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Amplifiers & Speakers

Be Heard.

So, it stands to reason: if you are going to amplify your bass, you're going to need an amplifier. (Duh.) We have carefully chosen a selection of quality amplifiers that all work well with upright basses and their pickups. And if you double -- meaning that you play gigs on both upright and electric bass -- we have amps that work well for that too. Regardless of your need, we will gladly help you navigate through the hype, so you can choose the amp that works best for your situation.

From a relatively inexpensive, simple combo -- to high-end, boutique amps and speakers with truly transparent sound and ultra-compact footprints -- we're sure to have something that will fit your needs (and your budget.) And our product descriptions are our own; we own and use several of these amps ourselves, and we've put all of them through their paces. We're a stocking dealer, and we know our product well. So if you have questions, email or call us and we'll give you the answers.

Also be sure to check out our FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) concerning impedance, learning how to use amplifiers' advanced features, and more...

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Euphonic Audio Padded Covers for Combos and Cabinets
Euphonic Audio Padded Covers for Combos and Cabinets
Nicely padded covers for the Euphonic Audio line of amplifiers - protect your investment!
Choices starting at $89.00
Tilt-Back Amplifier Stand
Tilt-Back Amplifier Stand
Need to get your amp up in the air for better projection or stage monitoring? This nifty stand features solid steel construction and will hold up to 110 pounds! The height adjustment allows you to adjust to various gig needs, and the folding design quickly collapses for easy transport in one piece (or three).
Replacement Fuses for Acoustic Image Instrument Amplifiers
Replacement Fuses for Acoustic Image Instrument Amplifiers
Looking for a replacement fuse for your Acoustic Image amplifier? We stock some popular ratings for your convenience.
Choices starting at $4.00
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