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Posted on 02/18/2017
For Sale: 1974 Engelhardt ES1 by Chris (cjdemarse@gmail.com)
74 Engelhardt ES1 serial #8405. Two owners, treated lovingly by both. Fitted with Spirocore medium strings, it plays and sounds beautifully. Price includes Gollihur ballistic nylon padded case (green), original bow and Gollihur bass stand. Selling because arthritis just wont let me play anymore. Asking $1000.00 for the entire package. Price is firm. I live in SW Michigan and you can contact me via email at cjdemarse@gmail.com

Posted on 05/23/2016
For Sale: Kolstein Fendt Model, 2001 5 string/4 string. $8,000 by Matt (me@matthare.com)
I am selling a 2001 Kolstein Fendt Model Bass. The bass was built as a 5 string but is currently set up as a 4 string. Included are two sets of hardware allowing the bass to be strung either way. The bridge has two sets of string slots and the nut is not glued, just held in by the string tension. You can go from one configuration to the other in about an hour. This bass was “Made Expressly for Exhibition, 2001 International Society of Bassists Convention, Butler University.” I bought it directly from Kolstein in 2002. It has been well used and well maintained. The top is spruce. The back and the sides are willow. The back is flat. It has a D neck. The bouts from top to bottom are 20.25, 15, and 27. The string length is 41 5/8. It has a Goetz endpin instead of a Kolstein endpin. The rod is included but not pictured. Three tailpieces are included, the original ebony Kolstein 5-string tailpiece, a 5-string Marvin Cable Tailpiece, and a 4-string Marvin Cable Tailpiece. It also comes with a gray Kolstein bag. Ralph Alcala reamed a hole for a Laborie endpin; its at 44 degrees and goes straight back. It has ebony bumpers on the ribs. This fingerboard was recently dressed. The very tip of one of the violin corners has been chipped (pictured). There is some scuffing on the back near the bottom (pictured). A few years ago I fell while carrying the bass. A seam popped open a rib creased but didn’t break (also pictured). This bass is in excellent condition. A link to a Flickr account with pics is attached. This bass got me through grad school. I’ve won regional auditions on it. It beat a player on a Prescott for a chair in the Quad Cities Symphony years ago. I’ve played it all over the country. I am selling because I’ll be commissioning a travel bass later this year. The bass and I are in Orange County, about halfway between LA and San Diego. Thanks!

Posted on 05/18/2016
For Sale: Di Vacenza Master Art Ceruti Model Bass Violin Dv900 by robert (rs591@comcast.net)
This is a beautiful bass in excellent condition. Used value 6000 dollars. Asking 4,900. Comes with two bass stands, padded bag, quiver, and transducer pickup. more pictures available via email. Reasonable offer accepted. The Model Is 3/4 Violin Cornered Flatback Design •Top Is a Two Piece Sectional Table of Fine Seasoned European Medium Grained Spruce. •Back Is a Two Piece Sectional Flatback Table of Highly Seasoned European Slight Figured Slab Cut Poplar. •Ribs Are of Matching Character Poplar to That of the Back Table. •Neck and Scroll Are Original of Moderately Figured Maple. •Varnish Is a Reddish Amber Color, Antiqued in Nature. •Gears Are Tyrolean Wooden Knobbed Individual Brass Tuners. Principle Dimensions: •Overall Body Length 43? •Width at the Upper Bout 20? •Width at the Center Bout 15? •Width at the Lower Bout 26-1/8? •Mensure 41?

Posted on 05/14/2016
For Sale: Lefty Maestro EM1 bass by david (davidlevray@sbcglobal.net)
Engelhardt Maestro EM1 (shaded brown) 3/4 bass Left Handed $999.00

Posted on 05/07/2016
For Sale: Kay Concert bass, 1939, detachable and adjustable neck, in Oregon by Jonathan (jumpland@opendoor.biz)
Offered is a 1939 Kay double bass. I bought in poor condition and performed many upgrades including rebuilding the neck joint so it would be both detachable and adjustable. It plays great and has a full booming sound. The setup was done under guidance of Bellwood Violin in Ashland. Included is a lightweight polycarbonate case for travel. The fingerboard is new and made from Bocote. Other upgrades include strings, endpin, bridge and tail cable. Weight of case and bass is 57.3 lbs. Case dimensions are 51in x 16in x 34in high. The bass is rugged and has a great sound. Please call or text. Serious inquiries only. thanks! key words: upright bass, standup bass, double bass, concert bass, stand up bass. photos: http://medford.craigslist.org/msg/5559907997.html

Posted on 04/22/2016
high quality lightweight French Bow (Sue Lipkins quality) wanted by Winson (bighinx@gmail.com)
wanted High quality French Bow to audition. (No student models) Im in Boston area

Posted on 04/06/2016
For Sale: 3/4 Shen SB 200 Flatback willow Upright bass by Neil (znyd1@goldmail.etsu.edu)
Has a small crack in the side panel but doesnt effect the sound quality at all. Asking 2000.00 OBO