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Strings for Double BassStrings for 3/4 and 4/4 size Basses

Jargar Upright Bass Strings

Manufactured by: Jargar Strings

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Jargar StringsJargar Upright Bass Strings

Jargar has been making strings for orchestral instruments by hand in Copenhagen, Denmark, since 1956. These strings share their general construction (steel rope core) with Corelli 370's, but they have a very different vibe, thanks to some additional dampening materials. They are hand-wound with thin threads of metal - "aluminum, copper and different alloys," according to the manufacturer.

What you get is a steel string with a softer, easier feel - and a surprisingly non-metallic-sound. They have sort of a "gut-like" top end, with their shorter sustain, thuddier attack, and warm tone. They're also good under the bow; relatively easy to bow without scratchiness, and a big, dark arco sound. Lots of body, less definition. But this may be a good thing, depending on your needs. They have a nice "body," and are easy on the hands.

These strings have been reported as a favorite by everyone from orchestral bassists to rockabilly players; their soft feel and darker, gut-like vibe (but durable steel construction) can actually make them a good choice for slappers who aren't getting what they're looking for from gut or synthetic strings.

Rockabilly players often choose the Dolce (light) model for their lighter tension, which makes them more slap-friendly.

String gauges (mediums):
  • G: .051/1.31mm
  • D: .064/1.64mm
  • A: .079/2.02mm
  • E: .109/2.79mm

  • Note that the Forte strings are a little thicker, and the Dolce strings are a little thinner, than the medium strings.

Gauge Identification
  • Forte: Red colored winding at ball end, blue colored winding at pegbox end
  • Medium: Blue colored windings at both ends
  • Dolce: Green colored windings at both ends

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Choices starting at $131.00 (click on arrow next to Add To Cart button)
Choose String SET:
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Here is what some of our customers think about this product:
Hi Mark,

I received the order I placed with Gollihur Music yesterday. Thank you. I was surprised to receive it so promptly. I wanted to give you an update on my problem.

I installed the Jargar Medium strings on my plywood "work" bass this morning. I was pleasantly surprised at the initial tone, as I expected the strings to be a little brighter since they are steel core. However, they sound warm and wonderful. The E string seemed to have a little weaker sound than the other three, but not enough to cause concern. I "toyed" with the "Full Circle" adjustment and I believe that on this particular bass the best sound seems to be when the pick-up is turned at about a 45 degree to the bridge foot. Thank you for that tip.

I was extremely pleased with the K&K dual pre amp. The magnetic pick-up and the full circle both sound great. I did a little "tweaking" as suggested by the manufacturer and I now feel that I have finally achieved a good amplified sound. Once the amp is set for the best sound, the Jargar strings sound equally good with the bow or pizz. with the harshness gone, which was present before.

Thank you again for your suggestions. I am 64 years old and have been playing double bass and electric bass since 1964. I have a room full of equipment from old vintage stuff to some fairly new amps and basses. However, I have tried just about every combination of amp and amp settings you could think of with less than satisfactory results. I could never quite find the sweet spot setting. I also own a 4/4 Pollmann double bass that I have set up for orchestra and community theater work. This bass also has a "full circle" installed as well, but usually is played more with the bow, so once it is EQed, I have had little issues with it. It is so resonate, however, that is unsuited for amplified work in high volume settings.

To make a long story short, I have been dealing with amplifying the double bass for a long time and now, finally I am able to get some of the problems worked out. I am a bit of a purist, and really do not want to go to an EUB personally. I know that and EUB is a good compromise, however.

I will be working with the big swing band tomorrow, and I am really looking forward to having the bass blend with the band while still cutting through with a nice warm tone.

Thanks again!
Corky W (June 2012)
Mark, We recently talked on the phone and you recommended the Jargar strings for my Christopher laminated bass. I played my first gig with the bass last night and am very pleased with the tone and feel of the strings. (This) bass was very bright and harsh sounding with Spirocores and the Jargar strings are a good match on this bass. One of the players on the gig remarked that the bass had a nice Milt Hinton vibe to it with the new strings. Just wanted to thank you for your help, Mark.
Chuck M. (January 2014)
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