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We Are the Family Music Shop Dedicated to the Upright Bass.

Since 1997, we've proudly offered a varied line of Pickups and Microphones, Preamps, and Amplifiers for Double Bass at very good prices. Over the years, we've added Upright and Electric Upright Basses, Parts, Strings, Cases and Stands, Bows, and many other useful, quality products for bass players.

You benefit from shopping with us because our experience and focus means that you get real answers to your questions, from bassists! You can see that our product descriptions are in-depth and detailed, because they are most often based on our own use of the gear, rather than the generic "manufacturer blurbs" you'll find on most other websites. We only carry gear that we would (and often DO) confidently use ourselves: anything we consider selling has to pass the "Bob & Mark Test" -- or you won't see it here.

Our secure website is available 24 hours a day for your ordering ease. And we're committed to keeping products in stock; we ship most orders within 24 hours of being placed (excepting weekends and holidays, of course), and provide you with tracking and post-purchase support. And our many "extras" - like installation guides, product-specific tips, and even cool BASS stickers for your car - are included at no charge!

And we're more than just a store.

The Gollihur Music crew is happy to offer lots of useful, free resources on this website.

Finally, QUESTIONS are always welcome, whether you are buying stuff or not! We're all in the same boat, and if we don't know the answer ourselves, we'll try to point you in the right direction.

Our Blog

Separating the Trees from the Forest
So, I just got back from a retailers' roundtable event with a diverse group of retail business-people. In talking to them, one thing really stuck out for me: the stuff we (meaning Gollihur Music) sell can be complicated. I mean, you've got a rather large number of pickups to choose from, right? And then you've got tons of options for preamps, amps... heck, we even briefly talked about the complexity of choosing strings in our email newsletter back in February.

A few times I looked across the table at someone selling (for instance) laser printer toner, and how easy it might be -- with such a black and white (no pun intended) item -- to direct customers to exactly what they need; "You have a Laserjet 5? HERE'S your toner!" But, with a deeper look, I'd probably find that have their own crosses to bear. And given my choice to spend the day talking about bass - over pretty much everything else the other folks deal with - I think you know which side of the fence I'm coming down on.

In any case, a recent posting on an online message board got me thinking about how complex choosing strings can be; and how it's easy (and deceptive) to hone in on just one piece of the puzzle - in this case, string gauge. So I wrote a new FAQ to cover the subject of gauge. And I made a mental note to continue to focus on building the sort of resource-heavy website that is (hopefully) providing answers to your questions... even some of the ones you didn't even know you had!

Read more of Our Blog Entries
Recent News and Updates

The NS Design CR4 Bass
is a very nice electric upright bass that is crafted in Europe. They don't come cheap - but here's a stellar opportunity to get one at a big discount. If you have been holding out - or considering buying the NXT (the budget version of this bass) - you may want to jump on this deal while it lasts.

It's a moving sale at David Gage String Instrument Company, and their popular David Gage Czech-Ease "Standard" Basses are 20% Off for a special moving sale! Prices start under $2800 for this amazing instrument!

If you've been holding out for one, now is the time to act - this sale is for a limited time only!

Recently Added Products
Fishman Platinum Pro-EQ Analog Preamplifier with Tuner, Boost
Fishman Platinum Pro-EQ Analog Preamplifier with Tuner, Boost
This item is made in USA!Great new features and cosmetics in this replacement for the B-II and Pro-EQ II preamplifiers - switchable instrument mode changes the EQ points, new boost and phase... a real pocket powerhouse!
Fishman Platinum Stage Analog Preamplifier
Fishman Platinum Stage Analog Preamplifier
This item is made in USA!This new replacement to the long running Pro-EQ Platinum models combines the functionality and adds TONS more useful features, including a notch filter, phase control, built-in tuner, and more!
D'Orazio Psychobilly Spyrachrome Upright Bass Strings
D'Orazio Psychobilly Spyrachrome Upright Bass Strings
Specially tensioned and made for highly aggressive slap, but with excellent magnetic response for use with a magnetic pickup...
D'Orazio Rockabilly Ropecore Chrome-Steel Upright Bass Strings
D'Orazio Rockabilly Ropecore Chrome-Steel Upright Bass Strings
Finally, your metal-wrapped rockabilly strings are here. Get that aggressive metallic CLACK with a string that won't leave your fingertips in tatters...
Radial Engineering ToneBone BassBone OD Dual Channel Preamp for Doublers
Radial Engineering ToneBone BassBone OD Dual Channel Preamp for Doublers
The newest version of the BassBone is finally Doubler-friendly! This is the preamp I've been asking Radial to make for years, and it's finally here! Features two channels, both with real EQ and High Pass Filters. And one channel has a 10 megOhm input impedance, perfect for upright bass...

Recent Customer Feedback about Gollihur Music
Recent Customer Feedback:
For years, I have been a fan of Acoustic Image, using a Series III Clarus with both Epifani UL-110 cabs as well as an Acoustic Image Contra-Ex Cab. My Rob Allen basses have always sounded perfect with the AI gear. Recently, I decided to upgrade to an AI Series 4 Plus Coda because to have it all in one unit. Plus I wanted to upgrade to the newer features (e.g., 4-band eq, on-board effects, headphone output).

Last week I received my Coda from Gollihur Music, and it is everything I hoped for and more. It sounds great with my Rob Allen's. It really captures the natural, organic Rob Allen sound and just makes it louder.

It also sounds very good with my Lull P4. It does not claim to be a full-on rock combo, but it sounds very good to me and works perfect for the light jazz stuff that I love to do. The Presence switch on the speaker is very functional with the P4. I have a few other pre-amps and will be selling one or two because they AI sounds like it will meet most of my needs.

The four-band eq sounds very nice and the on-board reverb effect is handy and sounds very good to my ears. The Coda has a lot of capability and I love how it fits in such a small and easy-to-carry package. It takes up very little space in my practice room. Plus, my cat can't claw it to death because it is not covered in scratch-able material.

I admire the Acoustic Image well-earned reputation for design, quality, and customer service. And, this being my second purchase via Gollihur Music, they deserve a thumbs up for providing accurate information and great customer service as well.

"tedw" (August 2014)

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