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NS Design
I've been a dealer for the Eminence Portable Bass for several years, and happily gig one on a regular basis. While I feel that the Eminence is the closest thing to "the real thing" in a more portable format, I'm quite conscious of the needs for an instrument that can be played at much higher volumes. I've often taken my homebuilt Electric Upright Bass (EUB) to situations where a more electric presence is required, where I need more punch and clarity to get through the mix... where a standard upright bass or the Eminence won't do.

When I built my own EUB several years ago, I borrowed its look from the very attractive instruments from Ned Steinberger, and after reacquainting myself with their line (especially the new BassCello!) I decided to make them part of the Gollihur Music family. I now carry the CR series basses and bass cellos, the models that feature both magnetic and piezo pickup elements, active preamps, and a host of truly gig-worthy features. The CR4M and CR5M are full-scale electric upright basses; the "Bass Cello" is a short (34" - like electric bass) scale, very versatile five string instrument that has many of the same features in a more compact design.