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Upright Basses & EUB'sLaminated Upright Basses

Engelhardt Maestro EM1 / EM-1B 3/4 Bass

         Manufactured by: Engelhardt

All shoppers outside the US State of New Jersey pay NO SALES TAX on any purchases at Gollihur Music. (NJ Residents pay NJ State Sales Tax of 7%.) International customers, please visit our "How to Order" Policies page for information concerning VAT and Customs Charges that may be assessed by your country and/or delivery services.
There are several product options to choose from, with prices starting at $1,299.00 (click dropdown for options)
Choose Color (shaded Brown or Blonde):

Shipping Cost: $TBD*
* Shipping cost cannot be automatically computed. Contact Us for a quote, or we will contact you before processing your order. Note that shipping costs are usually combined for multiple item orders.

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Important Note About Engelhardt Bass Availability

Engelhardt basses are "built to order" and are therefore subject to build-up time. We provide the timeframe based upon what the manufacturer suggests at the time of ordering, but in our experience, basses usually take a bit longer than that. Please be aware, when ordering an Engelhardt bass, that timeframes for shipment are estimated and are often subject to delays beyond our control.

Engelhardt Basses

Ever hear of Engelhardt?? How about KAY!?!?

MADE IN USAEngelhardt bought Kay's double bass and cello production facilities in the late 60's when Kay closed up, and has continued manufacturing the same line of basses and cellos ever since. They had a few rough years in there, but their quality control made significant gains in the last few years -- they are making exceptionally solid, consistently good-sounding basses these days, far, far better than the many cheapie imported laminated instruments that seem to self-destruct rather readily and regularly. And their prices are very affordable. See my FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and comments below for further information you may find useful.

EM-1 Maestro Bass
A popular school model that has won wide acceptance by students and advanced players. Properly sized and aligned, it has a close grained spruce top, curly maple back, laminated of course, as are all Engelhardt basses. Beautiful brown shaded finish. (Also now available as the "EM-1B," which features a blonde finish similar to the Swingmaster!) This bass has the viol corners, like the ES series, with a jatoba fingerboard and tailpiece. This is a durable, yet responsive instrument, and is a great bargain for the bucks. Overall length, 72 inches; scale or string length, 42 inches.
List Price - $2,400.00 (EM 1-B $2,550.00)

Basses ship by truck see shipping costs below

« EM-1 EM-1B»

Frequently Asked Questions

LEFT-HANDED??? Yes, I can special order Engelhardts as true left-handed basses for an additional charge of $295.

Bob, what's the diff?? -- If $$ are a concern, go for the EC-1 or EM-1, you won't be disappointed. They are great-looking and -sounding basses at bargain prices. However, if you have the extra bucks and intend to keep the bass for a long time (I've had my '41 Kay since 1966!!), spoil yourself a bit with the Supreme, or Swingmaster if you like the look. The Maestro is a bit darker, the Supreme has the more "traditional" transparent reddish-brown colored violin finish, and the Swingmaster is that striking blonde that everybody whistles at.

Ebony or Jatoba, what's the diff, Bob??? --
Ebony is the traditional fingerboard wood for upright basses, as it is a very hard wood and resists wear well. Jatoba is a good substitute, and it's pretty tough, but it's not as hard as ebony. If you are an aggressive player and/or intend to slap or use rough strings that will abrade the fingerboard, ebony is the better choice. However, unless you are going to be playing six hours a day it will be a while before jatoba becomes a worry. Ebony can also have a slightly brighter response than jatoba, which may be a little warmer -- but there are so many other variables involved it's not something to get too excited about.

3/4!?!?! I want a FULL SIZE BASS!!
No. You don't. Probably 99.5% of the basses on the planet are 3/4 size; it is the most-recognized "regular size" upright bass. The scale length (length of the string that speaks, from the slotted nut at the top at the fingerboard to the bridge) is 41.5 inches, and most other 3/4 size basses are in that same 41-42 inch range. "Full size" or 4/4 size basses usually have a longer scale length, and the body is larger, and frankly, there isn't a significant advantage, if any -- and you'll have a helluva time playing it and reselling it. Unlike the Olympic Diving competition, there are no extra points for degree of difficulty in bass playing! ;-)

All Kay and Engelhardt bodies are made by laminated construction rather than carved from solid wood. The necks are, of course, solid maple, the body fronts are spruce, the sides and backs are maple - the traditional woods for the stringed instrument family. Laminated basses were developed in the early twentieth century as a more robust alternative to carved instruments, for both price and longevity in hostile environments like USO tours, outdoor work, dry areas, and abusive conditions (like high schools!) A carved bass' large expanses of wood have no choice but to eventually crack and require repairs as they age at different rates and directions, and are especially vulnerable to low humidity, and high humidity and heat. Laminated basses were created to conquer those weaknesses.

Other details:
The Engelhardts are somewhat playable from the factory with a medium setup, and I have them shipped directly to you from the factory or the warehouse. All factory basses will need some of setup work to tailor them to your playing preferences and to achieve the bass' full potential. Please expect to do a little work yourself if you are experienced with this sort of thing, or to pay a local luthier to refine the nut, bridge, and possibly fingerboard shape.

All basses are shipped by truck, as they are too large for UPS or FedEx. Yes, they are insured in transit, and well-packed. I've only had two mishaps with these basses, and they both were promptly replaced at no expense to the customer.

Costs for shipping a bass in the continental USA usually range between $130-$200, depending on location. Sorry, I cannot ship Engelhardt basses outside of the US and Canada at this time. In addition, The trucking companies add a hefty surcharge for shipping to a residential address, so if you can have it come to your work or a friend's business*, it may be well worth it, as you can save the cost of the surcharge, which are usually an additional $40-75 above the standard rate.

Also note that surcharges sometimes apply to deliveries in major metropolitan areas. There may occasionally be Fuel Surcharges assessed, typically in the western states. We have no control over these surcharges when they are assessed, and cannot get them discounted or removed; however, they are pretty rare.

All bass purchase freight amounts will be calculated and submitted for your approval before your purchase is finalized. (Note that our website does NOT charge your credit card when you place your order - all charges are done by us manually, once you've confirmed your total.)

* Note that to qualify, a business must be a storefront business with typical 9-5 operating hours; home businesses in residential areas do not meet the trucking company's qualifications. Unfortunately, neither do churches, schools or colleges - the residential surcharge does apply to basses shipped to a school or church.
Again: We will not process an order, charge your card, or ship your bass until we quote shipping and receive your approval.

Read this interesting History of Engelhardt Basses along with the history of the Kay basses that preceded them. Note: This is a page outside of our site, so we cannot vouch for the accuracy of all content. For instance, Engelhardts are much more readily available for purchase and delivery than what that site currently states.

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Check Out the FAQ Resources That Apply to This Product:
   BASSES: Different Construction Techniques

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