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Product Manuals

For your convenience, we have archived the manuals for most of the products we sell here; you can download them to your computer to research products you're interested in, or to replace a lost manual. Hope this helps!

some manuals require
Adobe Acrobat Reader

Acoustic Image CLARUS Series 4plus instrument amplifier
** Acoustic Image Clarus 1 Series 4 One-Channel Amplifier - Previous Model (NEW/Old Stock)
Acoustic Image CODA Series 4plus Combo Amplifier
Acoustic Image CORUS Series 4plus Combo Amplifier
Acoustic Image TEN2 Series 4plus Combo Amplifier
Acoustic Image CODA EX Speaker Cabinet - Series 4
Acoustic Image CORUS EX Speaker Cabinet - Series 4
Acoustic Image TEN2 EX Speaker Cabinet Series 4
Acoustic Image FLEX 2-Channel Preamplifier (Stand-mountable, Series 4+)
Acoustic Image CONTRA Combo Bass Amplifier - Series 4PLUS
Acoustic Image Series 4PLUS CLARUS SL and SL-R instrument amplifier
David Gage Realist SoundClip Upright Bass Pickup
David Gage Realist Pickup for Double Bass (Original and Wood Version)
DPA Microphones
DPA d:vote 4099-B Upright Bass Microphone (4099B) and Accessories
Ehrlund Microhones
Ehrlund Acoustic Pickup (EAP) Linear Microphone (for Upright Bass)
Ehrlund Acoustic Pickup (EAP) Linear Microphone w/Preamp (for acoustic instruments)
Euphonic Audio iAMP Micro Musical Instrument Amplifier
Euphonic Audio Doubler Mark II Bass Amplifier
Fishman BP-100 Upright Bass Pickup
Fishman Full Circle Upright Bass Pickup
Fishman Platinum Pro-EQ Analog Preamplifier with Tuner, Boost
Fishman Platinum Stage Analog Preamplifier
Genzler Amplification
Genzler Amplification Magellan Amp Heads
Upright Bass Wheel Glasser solid rubber with Brake Option
Gold Tone
Gold Tone Micro Bass - 23 and 25 inch scale Acoustic/Electric Bass Guitar
Grace Design
Grace Design FELiX - Two Channel Blending Preamp
Grace Design ALiX - One Channel Preamp
Headway EDB-2 Dual Channel Blending Preamp with Mic Input
K&K Sound Bass Max Upright Bass Pickup
Golden Trinity Microphone/Pickup COMBINATION Systems by K&K Sound
K&K Sound Bass Master Pro Upright Bass Pickup System
K&K Sound Bass Master Rockabilly PLUS Upright Bass Pickup System
K&K Sound Double Big Twin Upright Bass Pickup
K&K Big Shot musical instrument transducer (pickup)
K&K Big Twin Musical Instrument Transducer (Pickup)
K&K Sound Golden Trinity Two Channel Preamp
Hot Spot Musical Instrument Transducer (Pickup)
K&K Sound Pure Preamp
K&K Sound Pure XLR Preamp
K&K Sound Rockabilly Fingerboard 'Clicky' Transducer (Pickup) for Upright Bass
K&K Sound Golden Bullet Microphone for Upright Bass
K&K Twin Spot Musical Instrument Transducer (Pickup)
K&K Sound Pure Pickup Acoustic Guitar Pickup for Steel or Nylon String (Classical) Guitar
K&K Sound Pure Pickup for Tenor Guitar and Acoustic Bass Guitar
K&M (Konig and Meyer)
Ultimate Adjustable Folding Stool with Backrest from K&M
K&M Universal Tablet Computer Holder (Mounts to Mic Stand)
Krivo Pick-ups
Krivo Humbucking Magnetic Upright Bass Pickup (new smaller model, includes free Jack Mount)
LR Baggs Gigpro Single-Channel Belt-pack Preamp
LR Baggs Mixpro Dual-Channel Belt-pack Preamp
Electronic Clip On Musical Instrument Tuner -- Meisel COM-90
Upright Bass Transport Wheel standard solid rubber
Radial Engineering ToneBone PZ Pre Dual Channel Preamplifier
Radial Engineering StageBug SB-48UB Ultra-Compact Microphone DI
Radial Engineering ToneBone PZ Deluxe 1 Channel Preamplifier
Radial Engineering ToneBone BassBone OD Dual Channel Preamp for Doublers
RMI (Ruppert Musical Instruments)
Basswitch IQ DI Foot Pedal Dual Input Preamp/DI with free Power Supply
Schatten Design
Schatten Design RB-1 and RB-1A Player Upright Bass Pickups
Schatten Design RB-2 and RB-2A Rockabilly Upright Bass Pickups
Schatten Design Mini Pre - Single and Dual Channel Preamps
SB110 Lightweight Combo Bass Amplifier
TVM50 Battery Powered Musical Instrument Amplifier
SB112 Lightweight Combo Bass Amplifier (1x12, 200w)
Traynor Small Block Lightweight Bass Amplifier Heads (SB200H, SB500H)
Trusted Gollihur Music Partner
Arco Clip Hook - Bow Hook for Stand or Belt