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Fiberglas Hardshell Suspension CASE for 3/4 size Upright Bass

         Manufactured by: Trusted Gollihur Music Partner

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I've often been asked about Hard Cases for bass. We also carry a lightweight case that has a wood subframe (see related items, below), with the majority of the case being made of a structural dense foam. This makes for a light, protective case that is good for much more protective use in a band trailer or under a bus - but I wouldn't recommend it for extensive air travel.

What we have here on this page is a real fiberglas case with tons of wheels, and a suspension system to protect your bass. Certainly not something you'd want to lug around when taking your bass to local gigs, but it's the best choice we have available for plane or shipping travel. Some orchestral players with particularly valuable instruments may also be interested in the extra protection that a case like this can afford over a padded bag.

It has seven inline wheels, to allow for easy maneuvering, and the adjustable interior padding allows you to tailor the inside of the case to fit the particular instrument you have. There are a ton of handles, and the padding is plush and protective, with a suspension system that holds the bass by the neck and body, with padded straps, to keep the bass securely held in, so it's not bouncing around. The case is for 3/4 size basses only.

Weight: 52lbs

Interior Dimensions
Movable panels can be adjusted to accommodate slightly different dimensions
  • Upper Bout Width: 24.75"
  • Lower Bout Width: 31.5"
  • Top of Scroll to Endpin: 77"
  • Heel of Neck to Endpin: 49"
Exterior Dimensions
  • Length: 85"
  • Width (widest point): 34"
  • Depth (widest point): 22"

Due to its oversized nature, this case ships by freight, so we cannot automatically compute shipping costs on the website. Also, this means that we can only ship this case to the continental USA -- sorry! If you place an order for one, we will contact you for approval of the shipping costs before we charge your card. Similar to shipping a bass -- if you are able to ship to a qualifying* business address, that can significantly cut shipping costs, as they levy a "residential surcharge" for residential deliveries.

* A "qualifying" business address is one that is in a commercial district, where the business is open during regular weekday business hours. Home businesses, schools, and churches, unfortunately, do not count.

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