" and only 15 lbs! It's kind of unreal - a legit bass cabinet at this size... and yet, here it is.
• 600w • 4ohms • 12" side diameter, 11" wide • 15 lbs.
So, you want to go wireless?

We've been asked about this a few times over the years. I've looked into the options every now and again, and here's my conclusion (all of the below assumes that you're using a piezo-based upright bass pickup, like a Bass Max, Realist, Double Big Twin, Full Circle, etc.) Note that AMT does offer a wireless unit that is compatible with their bass microphones.
  1. If you have an impedance-matching preamp on the bass - basically, the pickup is plugged into the preamp, which will then, in turn, plug into the wireless transmitter - then it really only matters that you get a system of quality, with a good frequency range for bass. Most any of the big names can offer a system that will jive with your needs, your budget, etc.
      Note: If you are using a dual-pickup system like the Bass Master Rockabilly Plus or the Bass Master Pro, you MUST use the blending preamp between the pickup and the wireless, so the two channels will be mixed before the one-channel wireless. Otherwise, you'll need a second wireless unit (and some adapter cords or re-wiring) so you can send both pickups separately to the amp. Needlessly complicated, more expensive, more gear... seriously, just mount the mini preamp to the tailpiece and be done with it.

  2. If you need to plug the pickup output directly into the wireless transmitter (no preamp on the bass) then it limits you to a very small number of units. Basically, the impedance for most of those units is designed for electric bass, and they tend to make piezos sound quacky and weak. (Here's why.) You'd ideally like the input impedance to be 1 megohm or higher. One manufacturer who seems to have several options with a 1 megohm input is Line6, which is why we carry the Line 6 Digital Wireless System, which we've tested with upright bass -- we know it works well! I've personally used a Line6 wireless (for electric bass) and they are reliable and sound good. If you want to shop around, there are probably some other options out there as well. A difficulty I ran into is that many manufacturers don't clearly or openly spec their input impedance.

Side note: If you're using a magnetic pickup like a Krivo or Schaller, you can use most any wireless system that is good for bass guitar - the magnetic output is similar to that of an electric bass, so impedance is not really an issue.

Beyond that, if you need help figuring out the best pickup, or want to add the preamp to simplify things, let me know - I can help you figure out what should work best for you.

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