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We are an authorized retailer for everything we sell - we do not use unathorized or "shady" sources.

Since 1997, we've proudly offered a varied line of Pickups and Microphones, Preamps, and Amplifiers for Double Bass at very good prices. Over the years, we've added Upright and Electric Upright Basses, Parts, Strings, Cases and Stands, Bows, and many other useful, quality products for bass players.

You benefit from shopping with us because our experience and focus means that you get real answers to your questions, from bassists! You can see that our product descriptions are in-depth and detailed, because they are most often based on our own use of the gear, rather than the generic "manufacturer blurbs" you'll find on most other websites. We only carry gear that we would (and often DO) confidently use ourselves: anything we consider selling has to pass the "Bob & Mark Test" -- or you won't see it here.

Our secure website is available 24 hours a day for your ordering ease. And we're committed to keeping products in stock; we ship most orders within 24 hours of being placed (excepting weekends and holidays, of course), and provide you with tracking and post-purchase support. And our many "extras" - like installation guides, product-specific tips, and even cool BASS stickers for your car - are included at no charge!

And we're more than just a store.

The Gollihur Music crew is happy to offer lots of useful, free resources on this website.

Finally, QUESTIONS are always welcome, whether you are buying stuff or not! We're all in the same boat, and if we don't know the answer ourselves, we'll try to point you in the right direction.

Our Blog

Being a Resource, First.
Way back in the 1990s, Gollihur Music got its start because Bob (my Dad) was hosting a website.

It was a simple site, where he posted a bunch of links to upright bass-related things he'd found online, and he thought it might be nice to share those links with others who might benefit from them. Why? It was just something he did, simply because he had the wherewithal back in those early days of the Internet to figure out how to code and host a site. He wasn't looking to monetize the information - he was just providing the links he'd found, in the spirit of sharing them so that other bassists could benefit.

Somewhere along the line, around 1997, he decided that he needed some pickups for his upright. Not finding the K&K Sound pickups he was seeking at convenient retail channels, he petitioned K&K to let him offer their pickups on his site. This also, not insignificantly, gave him the ability to get them for himself. They took a chance on him, and Gollihur Music (then called "Wordsmith Associates Music," a branch-off of his freelance writing work) was born.

Yes - we're a music store. We do have to sell products to keep the lights on, and pay our mortgages, just like any other retailer. But Bob always did - and now that he's retired, I continue to - insist that we remain true to our legacy of being a FREE source of information and help to bassists, whether they are paying customers or not.

To that end, I'm trying to update some of our resources with more current information, and I welcome your help - particularly, we have a Directory of Luthiers (Bass Repairpersons), as well as a Teacher Directory, both of which could use some new blood. If you are so inclined, take a quick gander of those lists - and if you know, or you are, a luthier or teacher who should be included on those lists, please let me know! Be sure to include as much helpful information as you can - and know that there is no charge, and no obligation, for having a listing on our site. Also let me know if you find an outdated listing, for someone who is no longer teaching/working.

It's a big, happy circle; we appreciate your help in keeping our site up to date - and the teachers/luthiers who are listed will appreciate that we'll be referring business to them. And finally, people who need those services, but didn't know someone was in their region, will appreciate that we (as in "you and me") helped them to find a local teacher or luthier. Win/win/win.

And of course, we still host our other resources - we have FREE Classified Ads for your basses and bows for sale, the original Links Pages, Product Manuals and Manufacturer Warranties, and our Buyer's Guides.

I sincerely hope that our site, or a phone call or email to us through the years, has provided you with help, insight, or inspiration along the way. And I always welcome suggestions, corrections, differing points of view, and feedback for our FAQ Pages, Product Descriptions, and anything else that could use an update. We're here for you - and we're grateful that you've been there for us, for over 20 years now.

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Recently Added Products
Artino Hardshell Aluminum Bow Case for One Bass Bow
Artino Hardshell Aluminum Bow Case for One Bass Bow
The aluminum shell of this bow case offers substantially more protection than a simple bass bag sleeve; simple design makes this durable case affordable. Holds one bow, either German or French.
ToneDexter Tone-Correcting Preamp
ToneDexter Tone-Correcting Preamp
The future is here. Now you can cut and paste your tone! This clever little box can analyze the rich tone of YOUR bass, mic'd up - and then apply that sonic signature to your pickup for live performance. It sounds too good to be true, but we've tested it here. Revolutionary!
Xlson Audio Chuck Israels Signature Microphone for Double Bass
Xlson Audio Chuck Israels Signature Microphone for Double Bass
Wow, top shelf. This brand new mic, made in Sweden, provides wonderfully balanced tone - of YOUR bass - and has excellent isolation, for use live, or in the studio without excessive sound baffling. Could it be the ultimate upright bass mic?
Acoustic Image Series 4PLUS CLARUS SL-2 - 2-channel instrument amplifier
Acoustic Image Series 4PLUS CLARUS SL-2 - 2-channel instrument amplifier
This item is made in USA!Now, a two-channel version of the tiny Clarus SL amp. Is there nothing that Acoustic Image can't do?
• 650w/4ohms • 7.2" x 7.4" x 2.1" • less than 2.5 lbs.
Genzler Gollihur Series Bass Acoustic Array Pro Combo Amp and Extension Speaker (Exclusive)
Genzler Gollihur Series Bass Acoustic Array Pro Combo Amp and Extension Speaker (Exclusive)
GOLLIHUR EXCLUSIVE - This two-channel amp offers high-impedance instrument AND phantom-powered mic inputs, multi-band EQ, and a bass-centric speaker design based on the Bass Array 110. Just for upright and acoustic basses - and made specially for my customers. Also check out the matching 1x10 extension cabinet!
• 15.75"W x 13.75"D x 16.75"H, 27 Lbs • 150w (300 w/added cab) and 1x10 speaker with array

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music
Recent Customer Feedback:
Thank you for the speedy delivery of the set of bass strings!!! I ordered the strings on Friday Oct.21 and the strings were in my mail box (in Canada) by noon today (Thursday). That is a record delivery time for our postal service in addition to the delivery from the USA. Your sales person, Chris was very helpful and courteous.

I will definitely promote your business in my music circles.
Linda G (October 2016)

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