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Strings for Double Bass

So Many String Choices... What Should You Choose?

We carry an extensive selection of strings for upright basses. We also only have genuine strings; we get all of our strings from factory-authorized sources (despite their protestations on their website, I can assure you that I know that some of our competitors, touting their "lower than anyone" prices, do NOT - and many of their prices are higher than ours, anyway!), and rotate string stock so you don't get "old" strings.

While it's great that we have so many to choose from, which ones will be best for you? There is so much to know about the character, tone, playability, construction, tension... strings for double basses can vary quite widely.

Don't know where to start? We've put together several string guides for various music types; click the link to the right under "Display Only:" to get a few choices for various styles of music, or for your particular application. In the selection below, look for the colored icons (Low B String Available for this string High C String Available for this string Low E String for extensions (to low C) Available for this string SOLO Gauge Strings Available for this string5ths Tuning String Set Available for this string) which indicate extended range strings like Low B, strings for extensions, solo sets and more.

Single Strings Also Available for Purchase Separately
You don't need to buy a whole set to get the one string you need. Order individual strings from almost every set we sell; on the main string page for the strings you want, click the secondary drop menu for a pop-up list of single strings you can add to your cart!

We also have several FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) about strings, including a guide for changing your own strings, in our collection of free resources. And, of course, we're here for you -- you can always email or call us to help you narrow down the choices.

Note: All of our Upright Bass strings are designed for use on 3/4 (and usually also 4/4) sized basses unless otherwise noted.

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String Sets: Strings for Gold Tone Micro Basses
String Sets: Strings for Gold Tone Micro Basses
The Aquila strings for the Gold Tone Micro Basses are made of a proprietary plastic compound; a dense elastic-plastic blend. Flexible, but not floppy -- it's at the heart of what gives these great basses their sound!
Choices starting at $45.00
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Strings for 1/2 and 1/4 size basses
Strings for Electric Upright Bass (EUB)
Strings for 3/4 and 4/4 size Basses
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