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Upright Basses & EUB's: Electric Upright Basses

Electric Upright Basses

Which bass is best? That depends...

Electric Upright Basses come in many shapes and sizes. Which one is going to be the best choice for you depends on what you're asking of the bass. For instance, Eminence and Gage Czech-Ease basses seek to provide an authentic double-bass experience in a smaller package, while NS Design provides a range of instruments which are a purposeful crossover between the worlds of electric and upright bass.

If you want an instrument that doesn't have the giant footprint (and the need for a larger car) that comes with a "real" upright, consider the Eminence; it's a "real" upright bass - it even has a functional sound post and bass bar - with a much smaller body, so it has the tone, but not the volume, of the real thing. The Czech-Ease is even less of a compromise, volume-wise - its fuller body gives a bigger acoustic tone, but it's not quite as portable, though it is still considerably more so than a 3/4 size bass.

And then, of course, there are the solid body options from NS Design, which "bridge the gap"; they have an authentic scale and fingerboard profile, yet provide a more "electric" tonal color and a modern design aesthetic. They can provide a "close enough" sort of tone with some minor tweaks, but they are designed as more of a "hybrid" between acoustic and electric basses. Same with the Dean Pace Contra Bass, which is a budget-friendly solid-body EUB.

Finally, we even have the unique U-Basses from Kala, which are ukulele-sized instruments with unusual polyurethane strings that have a startlingly HUGE sound when amplified. Fun to play, useable in many situations where a big bass is, well, too big.

And we're very familiar with the options; we're all bassists here, and personally own (and gig) several of the electric uprights that we sell.

We have a lot of FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) about basses, including sizing guides, setup help, and more, in our collection of free resources. And, of course, we're here for you -- you can always email or call us to help you narrow down the choices.

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NS Design WAV 4 Electric Upright Bass - 4 string, Trans Black with ROSEWOOD FINGERBOARD
NS Design WAV 4 Electric Upright Bass - 4 string, Trans Black with ROSEWOOD FINGERBOARD
The WAV basses now feature composite fingerboards - but we got a small batch in with beautiful REAL ROSEWOOD. Grab one while the gettin's good!
Clearance Item   $1,049.00  
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