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Since 1997, we've proudly offered a varied line of Pickups and Microphones, Preamps, and Amplifiers for Double Bass at very good prices. Over the years, we've added Upright and Electric Upright Basses, Parts, Strings, Cases and Stands, Bows, and many other useful, quality products for bass players.

You benefit from shopping with us because our experience and focus means that you get real answers to your questions, from bassists! You can see that our product descriptions are in-depth and detailed, because they are most often based on our own use of the gear, rather than the generic "manufacturer blurbs" you'll find on most other websites. We only carry gear that we would (and often DO) confidently use ourselves: anything we consider selling has to pass the "Bob & Mark Test" -- or you won't see it here.

Our secure website is available 24 hours a day for your ordering ease. And we're committed to keeping products in stock; we ship most orders within 24 hours of being placed (excepting weekends and holidays, of course), and provide you with tracking and post-purchase support. And our many "extras" - like installation guides, product-specific tips, and even cool BASS stickers for your car - are included at no charge!

And we're more than just a store.

The Gollihur Music crew is happy to offer lots of useful, free resources on this website.

Finally, QUESTIONS are always welcome, whether you are buying stuff or not! We're all in the same boat, and if we don't know the answer ourselves, we'll try to point you in the right direction.

Our Blog

Bringing Back Some Favorites
Over the years, we've made it our business (literally) to bring you bass products you may not have even known existed. Some of the cool things that we've introduced over the years are cool gadgets and accessories, like the H-Clamp microphone boom, or the nifty plastic travel case that we found at a sporting goods supplier that works so well for the NS Design basses. Then, there are specialty pickups and mics, like the amazing Ehrlund Acoustic Pickup (EAP) and the outstanding Xlson Audio Chuck Israels Signature Microphone (scroll down to read more about this sweet mic!)

However - one of the issues that often arises with having a lot of unique products? Sometimes, the supply chain for those items dries up, at least temporarily. So, over the years, we've had to discontinue some neat products. As an example, the metal Kay tailpiece emblems are, it appears, no longer being made (I still have a few of the "Engelhardt" emblems left).

Occasionally, though, those "lost" products come back. A great example is our popular leather side bumper set, which we offered for several years. Unfortunately, the original leatherworker decided that he just didn't want to make them anymore. So for the last 16 months, I've been scrambling; making phone calls, and sending emails all over the world, all to find an new maker of this handy product. And it finally paid off; I've got a new guy right here in the USA who is now making them, just for us. They're a slightly different design than before, but we really like them - the top is a warm brown, while the sides are dyed black. So they have a classy two-tone look. And they are IN STOCK!

At the same time, it inspired me to find an second bumper option as well - so now we also have neoprene rubber bumpers as well. Nicely made of solid black neoprene rubber, with just the right amount of give and support, they're available on the same page as the leather ones. And they are a bit cheaper, too.

We're also (finally) getting a shipment of our popular "Performer" Padded Gig Bags in, as well as a new model of double bow cases (our regular ones have been unavailable from the manufacturer for 16 months!) which should be arriving in the next week or two. We'll have updated details as soon as they arrive.

So it always seems that staying on top of all the unique offerings we have involves quite a bit of legwork. There's no standing still here at Gollihur Music - we always strive to stay ahead of the curve, and bring you new stuff that you didn't even know you needed! :-)

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Recent News and Updates
$100 OFF a new Doubleshot Combo Rig (Limited Time!)
Early adopters of the Acoustic Image DOUBLESHOT COMBO rigs get $100 off if ordered before September 1, 2019. Details are on the Doubleshot page.
Please note that the Doubleshot is a brand new product; once they start shipping, stock will be limited and often pre-sold, and we are suggesting that you pre-order ASAP in order to get one as quickly as possible.
PRICE DROP on Chuck Israels Mic!
The price on the Chuck Israels Signature Bass Microphone just dropped by $150! Specially designed just for upright bass, it provides amazing sound for live and studio work. Thanks to favorable currency exchange rates, we're able to offer the mic at a substantial discount. Get it while it's hot!
Innovation Strings are now part of the GHS Strings family!
May, 2019 - Innovation Strings, formerly of the United Kingdom, has been acquired by US string company GHS. The two companies have been working on this acquisition process for several months, and it has ultimately involved a complete stoppage of production while they were moving all winding equipment, supplies, and materials across the Atlantic to the Michigan headquarters of GHS.

While the fine folks at GHS are calibrating the winding machines, working out the string "recipes," and training staff, the Innovation strings may be a little tough to get a hold of, as the existing stock made previously in the UK has been selling out at most music stores.

At Gollihur Music, we were aware of these changing circumstances, and were able to "buy in" heavy for most of the Innovation strings. As such, we have most Innovation String Sets IN STOCK - except for a few exceptions; you can check each page for specifics on whether the strings you want are available. We anticipate that new strings will be available by around mid-June - and we're getting some of the first new sets made.

Recently Added Products
Acoustic Image DoubleShot Speaker Cabinet (and combos)
Acoustic Image DoubleShot Speaker Cabinet (and combos)
This item is made in USA! Acoustic Image never stops innovating. Building on the massive success of their tiny UpShot speaker cabinet, now we get the DoubleShot. It HAS to be the all-time smallest and lightest 2x10 cabinet (with 5" mid/high front driver!) ever made, at 11" x 12" x 12" and only 15 lbs! It's kind of unreal - a legit bass cabinet at this size... and yet, here it is.
• 600w • 4ohms • 12" side diameter, 11" wide • 15 lbs.
Bob's Rubber Endpin Cover for Kay and Engelhardt Basses
Bob's Rubber Endpin Cover for Kay and Engelhardt Basses
We've sourced the components for you, for Bob's special durable solution to replace the rubber tip on an Engelhardt or Kay bass with the 1/2" endpin.
Euphonic Audio iAMP Classic (1200) Musical Instrument Amplifier
Euphonic Audio iAMP Classic (1200) Musical Instrument Amplifier
This item is made in USA!The new iAMP Classic recreates the full-bodied sound that the iAmp800 made famous, and updates it with a lightweight monster power section. Enjoy the utmost in performance, versatility, and technology...
Eurosonic Black Tapewound Upright Bass Strings
Eurosonic Black Tapewound Upright Bass Strings
We've long had the white Eurosonic strings, which are a favorite for pizzicato styles where a durable string with a gut-like vibe was needed. This black tapewound variant has a smaller diameter (the white tape strings are known to be a bit on the chubby side), with a dark sound and nice punchy tone. Currently available only in full sets, "light" gauge only.
The Bass Bar - Compact 'Laydown Style' Double Bass Stand
The Bass Bar - Compact 'Laydown Style' Double Bass Stand
This "laydown" style stand is highly portable and lightweight, yet very sturdy and sure-footed. Very easy to use and set up, it even comes with a multi-compartment zippered carry bag. Very small footprint on stage. Cool!

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music
Recent Customer Feedback:
Mark, Thanks for a speedy and positive response to a minor issue I contacted you about that needed attention regarding a recent purchase. I received your package today and it was above and beyond what I expected. This was my first experience with Gollihur Music but certainly not my last. Best prices, best service, speedy shipping, great customer service. I'll certainly spread the word!
Chuck N

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