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Accessories for Upright BassStands

Folding Stand for Double Bass: Hercules DS590B

         Manufactured by: Hercules

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Hercules Upright Bass Stand -
Super-stable, easy to use!

There are different double bass stand options on our site; we've long been fans (and users) of the Ingles SA22 stand, a stable, affordable stand which works great at home as well as on stage. We've had a fair number of requests for a stand that had that same stability, but didn't have a neck "hook" so that you might be able to play the bass in the stand (**see below) - the lack of that upper neck cradle may also look nicer when displaying your bass in your home. You can also use this stand with a bass that is in most lightweight (even padded) bags.

Hercules, a company well-known and well-respected for musical instrument stands, created this unique stand for Upright Bass.

Why does shipping cost so much?

I've had a few inquiries concerning the shipping cost on this stand. Yes, it's a bit costly to send this stand, particularly West of the Mississippi.

Here's the thing. The Hercules stand ships in a box that is sized 37 x 28 x 5. UPS and FedEx, just this year, went to a size-based shipping cost system, which made the shipping charge for this stand jump up considerably. Especially on a relatively inexpensive $63 item, there's simply no room in the profit margin to provide free or discounted shipping -- doing so would mean I lose money selling this stand. Unlike that mega-store with the tropical rain forest name, I cannot subsidize losing money on certain orders by making it up on larger orders and massive quantities (and I don't have warehouses in every state.) And looking at their site on 12/14, they charge over $170 for the stand!

This is an exceptional stand, though -- and I could certainly jack up the price so I could offer "free shipping" -- but my customers deserve the straight talk, so that's what you get.

All of that said, if you want to click over to UPS and enter the dimensions (37 x 28 x 5) and weight (10 lbs) into their cost estimator, using your address as a shipto and my zip code (08080) as a from, and you legitimately get a lower cost than my site is charging, indicate that in the message box at checkout and we will discount your shipping cost accordingly before processing your order.
This stand's design allows for easy placement of the bass; simply lift the bass onto the padded bottom cradle, and lean it back onto the padded backrest. Their specially formulated foam is wrapped around all possible contact points to protect your instrument. No neck cradle means you have easy access to the instrument, even offering the potential to play it while it's on the stand if that is something that might interest you (**see below for details). The stand has a smaller visual (and physical) impact onstage since it doesn't have a tall neck cradle. It also could make it possible for you to use the stand to support a bass packed in a lightweight case (this, of course, depends on the thickness of the padding in your case).

Two locking pins prevent the stand from "folding" on you unexpectedly. The stand is solid and strong, with a capacity over 100 pounds - far more than your bass weighs.

The stand even thoughtfully includes an integrated hook for hanging your bow. The stand folds quite flat and to a reasonably compact size, as the photos show. This is no wimpy plastic stand -- it is of all metal construction, except for the padding and feet, and weighs only 7.5 pounds.

This Stand should easily fit:

  • Most ¾ size roundback basses with a lower bout depth of 11 inches or less
  • Most ¼-½-7/8-4/4 size basses
    *BUT read our notes below about endpin extension, etc.
  • Height: 35.4" / 900m
  • Weight: 7.5lbs / 3.4kg
  • Base radius: 19.7 x 23.6" / 500 x 600mm
  • Cradle Depth (front to back): 12" / 300mm
  • Load capacity: 110lbs / 50kg
  • Folded size : 27 x 35.4" / 685 x 900mm

*This stand does not have a movable bottom cradle - so it may not allow for an unusually long endpin extension. Our measurements of a "standard" 3/4 size bass indicates the measurement from the bottom of the bass to the end of the endpin shaft can be up to nine inches. Keep in mind the nine inches is measured from the bottom of the instrument, NOT the length of the endpin shaft. We provide the measurement from the bass bottom like this because endpin assembly plugs vary in size. If you need a stand that you can use with a bass with a longer pin, take a look at the SA22 stand we also carry - it's linked in the "related products," below.

**We've had many requests for a stand that would allow one to play the bass while it is in a stable stand. It is possible with this stand because there is no structure interfering with access to the neck. However, you need to take into account that, due to the position of the lower arms, the instrument is positioned at an angle -- and at the height equivalent to when the endpin is extended nine inches. The bottom legs are not adjustable.

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I was very pleased with the ease in ordering, but more so with the immediate response. The bass stand arrived a few days after I had ordered it. My son was most pleased. The product was more than he had expected. Thank you for a good product and such a quick response to my order. It couldn't have been easier. Many thanks.
A.M. (Nov 2010)
Mark, Just a thank you once again for your great service. I love this Hercules bass stand! I can move the bass and stand easily all over the place and it allows me to angle the instrument and play it while still on the stand. (back saver) Also, your advice and customer support were invaluable as well as giving me a the perfect deal. Have a great Holiday!
Dave D (November 2011)