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Strings for Double BassStrings for 3/4 and 4/4 size Basses

Lenzner Gut Upright Bass Strings

Manufactured by: Lenzner

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Lenzner Gut StringsLenzner Gut Strings
I am delighted to have found a quality set of gut strings that I can sell at a great price. I auditioned a set on my old '41 Kay, and I have to say, it was like "coming home!" It's been about 25 years since I had gut on my bass, and the soft feel and organic sweetness was both surprising and satisfying. They are still on it. It seems that the manufacturing techinques for gut strings has come a long way, as it has for all strings, as they are very uniform. The lowest strings have a nicely distinct but warm tone, unlike the gut strings I grew up with in the sixties. I am using the set with a wound A and E, for the more uniform string sizes, though many rockabilly folks swear by a completely gut A and E strings, so I have that set available as well. You can also purchase strings individually, if you like "mixing and matching." Gut strings do require a little maintenance, it is advisable to gently clip any "hairs" (hair-like little strands of gut that that develop with play). You may also want to oil them (walnut oil, most pure vegetable oils can do) for the longest life, especially if you are in a dry climate or go through dry periods.

But if you want the sound of vintage, all-natural bass, or are a rockabilly player wanting the most authentic sound, you'll want to consider these. I prefer the wound A/E set which has metal windings to achieve the mass necessary for the lower notes without the larger diameter- they have been made this way for centuries. If you play rockabilly and other styles, you may want to consider the gut G, D, and A with a wound gut E, as the plain gut E is pretty large and just a bit imprecise, super for slap but not so hot for other bass play. The plain gut (unwound) E is quite thick and "flubby", but some slap players are absolutely loving them!

Lenzner does list gauges on their packages, and they average around: G=2,10mm, D=2,75mm, GutA=3,60mm, WoundA=2,50, WoundE=3,50mm. I have taken the time to gauge all the strings using a digital caliper and present the following unofficial measurements for your reference: Gut G=.083, Gut D=.109, Gut A=.144, Gut E=.182, Wound Gut A=.097, Wound Gut E=.136 - however, since these are made of natural gut material, actual string gauges can vary slightly.

The "Wound" gut strings are wound with a small-gauge silver wire, not tape. This is a traditional method and material for wrapping gut strings. If you prefer a more "tapewound" wound gut string, please consider the Eudoxa strings (listed in "related items," below.)

  • the absolute original signature sound
  • very organic and warm, with details
  • rockabilly heaven
  • very soft feel, low tension - SLAP ME!

Bob's STRING CHANGING INSTRUCTIONS are included with every string order!
Get a preview from my on line FAQ: CHANGING STRINGS ON YOUR UPRIGHT BASS

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Check Out the FAQ Resources That Apply to This Product:
   STRINGS: Changing Strings on your Upright Bass

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Some of our customers have told us what they think about this product.
Check out what they had to say!
Hey Bob... I got my Lenzners guts w/ AE wound and a K and K Bass Max. Just wanted to say Thanks for your help, It really allowed me to find the tone I wanted. I'll be shopping at Uncle Bob's again, Thanks.
Michael B
I received my order and have already installed the Guts on my bass. Wow!! They do sound great, and the playability is just wonderful.

Thanks for the great service.
Rick C
Guys- I finally got a chance to install and use the Lenzner guts I bought from you a while back. They're on my '41 Kay blondie. The set is the naked G and D/ Wound A and E, just like they were when I was in Junior High. I'm playing in a rockabilly band right now and I love love love them. They took a while to break in and stop streeeetching, but now that they're settled, they're great. Thanks for your continued support of us bottom enders.
Jon P.
Bob, I recieved my Gut strings the other day. I must say, they are really nice. I have been using a full set of plain gut on my early 1930's aluminum bass for about 7 years. I wanted to put a set back on my 1937 Kay with wound E and A. The wrap on the E and A is beautiful. Very nice. This Kay is sounding like the day it was made now. And the pricing, you beat out both the west and east coast retailers by a mile. Thanks Bob, you have competitive pricing, customer service above and beyond, and most of all, you answer the phone!
Mike Graham
Hey Guys, Absolutely LOVE my new set of guts! They only took 2 days to stretch. What a difference! Now, I'll have to get a set for my 4/4. Thanks!
Stew H (June 2011)
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